What Size Laces For Size 7 Hockey Skates? [Facts!]

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The question of the right size laces for size 7 hockey skates is a common one. There are so many options to choose from when it comes to this area that it can be quite confusing. There are actually three basic factors that you need to focus on when purchasing laces for your hockey skates: the lace length, the material and the thickness of the lace.

Lace Length

This refers to how long the lace is. Most people believe that the shorter the lace, the better. This is usually the case, but you should purchase the length that you feel is comfortable for you. There are many different options for lace lengths, from very short to very long. You should purchase the one that you feel best suits your needs. The longer the lace, the less likely it is to fray or come loose, which can lead to serious problems. Longer laces also make for better hockey play because it is more difficult to pass the puck when it is trapped under a thick strand of laces. On the other hand, shorter laces are more comfortable for the hockey player and allow for quicker strides, which can lead to better speeds and more agile movements on the ice. It is always recommended that you match the length of the laces to the height of the hockey player. If you are not sure of the length that you need, simply ask a professional for help.

Thickness Of The Lace

This refers to how thick the lace is. Some people prefer thicker laces, while others prefer thinner ones. The thickness of the lace will determine how much friction there is between the ice and the outer surface of the blade. If the lace is too thin, it will make it easier for the puck to come out. On the other hand, thicker laces will contribute to better speeds and more durable skates. For best results, you should select a lace that is just right in thickness for the size and model of the skate that you purchase. Thicker laces are also better at keeping the blade from coming off during activity, which can lead to injury. However, if you are an experienced skater and know how to take care of your gear properly, then you should opt for the thinner laces as they make for quicker strides and better agility on the ice. You should select the thinnest possible lace that comes close to the height of your hockey player, as you want to minimize the volume of laces that are touching the ice during play. Also, make sure that the lace is not too thick, as this can lead to breakages or kinks that can cause serious damage to your equipment. Always remember that the less friction between your skates and the ice, the better. This will help to improve your game and ensure that your experience is as safe and comfortable as possible.


This refers to the material that the laces are made of. Some people prefer synthetic materials for hockey skating laces, while others prefer natural ones. If you are uncertain as to what material the laces are made of, ask a professional. Synthetic materials are widely used for their durability and ability to withstand constant motion and use in extreme temperatures. On the other hand, natural materials are preferred by those who want their skates to look like the natural fiber of wool. This is a tough material to match the consistency of a machine-made fabric, but it provides for comfortable and safe skating with excellent traction on any surface. Always opt for the natural materials if you want your skates to look like those of a handmade product with a unique texture and feel that is not easily replicated by a machine.

Tie Your Skates

This refers to how you wish to tie your skates. Some people prefer to use a lace lock, while others use a buckle. If you are not sure which one to use, simply ask a professional for help. The lace lock creates a tighter fit and is, therefore, more secure than the buckle. The lock also allows for quicker acceleration and easier stopping. Lace locks and buckles can be found in most sporting goods stores, while some larger retailers also offer an expert service that can install them for you. Always select the fastened option if you are worried about your safety while on the ice. They are also better options if you prefer a traditional look to your equipment. Most importantly, make sure that the option you choose allows for easy removal should you need to take off your skates for medical reasons or extreme sports activities.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you should purchase the right size laces for the size and model of your hockey skates. This will help to improve your game and make it more enjoyable. Always bear in mind the safety of your equipment during use, as this is the most important thing. This will ensure that you enjoy your time on the ice, which is why you purchased the equipment in the first place.

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