What Is Whl Hockey? [Facts!]

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Hockey is back! And this year, all eyes are on the NHL as the league enters its biggest season yet. While the NHL is our preferred choice when it comes to ice hockey, the WHl (Women’s hockey league) still provides some amazing games and tournaments.

The Evolution Of The Game

Hockey is a game that is far from new. The Ancient Greeks and Romans played a game similar to hockey. In fact, many people believe that the game we now know as hockey evolved from a game played between Scotland’s hounds (bears) and the Irish wolfhounds (hounds) towards the end of the 17th Century.

It wasn’t until the 1800s that the game began to take shape as we know it today. The ruleset was mostly created in 1845 by James Naismith, an American basketball and football coach.[1] Naismith’s rules enabled him to play ball hockey, which he called “Basket Ball,” although it was closer to rugby than to basketball. The name hockey was first used around this time, too.

Hockey has since evolved into the sport we know today – a fast-paced, action-packed game that is both exciting to watch and play. The sport has seen a huge increase in popularity over the years, which is probably due in part to the introduction of electricity and later, artificial ice. The advent of refrigeration also made it possible to store ice in home freezers, enabling people to play hockey more easily. Some even claim that the invention of the telephone in 1876 made it possible to stay in constant contact with teams and keep track of scores and results more easily. This in turn, increased the appeal of the sport.

The Growth Of The League

With the increased popularity of hockey, the need for a league grew. The first women’s hockey league was formed in Canada in 1914, with matches played on outdoor rinks. The WHl has since expanded to 32 teams across the world, with the strongest and most popular teams, like the Boston Bruins, often playing in the NHL itself. The growth in popularity of women’s hockey has been incredible, especially considering the fact that it was previously considered a ‘man’s sport’.

An Opportunity For Girls

With the rise of women’s hockey, the game offered a platform for girls to develop their skills and get some competition in. With fewer expectations placed on them, girls were free to explore the sport and see it for the fun opportunity that it is. Unfortunately, this also resulted in a bit of a double standard. There are still many perceptions that exist about hockey – that it is only for men and that it is a ‘man’s sport’. Thankfully, this is no longer the case as more and more girls are taking up hockey, leading the way for change.

The Revival Of Competitive Spirit

It is well-known that James Naismith loved to compete. While he was born in 1869, he actually competed in sports like baseball and basketball while still a child. As we have already discussed, basketball was the forerunner to modern-day hockey. However, it wasn’t just about winning that mattered to Naismith – it was about learning and growing. This competitive spirit has continued amongst those who play and watch the game today. The desire to learn and grow is still a prominent factor amongst hockey players and fans alike.

From the earliest days of the sport, hockey has always been a competitive game. The desire to improve your skills and beat your opponents is fundamental to the game. This competitive spirit has, in part, led to rule changes and innovations. For example, until 1917, players were not allowed to leave their feet when shooting the ball. This rule was implemented to stop players sitting around and waiting for the ‘perfect shot’, leading to more goals and more excitement. The game has continually evolved to fit the needs of the players and the sport continues to grow.

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