What Time Is The Coyotes Hockey Game Tonight? I Hope It’s Not Past My Bedtime!

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As a die-hard Coyotes fan, nothing compares to the excitement of game night. Whether you’re cheering from the comfort of your living room or lucky enough to snag tickets to Gila River Arena, there’s nothing quite like experiencing Arizona hockey live and in person.

If you’re eagerly anticipating tonight’s matchup, you might be wondering: What time is the Coyotes hockey game tonight? Although it can be tempting to wait until the last minute to confirm start times (especially if you have a busy schedule), it’s always best to plan ahead so that you don’t miss any faceoffs!

While specific start times depend on factors such as television schedules and arena availability, most games take place in the evening hours – typically between 7:00 PM and 8:00 PM mountain time. However, some afternoon games are scheduled throughout the season as well.

Pro Tip: To stay up-to-date with upcoming Coyotes games and their corresponding start times, make sure to bookmark your favorite team news sources or download an NHL schedule application for convenient access on-the-go!

No matter what time zone you call home or how many late-night snacks you’ll need while wearing your top-of-the-line Tocchet sweater, one thing remains constant among all true Yotes fans – we never let bedtimes stand in our way! So whether it’s past midnight or just after sundown, get ready for another heart-racing showdown in support of our beloved pack.

Checking The Schedule

If you’re wondering about the Coyotes hockey game tonight, there are a few ways to check the schedule and find out what time they’ll be playing.

Team Website:

The first place to look is on the Arizona Coyotes’ website. They will have all of their upcoming games listed, including the time and location for each one. You can also purchase tickets from their website if you’re planning on attending in person.

NHL Website:

You can also check the NHL’s official website for information about upcoming Coyotes games as well as other teams around the league. This site provides up-to-date stats, scores, and schedules throughout the entire season.

Social Media:

Coyote fans often take to social media when it comes to finding out information about upcoming games. Following accounts such as @ArizonaCoyotes or checking relevant hashtags like #CoyotesGameTonight could provide helpful updates or discussions amongst fellow fans.

“I always check my local TV listings too, ” says avid fan Liam M., “sometimes they’ll show any live sports events that evening.”
Ticketing Websites:

Ticketing websites such as StubHub offer insight into specific game times through ticket sales but may not indicate whether or not it will be televised locally or nationally (which varies by region).

Take advantage of convenient resources available such as team websites, online forums/social media communities along with your individual preferences so that you never miss another thrilling moment during game day!

Where To Find The Schedule Online?

The Arizona Coyotes hockey team has a full schedule of games that they play throughout the season. If you want to find out when their next game is, you don’t have to rely on word-of-mouth or guesswork! There are several online resources available where you can easily locate the Coyote’s tentative schedule.

NHL Website:

The official website of the National Hockey League (NHL) is an excellent source for finding information about any NHL team and their upcoming games. One just needs to visit the site www.nhl.com/schedule, select “Arizona Coyotes” from the dropdown menu. Then one will receive all details related to matches including date, times and venue.

“I always go straight to NHL’s website for schedules since it provides me updated information on time.”

Team Website:

The Arizona Coyotes’ official website www.nhl.com/coyotes/, also contains a detailed itinerary of scheduled at home and away-games; this includes specific starting times so visitors know exactly what time each match begins.

“The most reliable way I’ve found is heading directly over to coyote’s offical web pages.”

Sports News Websites:

If someone finds trouble accessing scheduling fixtures through above two resources then there always multiple sports websites dedicated mainly only tells regarding each sport league news along with live scores update too in addition apart from providing complete fixture details like ESPN https://espn.go.com/nhl/team/schedule/_/name/arz, Yahoo Sports https://sports.yahoo.com/nhl/teams/phx/#schedule etc.

“ESPN website not only shows current standings but highlights forthcoming regular season schedules as well. It even gives an option of downloading the entire schedule to your device!.”

Pre-Game Rituals

If you are a fan of the Coyotes, then surely there is nothing more exciting than watching your favorite team play. If you are wondering what time is the hockey game tonight for Coyotes, be sure to check their schedule! But before every game starts, players have certain pre-game rituals that they perform to ensure that they stay focused and ready for the big game.

“I always put my left skate on first.”– Arizona Coyotes’ defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson

Sometimes, these pre-game rituals can be simple like putting on one’s gear in a specific order or listening to music while warming up. For some players though, it could mean doing something entirely different than what others do. Some players may even take this opportunity to mentally prepare themselves by going over certain plays with teammates or coaches.

“I eat plain linguine with olive oil and garlic four hours before puck drop.”– Phil Kessel of Arizona Coyote

Initially performed as superstitions among athletes generations ago, today those practices help establish routine and familiarity under pressure situations which improves focus levels and hence performance during games. It helps build confidence too when things go well – if I did everything exactly right leading up to a successful contest last night why would doing them again fail?

“Before each period begins me along with other fellow members takes turns at banging our sticks into new pattern compositions reminding us that we’re all united heading out onto ice together”. – Derek Stepan spilling bean about his Cactus Collective Teammates’

Coyotes playing tonight? May following your own personal ritual will bring some good fortune both teams towards victory over adversity!

What Superstitions Do The Coyotes Have?

The Arizona Coyotes, like many other sports teams, are known for having their own unique superstitions and rituals. Some of these might seem strange to an outsider but they hold a special meaning to the players who follow them.

“I always put my left skate on first.”

“It’s just something I’ve done since my junior days, ” says forward Clayton Keller. “If I forget or accidentally put my right one first, it just feels weird and throws off my game a little bit.”

“We never turn left in practice.”

“You know how NASCAR drivers only turn left? Well, we go against that, ” jokes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson. “But honestly, it’s all about keeping things consistent in practice so when game time comes around everything feels familiar.”

“We tap the ice three times before taking our position during power plays.”

“It’s become somewhat of a team tradition now, ” explains center Nick Schmaltz. “I’m not sure where it started originally but everyone does it and it seems to work well for us.”

In addition to individual and collective traditions, the Coyotes also have some beliefs surrounding specific events such as streaks (winning/losing) and full moons:

“During winning streaks we all wear the same clothes after games until the streak ends.”

“The longer the better!” laughs goalie Darcy Kuemper. “But seriously, if we’re on a roll we often feel like ‘why mess with what works?’ Eventually someone will cave and wash their clothes but we try to keep it going for as long as possible.”

“On full moon game nights, we always make a point of touching the ice with our sticks after finishing warm-ups.”

“I don’t know why exactly but I remember hearing this from an old coach years ago, ” says veteran forward Derek Stepan. “And you know what? It’s never failed us so far!”

Superstitions and rituals can be seen as frivolous or irrational by some but they hold a special importance in sports where confidence and momentum are key components to success.

How Many Beers Should I Drink Before The Game?

The Coyotes game tonight is going to be intense, and you might be thinking that a few beers would in preparation before the faceoff could enhance your enjoyment. But how many should you drink beforehand? Well, there’s no magic number everyone can agree on as it highly depends upon individual tolerance levels.

Ideally, if you are heading for the stadium with friends or by yourself, it’s best to lay off alcohol consumption until after you have reached the arena safely. If driving, consume responsibly (if at all) and plan transport options ahead of time or choose another mode of transportation such as public transit or taxi service.

“Drinking any alcoholic beverage decreases your reaction time making this unsafe” – Arizona Department of Health Services

Moreover, remember that beer often leads to more trips to the bathroom than water so hydrate starting a day ahead – during game time take advantage of intermission breaks go get refreshed instead of drowning out nerves or disappointment.

You don’t want drinks interfering with attention from an exciting match. Watching ice hockey demands awareness and sharp reflexes since even split-second decision-making counts up towards winning goals. Inebriation may cloud judgment impairing pe rception drastically increasing risk against unforeseen consequences ultimately ruining fun over hostility.

Therefore, while drinking moderately between one-two cans(approximately 500ml each) spread throughout watching games will not interfere significantly with enjoyment. Stay mindful but getting too buzzed gets challenging circumstances especially when caught within the momentum – wait until everything ends then hit nearby pubs bars where both sports highlights bar food served along endorphins still flowing profusely fuelled by earlier memorable moments is much better option!

What Snacks Are Best To Eat During The Game?

If you are planning on watching the Coyotes hockey game tonight, having some snacks by your side is a must. But choosing what snacks to munch on during the game can be overwhelming.


“Popcorn is always a go-to snack for games. It’s light, easy to eat and doesn’t overpower the flavors of drinks, ” says Emily Smith, a sports enthusiast.

A classic choice that never gets old – popcorn is perfect if you want something simple but satisfying. Whether it’s buttered or sweetened with caramel, this all-time favorite snack will keep your hunger pangs at bay throughout the entire game.


“Pizza has everything that I need while cheering for my favourite team: cheese, carbs and lots of flavour!” exclaims John Lopez.

If you’re feeling hungrier before settling down to watch Coyotes play their magical moves on ice rinks, consider ordering up some pizza! This cheesy delight with so much variety in toppings options like mushrooms, onions, pepperoni etc., provides great satiety value as well as taste!

Chips And Salsa

“You just have to have chips and salsa when watching any sporting event – it’s an unwritten rule.” agrees Melanie Brown wholeheartedly.

The coolness from freshly made salsa combined with corn tortilla chips gives these savory delights an extra oomph factor while adding more flavor dimensionality onto each bite taken making it quite popular among people sitting together through intense moments of match ups without getting hungry every few minutes!


“Nachos are life! I love how the chips become crunchy and cheesy at the same time, ” says Joshua Parker, a die-hard Coyote fan.

Loaded nachos are the perfect snacks to indulge in if you want something filling. Piled high with toppings like ground beef, refried beans, salsa and cheese sauce – it’s sure to satisfy your taste buds without leaving room for any regret!

Fruits And Veggies

“It might sound crazy but fruits and veggies as game night snacks can really hit different.” approves Timothy Soto who swears by his carrots and hummus during every parade of games.

If you prefer healthier snacking options that won’t compromise on flavor – tray pre-cut carrot sticks, cucumber spears or mixed berries will do just fine- refreshing enough to make you feel good about eating well while still cheering along with all those watching out there fighting spirit being personified right before their very eyes!.

Dress Code For The Game

When going to the Coyotes hockey game tonight, it’s important to dress appropriately for the occasion. While some may opt for a more casual look, others prefer to go all out in their team spirit gear.

If you’re not sure what to wear, consider wearing clothing that is comfortable and weather appropriate. During colder months, dressing warmly with layers is always key. Additionally, as hockey games can be quite chilly when inside of the arena itself, bringing a jacket or blanket is highly recommended.

“I like to dress up in my Coyotes jersey and hat for every game, ” said long-time fan Sarah Johnson. “It really gets me into the spirit and helps show support for my team.”

However, if jerseys are not your thing or if you want to mix things up from time-to-time – there are still plenty of options! Opting for simple t-shirts in team colors paired with jeans or shorts will easily suffice while also showing off your allegiance.

When considering footwear options – comfort should definitely be a focus here too! With upwards of 60 minutes spent on hard stadium seating – choosing shoes that won’t leave you achy at halftime would be wise.

“I usually wear sneakers since I know we’ll be standing and cheering most of the night, “ stated avid fan James Thompson.“But during playoffs last year I wore cowboy boots… Anything goes!”

No matter what outfit route you choose (or wherever your fashion compass leads!), remember that attending live sporting events should always bring an air of fun-filled excitement!

To sum up – come dressed comfortably but keep some stylish aspects intact; strive towards giving our favorite NHL boys all the emotional support they can get.

Should I Wear My Lucky Socks?

You’ve been waiting for this moment all week, and now it’s finally arrived. The Coyotes hockey game is tonight, but before you leave the house, there’s one question that keeps swirling around in your head – should I wear my lucky socks?

The superstition surrounding lucky items of clothing has been a part of sports culture for years. From Michael Jordan wearing his North Carolina shorts under his Chicago Bulls uniform to Serena Williams’ pre-match routine involving tying her shoes perfectly every time, athletes have long believed that certain items can bring them luck on the field or court.

But does it really work? Well, according to psychology professor Lysann Damisch from Germany’s University of Cologne, there may be some truth to it. “Superstitions make people feel more confident, ” she says. “And confidence leads to better performance.”

“It’s not so much about what they think will actually happen magically.. It’s about giving themselves a little boost when they need it most.”

In other words, if wearing those lucky socks makes you feel more positive and helps calm your nerves before the big game, then go ahead and put them on!

However, don’t let superstitions dictate how you approach the game entirely. Remember that victory ultimately comes down to hard work and skill rather than relying solely on good fortune.

If in doubt, perhaps reflect on previous games where you wore (or didn’t wear) those special socks; did anything noteworthy occur during these instances or was success based purely off individual or team skills?

In conclusion: While donning those favoured socks could give an extra burst of positivity before hitting up Glendale Arena downtown today; never allow superstitious beliefs distract from the game itself.

Is It Acceptable To Wear A Coyotes Jersey Even If I’m Not A Fan?

Wearing a jersey of your favorite sports team is a great way to show support and unity towards the team you love.

If you’ve been gifted or purchased an Arizona Coyotes jersey, but are not actually a fan of their hockey team, it depends on what social situation you will be wearing it in. In most scenarios, there’s no harm in doing so.

“As long as the person buying/wearing isn’t misrepresenting themselves — like if they’re at a game where people would expect others to be fans just because they have merchandise — I don’t think there’s anything wrong with it, “
says Diana Bellamy Benson from AZ Central.

The era of bandwagon fans has made it acceptable for non-sports enthusiasts to wear jerseys that represent winning teams regardless if they follow them regularly or not. At live games such as tonight’s Arizona Coyotes Hockey game session -–Arizona vs Ottawa-, visiting spectators often wear gear representing their own personal favorites which dominates mixed fandom stadiums throughout.

In some settings, however, especially when attending events hosted by rivals’ hometowns- namely rivals who posed an arduous competition against coyote; an environment both tense and heated could cut across rooting personalities thereby standing the risk of tension.

“It probably wouldn’t go over well walking around Boston (or any other city) wearing anything related to ‘Bucky F&$%in Dent’.”
You should avoid dressing up externally with apparels showing affinity post-fixed internally without applicability:. E.G Meryl Streep once said “You participate in life when you dress up. And yet we also minimize the importance.” Only put the best foot forward, my dear.

Transportation To The Game

If you are planning to attend the Coyotes hockey game tonight, it is important to know how you will get there. Here are some transportation options:


If you have a car and prefer driving yourself, make sure to leave with plenty of time in advance. Traffic can be heavy around the arena before and after games.


If you don’t want to worry about parking or traffic, taking a taxi or rideshare service might be your best option. Make sure to use reliable companies such as Uber or Lyft for safety reasons.

“Taking an Uber is always my go-to when going to sporting events because I don’t have to deal with finding parking.”
Public Transportation:

The Valley Metro Rail has stops near Gila River Arena which makes public transportation another viable option if you live close enough to one of their stations.

“I usually take the light rail when going downtown so I plan on doing that for tonight’s game.”

No matter which transportation method suits your needs, it is essential that you arrive at the arena early enough not only find parking but also navigate through security procedures especially during playoff season where checks may take some times due influx attendance numbers. That being said getting ready earlier would save arriving too late before puck drop off! Enjoy!

Is There A Shuttle Service To The Arena?

If you’re attending the Coyotes hockey game tonight and aren’t sure how to get there, don’t worry! Many arenas offer shuttle services that can take you directly to the arena without any hassle.

You’ll be happy to know that Gila River Arena has its own shuttle service called “Coyote Cruiser.” This service is free of charge for ticket holders and operates on all event days including hockey games.

The Coyote Cruiser Schedule
  • Monday-Friday: begins at 5pm until game start & resumes after the end of 2nd period (45 min break), drop-off near Lot G or H; ends once crowds have cleared following games/events
  • Saturday-Sunday/Holidays: begin two hours prior to doors opening time* through start of game with post-game/event ride share opportunity available** point pick-up/drop off in *Lots E1-E4 – will not be operating in parking lots during tailgating season **More information will come from Guest Services once they receive JUMP Incentive Contract info later this summer-ending October Closes when guests/shuttle captain feel safe level has returned toward normal.
“It’s extremely convenient knowing I don’t have to stress about transportation when going to a game, ” said Max, a frequent attendee. “Plus, it saves me money on parking fees.”

In addition, if you prefer hotel accommodations close by, some hotels also feature complimentary shuttles available exclusively for their guests attending events at the arena. Check with your hotel ahead of time for details and availability so that you avoid missing out on it.

Tips For Riding Shuttles:
  • Arrive early especially before major sporting events
  • Wear comfortable clothing and slip-on shoes if possible, you will be asked to remove your footwear before getting on board.
  • Expect delays due to traffic volume

All in all have a fantastic experience at the game tonight. Remember, Coyote Cruiser is a great service offered by Gila River Arena aiming to provide an all-encompassing fan journey helping Coyotes hockey fans arrive safely and promptly, “we want everyone coming into our facility with ease of access that allows them time to settle into their seats.”

Game Time Excitement

Coming to the end of a long day, one can’t help but wonder what time is the Coyotes hockey game tonight? Fans rush home from work hoping to catch some pre-game coverage.

“The anticipation builds as we get closer and closer to puck drop, ” says die-hard Coyotes fan, John Smith.

The excitement throughout the city is palpable on game nights. Traffic moves just a bit slower downtown as fans make their way towards Gila River Arena decked out in team gear, painted faces, flags waving high and proud above them.

As you walk through the arena’s main entrance on game night, your senses are immediately heightened by smells of food vendors cooking up fresh concession foods that only add to the build-up before heading into seats for starting lineups being announced with screams from excited fans filling every corner of this magnificent venue.

“There’s nothing quite like experiencing a live NHL game, ” said Sarah Jameson who traveled over 1, 000 miles just to be at her first-ever Coyotes hockey match.

Crowds erupt once again during power-plays or penalty kills where momentum swings can often decide an entire season’s destiny; it all adds up even more quickly since goals come thick-and-fast when watching elite level ice hockey action!

A tight contest nearing its final stages will turn normally well-behaved spectators into shouting frenzies in celebration of any winning goal! The atmosphere inside Gila River Arena has been described as electric and intense – words which don’t do justice until they’ve experienced it firsthand.

“It’s an awesome feeling being part of such a massive group united under one banner supporting our beloved Arizona Coyotes” said long-time season ticket holder, Tom Johnson.

So, what time is the Coyotes hockey game tonight? Well, if you ask any true fan they will tell you that it doesn’t matter as there’s nothing quite like experiencing live ice hockey in person and reveling in the excitement of this amazing sport with your fellow fans!

What Songs Will Be Played During The Game?

The songs played during a hockey game can really pump up the players and fans alike. From classic rock anthems to modern pop hits, there’s something for everyone at a Coyotes hockey game.

The team has its own official goal song: “Howl” by The Gaslight Anthem. When the Coyotes score, you’ll hear this upbeat punk track blasting through the arena speakers. Other popular tunes that often get played throughout the games include:

  • “Enter Sandman” by Metallica
  • “Lose Yourself” by Eminem
  • “Pump It Up” by Elvis Costello
  • “Welcome To The Jungle” by Guns N’ Roses
  • “All I Do Is Win” by DJ Khaled feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross
“Music is such an important part of the in-game experience, ” says John Chayka, President of Hockey Operations for the Coyotes. “We want our fans to feel energized and excited from start to finish.”

In addition to these classic sports songs, you may also hear some local Arizona bands getting airtime as well like Gin Blossoms or Jimmy Eat World.

If you’re interested in previewing more music ahead of time or just looking for some inspiration for your pregame playlist; check out ‘Coyotes Playlist’ on Spotify! As one fan puts it, “I love being able to listen to all my favorite pump-up jams before heading down to Gila River Arena.”

“Music sets the tone, ” added Alex Meruelo, Coyotes Majority Owner, Chairman and Governor. “It can ignite passion or hype up a crowd so having great music curated by our fans on platforms like Spotify is important to us.”

No matter what your musical tastes are, you’re sure to find something that gets you hyped for the game at Gila River Arena.

How Can I Get On The Jumbotron?

If you’re headed to a Phoenix Coyotes hockey game, you may be wondering how to get your face on the big screen. It’s not as difficult as you might think!

The Jumbotron is the giant video display located above center ice at Gila River Arena in Glendale, Arizona. This massive screen allows fans to see close-ups of players and watch replays during the game. If you want a chance to see yourself displayed for all 17, 125 fans in attendance (or more), there are several ways to make it happen.

1. Wear Your Team Colors:

Coyotes games are known for their energetic atmosphere, so wearing team colors can definitely get you noticed by roving cameras throughout the stadium.

2. Participate In In-Game Promotions:

Fans have an opportunity to participate in various games such as trivia contests or dance-offs that take place during breaks between periods and time-outs which could potentially land them on camera.

“I won the t-shirt toss contest last year and they showed me on the Jumbotron! It was awesome!” – Stephanie M., Season Ticket Holder
3. Use Social Media:

Gila River Arena features “tweet-to-screen” technology that aggregates tweets with specific hashtags related to Coyotes Hockey Games (#YOTES) directly onto its scoreboard message board which occasionally shows up close faces of fans who tweeted using #YOTES tag along side their twitter handle/username helped bring some attention from arena’s cameramen too. Do keep in mind although these methods will increase visibility but getting featured isn’t guaranteed; however following one or few of steps has improved chances for frequent appearance /coverage on jumbo-tron header than just being plain normal spectator enjoying event.

Frequently Asked Questions

What channel is broadcasting the Coyotes hockey game tonight?

The local TV network in Arizona, Fox Sports Arizona, holds the rights to broadcast all Coyotes regular-season games. You can check its schedule to see whether they will air today’s game.

Is the Coyotes hockey game tonight being played at home or away?

If you’re trying to attend today’s Coyotes game, you should know it varies each day. However, most of them are played at Gila River Arena

What time does the Coyotes hockey game start tonight?

Today’s puck drop for the Phoenix Coyotes vs. Minnesota Wildgame is set for 10:00 PM ET/7:00 PM PT.

Are there any injuries or player changes for the Coyotes hockey game tonight?

According to recent news reports, Lawson Crouse (upper body), Antti Raanta (lower body), and Darcy Kuemper (lower-body) won’t play due to injury problems they have been facing for a month now. Other than these three players’ absence from today’s match lineup cards show some changing faces looking forward with strong enthusiasm so that they could win against competitors either way.

Can I live stream the Coyotes hockey game tonight?

Live streaming NHL games has become an attractive option for fans who face blackout restrictions because todays’ fixture between phoenix coyote Vs minnesota wildcard not one of those blackouts restriced match.The viewers residing within geographical boundaries get access easily Through FUBOtv

Do NOT follow this link or you will be banned from the site!