What The Pros Wear Hockey? [Fact Checked!]

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When it comes to fashion and hockey, most people think about what the players wear on the ice. However, there is more than one way to look at this sport. This article will tell you about what the pros wear off the ice so you have somewhere to look when they aren’t playing.

Off The Ice: Fashion Trends

Let’s start with what the players wear off the ice. Based on recent trends, most of them tend to wear streetwear and hip hop fashion.

You might think that professional hockey players wouldn’t care about fashion, since they rarely get to wear something pretty after all. However, you’d be wrong. Just like the rest of us, hockey players enjoy fashion too.

Based on social media accounts, many hockey players have expressed their love for fashion, especially when it comes to skate gear. Instagram stars like T.J. Oshie and Jack Hanifan have millions of followers, and they always post pictures with some of the hottest trending products. Based on their Instagram posts, it’s clear that fashion is something they care about.

Hockey Equipment Is Fashionable

Another interesting fact about professional hockey is that the equipment the players wear is fashionable. For example, check out some of the brands that have been making headlines lately due to their collaboration with hockey players.

Based on style blogs and forums, people have been talking about and coveting the gear for a while now. Just take a look at some of the stylish brands that produce hockey gear.

  • Filson
  • Gibbon
  • CCM
  • Nike
  • New Era
  • Roxy
  • Beardmore
  • Brooks
  • Mulberry

You might be familiar with some of these brands, and in some cases, you’ll even see players wearing their own custom made version of these styles. For example, Dominik Hrbatý wears a unique combination of Nike skate gear and an Aurora Borealis zip up jacket, and Brayden Point wears full Nike kit with a plain black t-shirt.

Style Bloggers Inspire Fashion

In addition to the players, we should also take a look at what the style bloggers wear. In most cases, they tend to wear simple and stylish looks.

Based on their Instagram accounts, many prominent style bloggers have expressed their love for fashion as well. Specifically, they’ve shown their admiration for streetwear and anime, which provides further evidence that these are the most fashionable styles among the players and bloggers alike.

These are some interesting and unique facts about professional hockey. It’s clear that fashion is a part of this sport, and based on what the pros wear off the ice, it’s a trend that will never go out of style.

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