What Size Is 56 Hockey Jersey? [Updated!]

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Every professional hockey player knows that the size of a hockey jersey has changed over the years. When the sport was first organized, players would wear long-sleeved jerseys and would have to remove those sleeves before entering the rink. Back in the day, a large portion of the jerseys were white and had a large American flag on the front. However, today’s hockey jerseys are much smaller than those that were worn in the 1950s.

In fact, the size of the modern-day hockey jersey has changed so much that it is now difficult for younger players to grow into. Thanks to advanced technology and the ever-changing styles that come with it, sports clothing manufacturers have known that there is demand for smaller jerseys and have created various styles of miniature jerseys to meet the demand. Here, we will examine the various styles of 56 NHL jersey and which one is right for you.

Full Size

When people think of a hockey jersey, they usually think about the full-size model that the players wear in the professional leagues. That’s because the NHL requires that all of its players wear full-size jerseys at all times. The only exception is when the players are coaching or analyzing games from the stands. In that case, they are permitted to wear smaller jerseys. However, once the players enter the game, they have to wear the full-size model.

These jerseys are the most common size used in the NHL and are typically made out of polyester or a similar synthetic material. They also use a variety of technologies to regulate the body’s temperature of the player wearing them. Many also use moisture-wicking fabrics and various forms of mesh to keep the player cool and dry. Additionally, the backs of these jerseys are usually designed with a variety of colorful patterns or photographs of the player’s favorite hockey legends – all of which help keep the player’s jersey unique and make it recognizable.

Smaller Size

While the full-size player’s jersey is iconic and popular, many hockey players prefer to wear smaller-sized jerseys. Not only do they look cooler and more comfortable than their full-size counterparts, but they are also better suited for certain styles of play. One of the most popular styles is the retro model. These are the small-sized jerseys that hockey players wore in the 1960s and 1970s (and some players still prefer to wear them).

These jerseys are commonly made out of cotton and have a much smaller collar than their full-size counterparts. They also feature a smaller collar, a shorter tail, smaller raised letters on the back, and smaller numbers on the front. Additionally, many of these older-model jerseys use mesh across the front and back for better air circulation and to keep the player cool and dry. Finally, players often like to wear these smaller-sized jerseys when they play recreationally as they can move more freely and easily.

If you’re a fan of hockey and wish you could express your support for your favorite players without needing to purchase a full-size jersey, consider investing in a smaller-sized model. With the right fits and accessories, you’ll be able to represent the players you love without having to pay for a large.

Medium Size

For smaller players or those who prefer a more streamlined look, there is the medium size. These are the shirts that most hockey players prefer to wear due to their popularity. The only difference between the full and medium sizes is that the medium-sized sweater has a smaller collar and a longer skirt than the full-size model.

Like the smaller size, the medium-sized player’s jersey features a smaller collar, smaller raised letters on the back, smaller numbers on the front, and a longer skirt.

These jerseys are most commonly made out of a synthetic fabric with a sweat-wicking finish. Many incorporate modern design concepts such as a vertical striped pattern or graphic prints for visual interest. Additionally, many designers offer ventilation holes in the front and back of the player’s jersey so that the sweat on their chest doesn’t create an unappetizing pool around them. Finally, like the smaller size, the medium-sized jersey is better suited for certain styles of play and feels cooler and drier than the full-size model.

Larger Size

For those who prefer a roomy fit, there is the larger size. These are the ones that professional hockey players wear when they are forced to wear a vest over their jersey due to cold temperatures. In this case, the fabric is usually synthetic with a brushed or pin-finished surface.

Many designers incorporate various design elements into this larger size jersey including a vertical striped pattern, gingham, or plaid for the front and back. Many also use a multicolored look for the base piece with white, red, and blue being the most popular hues. These larger size jerseys allow the wearer to move more freely and are better at wicking perspiration away from the body.

It’s essential to find the size that fits you best if you decide to purchase a hockey jersey. If you’re on the hunt for a personalized design, check out the various styles of NHL jerseys available and choose a model that suits your needs. With the right gear and accessories, you’ll be able to represent your favorite hockey players without needing to buy a custom-made jersey.

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