What Size Is A Full Size Air Hockey Table? [Answered!]

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Air hockey tables are great for any room that has a bar or area where people can congregate. You can play one-on-one, two-on-two, or head-to-head competitions, depending on how many people are playing. If you have the space, you can also put in a full-sized hockey table which is great for big groups of people.

Adjustable Height

Adjustable height and thickness skirting makes this a versatile option in a bar setting. It also makes it great for people who have limited mobility or who are elderly and require the use of a walker or cane. They can also adjust the height of the table with the use of a simple tool, so even those with limited dexterity can still play.

Thickness skirting protects the table from wear and tear due to heavy use. The height of the table can also be adjusted to suit your needs. This feature makes it easy to use by anyone, even if they have special needs or are physically challenged. The adjustable height allows for easy access to the table by all players, regardless of their height or leg length, which makes playing on this table more convenient and enjoyable.

Sturdy Construction

The solid steel construction and heavy-duty laminate or vinyl tabletop are extremely strong and stable. This table is built to last, even in high-stress situations, such as when playing hockey. The materials used for construction are heavy and sturdy, making cleaning and maintaining this item easy and convenient.

Laminate wood furniture can look like wood but without the hassles of maintaining real wood. There are many layers of decorative laminate, including a protective layer to guard against water damage, that hide the internal components of this furniture. Vinyl tables are also an option, as they are lightweight and easy to clean. They are easy to maintain and do not require any specialized tools to put together.

Fully Assembled

When choosing any type of bar furniture, the size and shape of the items are among the most important factors. An assembled bar height and full size air hockey table is a great option since it is already set up and ready to go whenever you are. The surface is already in place and protects the table from scratches and rough handling. The included leg assembly provides extra stability to the table and prevents any tipping when in use. The bar surface height and the thickness of the skirting around the edges are also adjustable, using a tool included in the package, so even those with limited mobility can still play without any problems.

If you have a large group of friends or family who love to play air hockey, but you also want to make sure that everyone can still have a good time while on your account, the option of an assembled bar height and full size air hockey table is a great choice. You won’t have any trouble keeping score since the controller is battery operated and the numbers light up. This also makes it easy for everyone to follow the action since there is no hiding the scoreboard from view. In addition, the included remote control makes it easy for everyone to play independently or in teams, depending on the number of players you have.


Durability is the ability of an object to withstand wear and tear for a certain period of time. This aspect is very important for any type of equipment used in recreational sports, especially since these items are generally played in a rough environment where any number of spills or knocks can occur. Steel or other metal tables can rust and corrode, leading to premature malfunction or failure.

Laminate wood furniture provides additional durability through the use of multiple layers of protective varnish or paint. These layers offer better water resistance than real wood, so it is important not to leave them unshielded from occasional spills or splashes. The components used for the construction of laminate tables are also extremely strong and stable, helping to reduce any chance of tipping when in use. The included legs provide a fixed height for the table surface, preventing any slouching or strain while playing. This is important since prolonged sitting or standing can cause back problems for those who are overweight or have bad posture, leading to chronic back pain.


The mobility of an object refers to its ability to be moved from one place to another. This aspect is critical in regard to the use of any type of bar furniture, especially since there will be people of various physical limitations who will have to navigate the item to and from its various locations in the home. If the item is too cumbersome to move around, it won’t be used as frequently as possible which can lead to dissatisfaction on the part of the player.

Adjustable height and thickness skirting makes this table adjustable in height and thickness, using simple tools included in the package. This makes it easy to use by anyone, even those with limited mobility. The included footrests provide an extra measure of comfort to the players. One important factor to keep in mind is that if the item has wheels, it can be moved anywhere within the home easily. This makes it suitable for use in locations with limited space, such as a garage or storage shed.


For those who play at night, it is important to have proper lighting. When playing sports or other games at night, it is important to have sufficient lighting conditions in order to see the action clearly. This is especially important if there are no exterior lighting conditions which might potentially give away the player’s position. Poor lighting conditions can also make it more difficult to see the action clearly, potentially resulting in injuries from collisions or falling debris.

If you play air hockey at night, there are numerous ways in which you can enhance the viewing experience. One option is to use exterior night lights which emit a soft, even glow, rather than strong, bright light which might potentially expose the player’s position. Another option is to use an indoor spotlight or lamp, aimed directly at the playing surface, to increase the effectiveness of the lighting. In addition, there are numerous table lamps which can be placed around the edge of the table for added illumination. Just be sure to keep the light levels down so that it does not disturb others who are sleeping or using the restroom, nearby.


Finally, we come to the crucial matter of cleanliness. In regard to recreational equipment used in sporting events, especially those involving water such as swimming or boating, it is important to keep the items clean and free of germs and bacteria. This is especially important since many people who play in water sports are adults who are more likely to become ill from infection. It is also important to avoid contamination from food or drink items which might potentially be touched or handled by players during a game.

Laminate wood furniture is easy to clean since it is manufactured using materials derived from natural wood, but the layers of protective varnish or paint used to create its decorative laminates provide additional protection against water damage and germs, making it an ideal choice for recreational water sports.

In general, the important things to keep in mind when choosing a bar furniture item are size, shape, durability, mobility, and washability. In regard to these aspects, it is extremely important to look for the best combination of quality and value. A quality, four-star bar height assembly with a one-year warranty will definitely suit your needs. In addition, be sure to check out all of the available discounts which Meggitt’s Furniture has to offer, as well as its store-brand items which are normally cheaper than the premium brands. This way, you will definitely get your moneys worth without having to spend too much money.

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