What Qualifies As A Shot On Goal In Hockey? [Solved!]

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Most people are aware of the importance of keeping the puck in the centre of the ice when playing hockey. However, not many people know exactly what constitutes a “good shot” in hockey. In fact, there is no exact definition for a shot on goal in hockey; instead, there are a few guidelines that can commonly be followed. Below, you will learn more about what qualifies as a good shot in hockey.


One of the most important things to consider when trying to knock the puck into the net is the angle at which you shoot it. Essentially, you want to shoot the puck so that it goes in at an angle. This will increase the chances of the puck going in and the goalie stuffing the save opportunity. You should also consider the weight of the puck as well as the trajectory which you want it to take. For instance, if you are shooting the puck against the grain of the ice, you should shoot it so that it has more upward momentum. This will also make it harder for the goalie to stop the puck. Always remember: the higher the trajectory the better the shot.


One of the things that separate pro hockey players from the rest of the amateur players is their skill in accurately shooting the puck. In addition to possessing strong arms, big brains, and excellent hand-eye coordination, the best hockey players are known for their incredible ability to shoot the puck with incredible velocity. The faster the better in this case as it greatly increases the chance of the puck going in. Having the puck move as quickly as possible also makes it harder for the goalie to stop as it reduces the amount of time he has to react to the puck before it hits the net. Remember: the faster the puck the better the shot!


When you shoot the puck, you should follow through with your arm and keep the puck in the air as long as possible. This will increase the chances of the puck going in and the goalie being forced to make the save. You should also practice shooting with a follow-through even when the puck does not go in as this will improve your aim. Knowing where you want the puck to go will help you properly time and place your shots so that they go in with more consistency – and with less chances of being blocked by the goalie or another player.

Stick Lift

Another important factor that can influence the outcome of a shot is the stick lift. When you stick lift, you use your stick to create a longer lever arm and increase the amount of energy you can generate. When you increase the amount of energy you can generate, you increase the chance of the puck going in. You should consider using your elbow as well as your stick to create as much energy as possible when stick lifting.


Another important skill to possess if you want to be a good hockey player is the ability to “sweep the puck” away from the goal. If you want to sweep the puck, you should extend your stick out in front of you with your arm raised high. As your arm is raised high, you should bring your elbow to your side to create the “sweep” effect. You should also try to keep your glove hand up while sweeping as this will help keep the puck from going into the net. Remember: a raised arm and a high elbow are the two key elements to creating the “sweep” effect.

The position of your head is also important when it comes to shooting. You should keep your head up while shooting so that you can keep an eye on the puck as it travels towards the net. You should use your peripheral vision to determine where the puck is going to be before you shoot it as this will help you place the puck properly – and in more accurately in the net. Remember: if you are looking down at the puck, it is already too late as it will have travelled too far and it will be out of your control – no matter how hard you may have tried!

As you can see, there are several elements involved in trying to shoot the puck accurately. If you want to become a good hockey player, you need to work on all of these elements. Remember to practice and utilize your skill as often as possible – and don’t be afraid to go over and above what is asked of you as a goaltender as sometimes this is what it takes to succeed.

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