What Size Adidas Hockey Jersey Should I Get? [Updated!]

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If you’re new to hockey, it can be difficult to know the right sizing for your gear. Different hockey equipment wears differently, so you might need a different set of equipment depending on the size of the ice surface you’re playing on. For example, if the ice is smaller, you’ll need a smaller hockey jersey.

To help you out, we’ve curated an overview of the most common sizes of adidas hockey jerseys so you can have an idea of what fits best for you.


While most companies have shifted to offering bigger and better things year after year, Adidas has stuck to its roots and kept the XXL size in all its forms. Like most other hockey jersey brands, adidas also offers an XS size that is smaller than the normal S size. But if you’re looking for a piece of equipment to wear in the summer when the temperatures are soaring, go for the XXL in Adidas’s case.

The label offers a selection of styles in this size that range from simple to funky. If you want a traditional look, you can check out the Adidas ZXS Max Crew, which is a slim fit and very popular among hockey players. Another classic option that has stood the test of time is the Adidas Stan Smith. This adidas hockey jersey is named after the German designer who originally created it in the 1950s. It’s a basic style with a small collar, small white stripes and red trim around the neckline and along the front of the jersey. It’s a simple yet classy look that makes this size a worthwhile investment for any hockey fan.

Slim Fit

Many players have switched to slim-fit jerseys because they feel that they offer better support around the chest area and less padding, which reduces irritation under the arms. While there are many advantages to wearing a slim-fit jersey, if you’re a big-boned person, you might experience some discomfort when wearing one. Just make sure that the manufacturers have taken into consideration your specific needs when creating these types of jerseys.

In addition to the above, other considerations such as ventilation are essential when choosing a hockey jersey. You don’t want to be overheating while playing your favorite sport, so make sure that the ventilation on the back of the jersey is efficient so as not to hinder your performance.

Regular Fit

If you’re a regular-sized person with no measurements to spare, go for the regular fit jersey. Much like the slim fit variety, the regular-fit variety from Adidas also offers a greater range of styles. However, like the other two options mentioned previously, the regular-fit variety from the German sportswear company comes with additional benefits. The majority of players prefer the regular-fit variety because it provides the better balance between fitting and performance. It also has an engineered mesh fabric that stretches with your muscles, but does not flatten or shrink under excessive pressure like other types of materials. This way, you’re always going to feel comfortable and secure while playing your favorite sport. Overall, this is a popular choice among athletes because it offers the best of both worlds – flexibility and support.

The only downside to this popular choice is that many players find it uncomfortable to wear during hot weather. The main reason behind this is that the material is not air permeable, which means that it can trap heat, especially if it’s a thick jersey. To stay cool, you’ll need to keep moving around a lot during the game or else you’ll be stuck in a hot spot for too long. In case this sounds like you, try out some of the more ventilated options we listed above.


If you’re a small person with slender dimensions, go for the small size. Much like the other two options already mentioned, the small size from adidas also provides the benefits of support and flexibility. However, if you’re looking for a more traditional look, you can opt for one of the many classic designs that the brand offers. Keep in mind that small sizes are usually the best choice for children as well. They’re easier for little kids to wear comfortably and keep them cool during hot days on the ice. If you have a little one who’s always asking for daddy’s help during sports activities, this is the perfect choice as Daddy will be able to provide the comfort they need while playing. Just make sure that they’re properly fitted and that the material is soft and flexible so it feels good against their skin. This way, you’ll be able to enjoy your child’s love for sports while keeping them comfortable.


If you’re an XS person who feels great wearing small or medium clothing but finds large clothing a struggle, go for the XS. Although this may seem like a contradiction in terms, the XS size from adidas offers a greater range of styles than its larger counterparts. This is mainly because the material is more breathable and thus less hot, even more so than the small and medium varieties. This is also the reason why this variety is often chosen by those who play hockey indoors or in the summertime. Just make sure you go for the right fit, as all the styles are not created equal and you might find that some are better suited for specific sports activities than others. For example, the XS Windbreaker Zip can be a great choice if you play on an extremely cold day as it keeps you warm without being too hot. If you play in the summertime, opt for the XS Hi-Vis Chill because the brighter the better when the temperatures are soaring. This way, you’ll be more visible to opposing players while still being able to stay cool. If you struggle with finding the right fit as much as everyone else does, check out these product reviews from different companies to find the one that best fits your body type and lifestyle.

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