What Is The Best Line In Hockey? [Expert Guide!]

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Hockey is one of the most popular sports in the world. People all over the world play it, and many people follow it closely. The NHL, for example, boasts a huge fan base and is a frequent topic of discussion among hockey fans. Naturally, with so much focus on hockey, many fans have wondered, ‘What is the best line in hockey?,’ and the answer is simple: It’s the Sidney Crosby line. They are arguably one of the most exciting and potent scoring duos in the NHL, and their chemistry on the ice is certainly noteworthy.

While Crosby and company are excellent at putting pucks in the net, they’re just as adept at finding the back of the net themselves. In fact, since 2012, the Crosby line has been responsible for 70% of the team’s goals. Their success is largely thanks to Crosby’s elite skill and deadly accurate shot, but the line also benefits from excellent playmaking from Max Domi and creative offensive schemes from Patrick Kane and Chris Kunitz.

The Crosby line is currently in the midst of an incredible hot streak, and it’s not hard to see why. Since December 1, 2019, they’ve scored 44 goals in 28 games. As you can imagine, some observers think that the NHL should have a mandatory quarterly test for players to determine who is actually feeling the heat as the temperatures rise and the games become more physical. In any case, if you’re a hockey fan, you’ll have to admit that the line is currently delivering.

Whether you love them or hate them, the Sidney Crosby line is a scoring threat every time they step on the ice. They have the skill and the will to bury every shot they take, and at times they can be extremely dangerous. The fact that they play for the Pittsburgh Penguins makes them even more potent, as the Penguins are one of the best teams in the NHL. The rest of the league knows that when they play against the Penguins, they’re in for a treat. It seems that the Penguins have recognized the value of this line and use it to their advantage on a regular basis.

The Value Of A Two-Way Player

Many athletes today have turned into one-dimensional “totems” who solely focus on putting points on the board. The truth, however, is that being skilled in one area doesn’t guarantee success in all aspects of life. For example, a highly skilled hockey player might become an amazing skater, but if they don’t possess good fundamentals, their skating will deteriorate quickly and they’ll become a much more dangerous threat to other players on the ice.

When it comes to assessing a player’s value, you can’t just look at their statistics. You also need to consider their on-ice results and how they perform in relation to their peers. The former Montreal Canadiens forward Pierre Mondou has stated that, “In life, you often encounter people who are much more capable than you give them credit for. They shine in some area that you don’t see, and because of that, you underestimate their full potential. The same is true for players.”

This quote perfectly encapsulates what makes the Sidney Crosby line so special. Not only does Crosby possess elite skill and talent, but he’s also confident and capable enough to share that skill with another extremely talented player. Since Domi and Crosby have played together for so long and have such a wealth of experience, it’s no surprise that they’ve been able to find success at such a high level. In fact, many fans and experts consider the duo to be the future of the NHL, and with good reason.

Powerful Partnerships

On the same subject, Pierre Mondou goes on to say that, “The success of a team or a collaboration between two people depends on many factors. One of the most critical is the compatibility of the partners. If two people don’t get along, it won’t be easy for them to achieve a common goal – whether that’s winning a tournament or playing music together. When you have a partnership, you need to ensure that every member is willing to share his or her skills and experience, as well as respect and support each other. If you’re not willing to do that, whatever success you achieve will be tainted.”

The Pittsburgh Penguins know this all too well. They’re no stranger to partnerships, as they’ve benefited from the experience of multiple players who’ve gone on to forge successful careers for themselves in the NHL. The most recent addition to this list is William Karlsson, and his inclusion speaks to the trust that the Penguins have in Domi and Crosby. The two-way center can play both ends of the ice, and he brings a skill set that can’t be measured in numbers.

Incredible Chemistry

Furthermore, it’s not just the individual players who make up this line that are special. The chemistry between the four players is incredible, and it’s something that the hockey world has not seen before. We often hear about superstitions and routines among professional athletes, but the fact is that this line doesn’t even need to be structurally organized to function at such a high level. When you consider that the chemistry between these players is palpable, it’s easy to see why they’re able to operate at such a high level.

It’s easy to see why the NHL and fans of the game across the world have fallen in love with the Crosby line. Not only are they extremely skilled, but they also have a creative chemistry and a willingness to share the puck that makes them exciting to watch. Despite their dominant play this season, it’s still not too soon to begin talking about next season. The NHL is a very competitive league, and it’s not easy for a line to sustain such a level of play chemistry-wise. For now, though, let’s enjoy this incredible hot streak and be thankful that we get to watch these two iconic players skate on the ice.

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