What To Put On Air Hockey Table To Make Slippery? [Expert Review!]

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Air hockey is one of the most popular games in the world. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to play for long when the table is not properly set up. When trying to maintain a slippery surface, there are several factors to consider, and not all of them are ideal. We will discuss some of the most important things you should put in place before playing air hockey. This article will cover the basics of putting together an ideal setup for playing air hockey. Read on and enjoy!

Aluminum Hockey Table

Aluminum has several advantages for use in air hockey tables because of its strength and light weight. When compared to other materials, such as plastic or wood, it is much easier to maneuver and transport. It also prevents frictional losses, which occur when sticking to other materials, such as wood or plastic.

Aluminum is perfect for use in outdoor games because it is lightweight and weatherproof. Even though it is a relatively new material, it has been used successfully in outdoor games for many years. You can use aluminum for both wet and dry air hockey. This means you do not need to worry about puddles on the surface, as it will not be affected by the liquid. You can also choose between left-hand and right-hand versions, so be sure to get the one you need depending on which end you use when playing.

Pellet Gun

Pellet guns are simply guns that shoot small pellets. They are commonly used to shoot roaches and other vermin, however, you can use them to simulate gunfire for fun.

These pellets are usually made of plastic or rubber, and they are designed to travel quickly through the air. Therefore, they do not settle well to the surface when released. This means you do not need to worry about your shot pellets getting clogged up in any way by any sort of liquid. You can also vary the color or design of the pellets, so it is easy to distinguish when they hit the surface or object they are shot at.

Adjustable Joystick

Adjustable joysticks allow you to play the game in a more natural and comfortable position. They come with rubber grips, so they are comfortable to hold regardless of whether you are right- or left-handed. This allows you to play without any unnecessary effort, as the stick will not slip out of your hands during gameplay. The adjustable feature means you can position the stick in any way you want to play, as long as it does not interfere with your thumb or fingertips when you make the shots.

Although these items (in particular the adjustable joystick) increase the comfort of playing air hockey, they do not affect the quality of the game in any way. They are there to make you feel more at home and relaxed when playing, so you can focus more on your puck handling and not your discomfort when shooting.

Plastic Paddles

Plastic paddles are commonly used with children’s toys because they are more durable than wooden ones and they travel faster when tossed by a child. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor games where children are playing or adults are coaching them. You can also purchase paddles in the shape of animals or other decorations if you are feeling creative!

These plastic paddles ensure greater accuracy when thrown by the player. When they hit the surface they are slightly compressed, leaving a small dent in the plastic. This means they will not spin in the air like a golf ball, which would make it harder to score points. When a plastic paddle hits the surface, it will cause a slight wobble in the air, which gives you the perception that the puck is less accurate than it really is.

Nylon Paddles

Nylon paddles are another type of plastic ones, which are also very common in baseball. They are light-colored and thin like fishing line, and they travel quickly through the air. Therefore, they behave the same way as pellet ones in terms of leaving a small dent when hitting the surface. This, however, does not make them better or worse than usual plastic ones. Nylon paddles are perfect for use in outdoor games where air movement is a concern, as they do not attract much air when they hit the surface. This makes them ideal for use in rain or wet conditions. You can choose between transparent or translucent nylon, so you can determine how much light or shade there is when playing in the rain.

Rubber Paddles

Rubber paddles are sometimes called cushion paddles because they are designed with more cushioning than other varieties of plastic or metal ones. This makes them more comfortable for extended play sessions. You can also use them to prevent wrist strain when playing. Even though they are soft and slightly resilient, they do not bounce back after being shot at. Therefore, it is vital that you do not use them on hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt, as the impact will cause the ball to break apart. These rubber paddles are not meant to be thrown like a ball or hard-hitting weapon, but instead should be gently tapped or slapped on the surface to send the puck across the table.

Metal Paddles

Metal paddles are very strong and can withstand a great deal of impact when thrown by a powerful arm. This makes them ideal for use in fast-paced games or when playing on hard surfaces, such as concrete or asphalt. Even though they do not have the same flexibility of use as some other materials, they are still very common in air hockey due to their durability.

When a metal paddle hits the surface it will cause a bigger dent than usual, and it will also wobble a bit in the air, making it easier for the shooter to tell if they have hit the puck or not. This is because the metal provides a larger target for the hit than most other materials, as it will continue to vibrate upon impact. If you use metal for your air hockey table, make sure to invest in a good-quality one, as they are prone to damage due to friction against the surface or from sharp objects being stabbed at them during play.

Water Bottle

You cannot play air hockey in any way, shape, or form if there is any chance of the surface being wet. When using water bottles, you will need to pour some in a small bowl or plate on the surface before each game and make sure to clean it afterwards. The water in the bottle will cause the surface to become slipperier and it is vital that this does not happen. Keep the water bottle away from the area where the air turns into air and this is where you will place the puck during gameplay. When playing in wet conditions, it is easy for the puck to get stuck in places, so you will need to do your best to keep the water off the surface.

Mesh Bag

Mesh bags are simply storage containers designed for holding small objects, such as pucks or baseballs. These bags do not affect the quality of the game in any way, as they are not used for tossing or shooting the ball. They are there to keep your items organized and ready to use whenever you want them. This means you can always bring them to a game even if you are not playing, as you do not need to search for your hockey stick or baseball, as they will still be in the bag.

When a mesh bag is used for storing items, it creates several advantages. First of all, there are no sharp edges or rough surfaces for the items stored inside to slip off or damage themselves. Even though they are not meant to be rough, these items will become dull once they contact these surfaces. Second, these items are protected from extreme temperatures. When it gets hot outside, it is important to keep your equipment cool and comfy. You can use a bag for this purpose, as they are designed to keep things cool and dry. This makes them perfect for use in extreme temperatures, as well as during air hockey sessions where you are continuously moving about trying to keep the puck in the air.


When playing air hockey in any setting, you will need to consider the effect the clothing you are wearing has on the quality of the game. This includes whether you are using short sleeves or long ones, whether you are wearing a tank top or a sweater, and so on. If you play in a cold location, it is important that your clothes keep you warm, so you do not have to keep re-warming your hands after each shot. When it comes to choosing clothes for air hockey, it is important to look for ones that are soft and flexible, which allows you to move about easily when playing, as well as ones that offer breathability, as you do not want to feel confined by your clothing during gameplay.

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