What Radio Station Is Hockey On? [Answered!]

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With the start of NHL season just around the corner, it’s time for hockey fanatics to start pondering what radio station they will listen to in the coming months. As with any exciting sport, there is more than one option for fans who want to keep up with the latest scores and play byplays.

As Seen On TV

Hockey fans have seen and heard of Michael Kay live from the rink. Known for his iconic catchphrase, “That’s what [insert team name here] fans are saying,” Kay has been hosting a weekly show on TSN Radio for years. While you might know him best for his fluff pieces following NHL games, audiences have also seen him crack the football code and call games expertly. Even if you aren’t familiar with Kay, you’ll recognize his voice.

Best For Hockey

Hockey is a game that isn’t played on mainstream radio stations, so most of us have had to rely on the internet to find our game. BizEazez has built a following listening to mostly-hockey-related content, providing a vital link for fans who want to keep up with their favourite team. The company has also partnered with the NHL to bring live scores and play-by-plays to podcast listeners. Like Kay, BizEazez is also responsible for my morning commute, as they frequently update followers with breaking news and in-depth coverage of their favorite teams. But, instead of just covering hockey, BizEazez will also bring you the other sports, including MLB, NFL, and more.

All-Time Favourite

The Great Paul Gallen has been the lead hockey announcer for the New York Islanders since the 1980s. He began his career at the start of the decade, and continued to call games into the next. The silver-haired voice of hockey is responsible for all those classic phrases that you may or may not know—like “Big, big trouble.’” Even if you’ve never listened to a Paul Gallen game, you know what he says, and you’ll know what he means without having to think about it too hard.

Most Important

Hockey is a game of stats. A lot of them. The NHL record for most points in a game is 82, set by Gordie Howe in 1950. The most popular hockey stat of all time is undoubtedly goals-per-game. Since the introduction of the shot clock in the early 1900s, goalies have been allowed to play a more physical game, with the result being that the puck is now in the air for longer. This, in turn, has led to more goals and more exciting play. It’s also led to more emphasis on individual stats, as teams now track the goals and assists of their players like they would for baseball.

Final Word

There are many excellent choices for fans who want to listen to hockey, from the popular to the obscure. No matter what kind of hockey fan you are, you’re sure to find a station that will make you feel right at home.

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