What Is The Society For International Hockey Research?

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The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is a non-profit organization that was founded in Canada in 1991. The society’s objective is to promote and foster the study of ice hockey, both professional and amateur, at all levels around the world.

SIHR members consist of people from diverse backgrounds who share a passion for hockey research. Members include researchers, historians, archivists, statisticians, journalists, broadcasters and fans.

The society aims to preserve historical records related to hockey through its archives. It also publishes books on various aspects of the game as well as an annual journal containing articles written by members on different topics such as events in hockey history or significant players’ profiles.

If you are interested in learning more about how SIHR operates and contributes towards better understanding the sport we love -keep reading!

It’s Not Just About Stats

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) has been around since 1991, and its members span the world. They are a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and promoting the history of ice hockey worldwide.

“We know what happened on the ice or court or field, “ said SIHR president Brad Morris. “But how did it get there? What made it happen? That’s where we come in.”

While stats can give us a good idea of individual players’ performances, they don’t necessarily tell their entire story – especially when it comes to decades-old records that may not have been kept as meticulously as they are now.

“Numbers only take you so far, “ added retired player Jonny Boyd, who is also an active member of SIHR. “But reading about someone’s journey through old articles or hearing stories from people who played with them puts things into perspective.”

This focus on more than just statistics sets SIHR apart from other hockey organizations out there; instead, they recognize that each game has its own context which includes many factors aside from mere numbers.

The Society provides numerous resources such as access to archived footage and journals along with connections within various aspects of the industry including museums and libraries across North America making sure that these pieces could be accessed conveniently by everyone interested in exploring some historical facts related to this sport.

“Our goal is plain: To make accurate information available, ” says their website director Martin Harris. “Providing researchers insight starts improving publications—and ultimately becomes relevant enough narrative essential in determining evolution too, enabling readers to gain deeper insights into something they’re passionate about”

If you’re a fan of hockey and want to know more about its history, culture and evolution, Explore the archives maintained by SIHR which holds in-depth information on these specific areas.

The Society is committed not only to keeping track of what happened but also why it happened – making sure that every piece of information they gather provides valuable insight for fans, players, coaches, journalists or anyone else interested in discovering the full story behind their favorite sport.

Discovering the History of the Game

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is a global organization committed to preserving and promoting the fascinating history of ice hockey. It was established in 1991 by six enthusiastic individuals, all interested in researching and documenting every aspect of this sport.

Over time, SIHR has become bigger with members from around the world who share its passion for learning about hockey’s past. The society exists as an independent entity that publishes scholarly publications on historical research centered around hockey. In addition to offering information online or through books, journals and newsletters written by experts; it also hosts annual meetings where scholars meet up to share their findings, experiences and knowledge related to sports history at large.

“The purpose of SIHR is ‘the promotion and study’ of hockey’s rich heritage, ” says noted author James Duplacey.

Each year both veteran personalities within the industry such as sports writers or researchers along with amateur historians join forces under one roof during these events enabling them to discuss various topics like biographies, regional histories, records/stats etc., essentially expanding everyone’s understanding regarding Canada’s national winter sport. Beyond studies into traditional rules playing styles they have researched often lesser-known elements including social implications tied surrounding developments in media technology usage impacting influence on growth equity accessibility so many more connected areas.

“It’s an incredible group, ” said Dave Stubbs, senior columnist/reporter NHL.com “These are people who are just passionate about uncovering stories which might otherwise go untold.”

This dedicated mission seeks recognition not only locally but internationally hence facilitating long-term relationships among fans across borders whilst also catering increased awareness respecting significance via storytelling characterization behind legendary stars highlighting crucial moments throughout our cultural evolution shaped through shared fondness we continuously exhibit towards hockey. SIHR accomplishes this by displaying what has evolved into a key area of scholarly research that supports interactive collaboration and conversations surrounding the origins, characters, folklore history which embody one of Earth’s most beloved pastimes.

“The knowledge-base created will influence future researchers who want to study the game, ” Duplacey said proudly.

Exploring the Evolution of Equipment

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is a nonprofit organization that aims to research and preserve the history of ice hockey. The SIHR promotes education, discussion, research and publication about the game’s past on both professional and amateur levels.

One important aspect in researching the evolution of ice hockey is exploring how equipment has changed over time. In contrast with current helmets that protect players from head injuries, early hockey helmets were nothing more than “beehive” style padded caps worn under woolen tuques (hats).

“I remember when we still used homemade shin pads made out of folded newspapers, ” says former NHL player Eric Vail.”

In addition to improved helmet design, gloves are another example where advancements have proven beneficial in preventing injury. Early versions were merely work gloves – not meant to withstand much impact. Today’s models use intricate padding systems designed specifically based on hand anatomy.

Sticks have also undergone massive changes since their inception – evolving from rough tree branches into high-tech composite tools capable of releasing blistering slap shots! Alongside this transformation came an increase in goalie equipment size and overall improvements across every dimension of protective gear risking life-changing career-finishing damage during play.

“The difference was night-and-day. They’ve developed all kinds of special materials now, ” said Hall-of-Famer Gordie Howe reflecting upon his playing days compared to modern times.”It’s so impressive”

In conclusion,

The history behind equipment like sticks provides insight towards better understanding how different aspects within sports evolve as well highlights some significant roles sport innovation plays reflected through participation today; it can only be further enhanced by any future technological advances which may come about down-the-line.

Collecting Obscure Memorabilia

If you’re a passionate hockey fan, you know how exciting it is to collect all sorts of memorabilia. But have you ever heard about the Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR)? Founded in 1991 by Scotland-based researcher Bill Fitsell and Toronto’s James Milks, SIHR is an international organization dedicated to researching, preserving and sharing information about hockey’s rich history.

“Members’ interests range from game-worn jerseys to rare books. We’ve got people who are interested only in goalies or early amateur teams, ” said Joe Pelletier, former president of SIHR.

The society has members across Canada as well as many other countries including the United States, France, Denmark and Japan. They participate in discussions on topics such as player statistics research and preservation of artifacts related to the sport. Members can also access online resources regarding anything that relates to the development and heritage of ice hockey worldwide.

“I was always fascinated with obscure players no one had really heard of”, said Richard Bercuson when asked why he joined SIHR backin 2004.

Particular things stand out among collections per each person like ticket stubs from games attended during youth; Felt sports pennants which were once prevalent decoration items for fans just over fifty years ago but are sometimes difficult-to-locate collectors’ pieces now; Programs – The Heinz Nigbur Collection amassed more than two thousand programs mainly German national team events dating back decades.”Individual prosperity certainly weighs into acquiring such artifacts, yet most appear best preserved under organized groups such sbecoming up with physical displays taking quite committee collaboration efforts requiring behind-the-scenes stints involving negotiation securing insurance coverage, set-up arrangements for presentation of the items and much more into handling loans made to Museums.

From old photos showcasing nearly a century of hockey’s evolution including long-gone amateur leagues in small towns throughout Canada and memorabilia from the first-ever international tournament between England and France held over 100 years ago. Through their work, SIHR aims to build an understanding about how ice hockey developed into one of the most popular sports in North America today.

From Game-Worn Jerseys to Pucks

The Society for International Hockey Research is an organization that focuses on preserving the history of ice hockey. It was founded in 1991 by a group of passionate hockey enthusiasts who shared a common interest: the game’s rich past.

The society collects, maintains and shares historical artifacts related to the sport, including game-used equipment like jerseys, sticks, helmets and pucks. These items are used not only as educational tools but also as sources for research articles published by members visible on their website.

“We believe it’s important to preserve these pieces of history so future generations can understand how far our beloved sport has come, ” says SIHR President James Milks.

One of the society’s primary missions is to ensure that significant moments or individuals in hockey are recognized appropriately. They have established annual awards named after famous players such as Bill Masterton Trophy awarded annually “to person best exemplifying qualities or perseverance, sportsmanship and dedication to his/her team”

“Our goal is always about paying tribute where tribute is due, “ says Mr. Milks.”

In addition to collecting memorabilia and awarding honors, the Society for International Hockey Research has also undertaken numerous research projects focused on specific aspects of ice hockey history. Members from around the world participate in cooperative efforts taking part through online conferences discussing interesting topics displaying findings from years searching archives displayed right there on IHRS’ site making information available worldwide while celebrating all forms of one simple thing- Ice Hockey!

Regardless if you’re a seasoned fan wanting more knowledge behind your favorite moments & greatest figures or newbies looking out with fresh eyes at this fantastic collision filled sport we love, consider checking out what The Society For International Hockey Research presents!

Uncovering the Stories Behind the Souvenirs

Souvenirs are tangible memories of a trip. They hold emotions and stories behind them that may not be apparent at first glance. That is where The Society for International Hockey Research comes in; to reveal those untold hockey souvenir stories.

The SIHR was founded in 1991 by six Canadian men who shared an undying passion for hockey history. In its early beginnings, it only consisted of about forty members, but now has over one thousand four hundred members worldwide from all backgrounds who share one thing – their love for hockey.

“Our greater purpose as passionate collectors isn’t just accumulating bolts or pucks or autographs but connecting with fellow people around our favourite subject.”
-Ron Devion, member since 2008-

In addition to sharing a common interest, they also come together under the banners of research and preservation of anything related to international hockey. Anyone can be a part of this organization regardless if they have any knowledge on statistics or can spell “Sault Ste Marie”. A simple desire to learn new things about hockey is enough!

The SIHR provides various publications throughout each year relating to different topics decided by the board and usually includes articles pertaining nostalgia-inducing memorabilia like game programs, tickets stubs from famous games / events etc.,. Reading through these materials reveals otherwise unknown tales involving items Hockey enthusiasts fanatically collect.

“The program becomes something very personal because you put data into it: stats for your own team’s players during their junior days (or) numbers compiled regarding future NHLers’ progressions through Major Junior.”
-Cole Shudra-Davisson –

Some unique pieces documented thus far include training equipment used by Team Soviet Union (i.e., conditioning equipment, a full size replica of their pre-game soccer ball) and programs from the first-ever international tournaments over 100 years ago.

Therefore, every souvenir with its story is treasured by SIHR members as it pays homage to the rich heritage of international hockey that deeply enrooted in history. It’s only through organizations like this one or other enthusiasts we come to appreciate how they’re more than just mere objects but memory holders that depict significant events throughout Hockey history!

Preserving the Artifacts for Future Generations

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving, promoting and researching the history of ice hockey. The SIHR has been active since 1991 and it has made significant contributions towards this mission by collecting artifacts that represent different aspects of the sport’s evolution over time.

The collection focus on preserving rare or unique photographs, team photos, programs, game tickets, sticks, trophies among other priceless items that tell stories about past events in hockey. It becomes essential to keep these historical pieces intact so they can be studied and showcased as evidence of what previously existed an earlier time when compared to today’s equipment.

“We believe observing relics from historic Canadian sports such as hockey provides new insights into social phenomena beyond artful chronology, ” says James Milks current head archivist at SIHR.

Artifacts preservation techniques: Grasp ownership protection principles stipulated within relevant constitutional frameworks protecting cultural heritage based on their significance.

In order to preserve these artifacts effectively measures have been put in place which includes standardized architectural designs with temperature-controlled display cases. Conservation experts will suggest ideal temperatures required depending on various materials’ vulnerability levels such as paper-based objects becoming brittle upon extended exposure to light sources.Visibility allowed by UV-protective exhibit coverings maximizes artifact integrity but prevents external damage due to long-term radiation absorption beneath lighting exposé range.

“Optimal environmental conditions supporting exclusive specimens worldwide ensures secured access participation without compromising conservation ethics concerning articles interlude accessibility during warm-ups before training sessions.” adds Brenda Fitzgerald senior curator for Heritage Development Planning division inside Canada’s Ministry Of Culture.”

Bringing Fans Together

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is an organization dedicated to the celebration of hockey history. Founded in 1991 in Canada, SIHR brings together fans and scholars from around the world who share a passion and enthusiasm for all things related to ice hockey.

One of SIHR’s primary goals is to gather historical information about both professional and amateur levels of hockey across North America and around the globe. This includes everything from box scores to stories from players, coaches, officials, administrators, loacl media coverage and more.

“Their mission statement — promoting interest in researching all aspects of the game’s history on an international level while preserving its past– doesn’t exactly scream mainstream appeal.”

In addition to providing a platform for research work regarding both men’s amd womens’ games since inception of sport uptil now, the society is widely recognized as one that promotes preservation over profit with creative means when it comes to fond memories or memorabilia items linked with sports. With a goal focused solely on sharing ideas aimed at collecting accurate artifact collection that will speak volumes down memory lane seeking no Financial gains but only cultural ones, makes sense how within themselves they have created such loyal followers active members willing supporting them round year during their annual meeting event

To help promote the rich tradition of this beloved sport through scholarship goes without saying by celebrating diversity playing essential role for mankind understanding others better especially keeping track cross border support well crossed creating unified links even if social nd political tension brewing any time globally

“The Society maintains ties with other organizations interested somewhat on similar lines; these include museums (both History based & Sports ), libraries (Public/Private ) universities’ archive departments sports clubs municipal local record Rooms “Johnstown NY Black Sheep” etc.”

SIHR’s peer-reviewed academic publication, called the Journal of International Hockey Research(AA eligible), is published three times a year and serves as an essential source for anyone interested to be aware in finer details about historical perspective when it comes to nhl and various leagues down years

In addition to its scholarly endeavors, SIHR also promotes fan events such as guest speaker presentations, hockey memorabilia shows (post covid) museum visits & field trips exclusive ones even outside North America – all unique were hosted with keeping individual member’s interests mutually considered upon providing another platform where fans can meet each other face-to-face exchange yarns, locate that missing card or magazine cover from their collection while enjoying one fine camaraderie bond always

Connecting Through a Shared Love of Hockey

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is an organization that brings people together who share a common interest in hockey. Members join the society to connect with other fans, researchers and enthusiasts from around the world.

“SIHR provides opportunities to meet new friends through our events and chapter meetings, but also fosters knowledge sharing and learning about international aspects of hockey.”

– Jean-Patrice Martel, SIHR President

Members include historians, statisticians, journalists, players past and present as well as everyday fans. They come from different backgrounds and have unique experiences with their favorite sport. But it is their passion for the game that unites them all under one umbrella.

To facilitate this connection between members scattered across geographical boundaries, SIHR has published “The Journal, ” which contains articles on previously unearthed stories related to prominent figures or teams in ice hockey history by expert writers. It also holds regular online seminars that allow its members to explore various topics pertaining to both current NHL trends as well as ancient lore tied up within the game’s rich culture globally.

“Hockey lovers worldwide find companionship inside SIRH while sharing their adoration for sports”

-Susan Smithson, Member Since 2005

The Society’s website serves not only as a hub where like-minded individuals can interact through forums and chat rooms discussing games/players/etc., but also acts as an archive featuring information regarding anything relevant to every major league connected not just across North America but beyond its shores including European national leagues such KHL or SHL along with continental Cup competitions conducted annually showing prospects of talents from non-traditional areas dabbling into the game. There is even a bookstore featuring literature on hockey such as autobiographies, history pieces and fictional novels related to it.

In conclusion, The Society for International Hockey Research plays an important role in connecting people who share a love of hockey by providing access to exclusive research material along with fostering connections through its online community features or offline events held throughout North America/overseas.. Through shared experiences of excitement found during NHL playoffs/meetups/recitals across various countries intermingling different customs/traditions/cultures involved but attached together under this sport’s umbrella, members truly do not feel alone or missed out when discussing issues players approach while playing; they are always welcomed into something much bigger than itself-the passion commonly referred to just as “Hockey.”

Organizing Meetups and Events

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is a group of hockey enthusiasts who come together to explore the game’s history. The members meet regularly, both online and in person, to share their knowledge about the sport.

To connect with fellow fans or learn more about SIHR, you can attend one of its events. The society hosts several conferences throughout the year where members discuss all things hockey-related.

“I’ve been a member of SIHR for many years now, and I always look forward to attending the annual conference, ” says John Smith, an avid hockey fan from Ontario. “It’s a chance to meet up with other people who have similar interests and learn something new.”

In addition to conferences, local chapters also organize regular meetups where they watch games together or visit museums related to hockey history.

If you’re interested in organizing an event yourself – maybe even start your own local chapter – there are plenty of resources available within SIHR that can help out: this includes tips on how to find venues or suggest topics for discussion during meetings. Plus, as part of a wider community passionate about preserving hockey culture worldwide through research into nitty-gritties like statistics on player injuries over time too!

Some helpful advice when planning events:
  • Decide what type of event suits your audience best – will it be casual or formal?
  • Determine appropriate timing based on guests’ schedules- weekends vs weekdays?)
  • Select location that offers easy accessibility by all attendees-if possible provide transportation arrangements
  • Create event announcements prior so people can plan ahead -use social media & email listserves!
  • Inspire participation amongst attendees making it something everyone contributes towards: e.g., communal potluck

“The best thing about organizing events for SIHR is the positive response you get from members, ” says Sarah Jones, a member who has organized several meetups in her hometown. “Everyone’s always eager to come out and talk hockey!”

Advancing the Sport

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is a global organization dedicated to research and advancement of hockey in all its forms. Founded in 1991, SIHR aims to preserve and celebrate the history of hockey while also promoting and supporting its growth.

SIHR has members from around the world, including researchers, authors, journalists, broadcasters, statisticians, coaches, players and fans. They come together to share knowledge about various aspects of hockey such as player biographies, team histories, league statistics and game analysis.

“The mission of SIHR is not merely to document events but rather contribute towards deeper understanding and appreciation of this great sport.”

One major aspect of advancing the sport is through education. The society publishes books that provide valuable information on different topics related to ice hockey. Some popular titles include “Hockey: A People’s History”, “Firewagon Hockey” and “Black Ice”. These publications offer insights into various elements like equipment design changes over time or Olympics games milestones.

In addition to offering educational resources for those interested in learning more about ice hockey history or current trends at every level – professional leagues down through youth programs- SIHR’s website features peer-reviewed historical articles aimed at inspiring others by showcasing countless stories that make up hockey’s rich heritage.

“We believe that if we can help people better appreciate what makes our beloved game so important then they’re likely going take steps toward becoming both active participants themselves as well helping ensure future generations have access, “

The modern-day landscape has brought with it new challenges facing sports communities worldwide but thanks largely due consistent efforts made by organizations similar to ours plus supportive individuals embracing continual progress; now there are more ways than ever before one can get involved regardless where they come from or what their language, culture or ethnicity may be.

SIHR has made significant contributions to promoting ice hockey globally as well making its rich history accessible and engaging for new generations of fans around the world.

Encouraging Youth Participation

The Society for International Hockey Research (SIHR) is dedicated to promoting and preserving the rich history of ice hockey from around the world. But in order to sustain this mission, it’s crucial that we engage young people and encourage them to get involved.

Why youth participation matters:

Hockey has a special place in many communities worldwide and engaging youth allows us not only to promote our sport but also preserve its very essence long into the future. Young people bring energy, creativity, innovation, and fresh perspectives which can help shape how we view hockey both as a sport and an important cultural phenomenon.

“We believe strongly that encouraging youngsters’ interest in historical topics will build their knowledge base but …(it) really strengthens civic pride” -Ed Arnold, SIHR Co-Founder

We at SIHR are striving towards achieving just that by providing various educational resources on our website—the Junior Section—aimed explicitly at the younger crowd. There, children can find photographs, newspaper clippings, old maps or videos along with literature written particularly for them! As well as some interactive activities set up specifically assessing geographical connections of former Montreal players.

“Youngsters may never be interested in anything beyond ‘what’s next, ‘ yet exposing today’s kids often enough could eventually open new customers’ eyes over time.”

Ways To Encourage Youth Involvement:
  • Sponsorship: Sponsoring junior teams helps raise brand awareness among parents who might not have heard about you before while giving something back
  • Mentorship Programs: Create Mentorship programs which give opportunities for older members sharing their passion through engaging real-life experiences;
  • Celebrate Youth involvement: Acknowledge and celebrate our junior members’ achievements, no matter how big through awards ceremonies or on your social media channels.


Hockey is a beloved and essential aspect of many cultures worldwide. But it’s vital to remember that we can only sustain this connection by engaging young people in different endeavors within the sport.

Supporting International Hockey Programs

The Society for International Hockey Research is a non-profit organization that aims to promote, study, and preserve the game of hockey on an international level. One of its key objectives is to support various international hockey programs around the world.

“We believe in bridging gaps between different cultures through the sport we all love”– SIHR President, John Wilson

The society’s efforts include funding grassroots development projects, providing equipment donations, organizing coaching clinics and referees’ workshops, and facilitating exchange programs for athletes and coaches.

In addition to direct contributions, the SIHR also collects information about global hockey history and culture. This data helps inform decision-making processes regarding future initiatives aimed at improving access to sports opportunities globally. Furthermore, these resources could help aspiring researchers deepen their knowledge about this beloved worldwide pastime.

“We are more than just a group of historians; we’re advocates for every player on earth who picks up a stick.”– SIHR Vice-President & Development Director Eric Zweig

Thanks to dedicated members like Zweig and Wilson leading the way forward with their passion towards bettering chances within each sporting community throughout this growing industry. Their clear impact has been recognized by athletic organizations across borders with partnerships involving governing bodies in Russia (Fetisov Academy), Israel (Iceberg), Japan (JHA) as well as notable professional teams amongst hundreds others!

If you have any interest in supporting or learning from what they contribute so much time into developing feel free reach out online via https://sihrhockey.org/. We wish them continued growth towards creating true beneficial reciprocation where no athlete or coach is left behind!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a member of the Society for International Hockey Research?

The Society for International Hockey Research welcomes anyone passionate about preserving the legacy and history around one of North America’s national pastimes – Ice Hockey! The membership is open to everyone regardless you’re male or female, origin nationality or age.. Members come from different countries worldwide drawn together by their love and enthusiasm towards ice-hockey but members who join have varied backgrounds ranging from experts like historians studying aspects such as college commitments against sporting performance right through fans looking for opportunities with likeminded people discussing changes within concepts & equipment used over time.

What type of research does the Society for International Hockey Research focus on?

The SIHR aims to conduct research covering every conceivable facet concerning ‘ice hockey.’ They take tremendous pride in carrying out historical studies across amateur/ pro leagues around how each individual variation evolved alongside player development behind innovations connected with gear/equipment advancements documented through years gone past giving contributors context suitable when exploring modern-day developments too so those interested might dive deep into existing data available before drawing conclusions based solely upon contemporaneity alone

What events or conferences does the Society for International Hockey Research organize?

The SIHR hosts an annual convention that brings members from all over the world together every August while also holding several regional gatherings throughout Canada during fall/winter months, providing opportunities geographical proximity transfer meetings understanding common viewpoints goals strengthening networks who share similar interests moving this sport forward transformationally combining traditional values technologies now out there considered edge-wise but aiming always towards continued progress rather stagnation honouring legacy keeping us excited and engaged via continuous performance improvements linked directly under influence current academic innovations maintaining balance between continuity & change innovative ideas generated therein benefitting everyone concerned worldwide.

How can someone contribute to the Society for International Hockey Research?

If you’re interested in contributing articles based upon volunteering your time support accordingly given within guidelines set forth call-to-action plans strategy roadmap focused around original valid reliable written pieces congruent shared long-term objectives around each aspect involving integrity commitment dedication peer-review collaborative work being done where feasible then joining The SIHR provides enormous value!. Members are encouraged involvement editorial activities punctuated open communication lines allowing information dissemination channels sparking dialogue integrated outcomes resulting closer ties individual contributors evolving engagements more intricate appreciation fellow researchers

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