What’S My Hockey Nickname? [Expert Guide!]

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What’s my hockey nickname? You might be asking yourself right now. After all, the NHL has a whole slew of celebrity hockey players whose nicknames are as famous as their on-ice skills. But to which team do you belong?

It all depends on where you want to play. If you have the opportunity to take part in a professional hockey league, you might be asked to choose a team in the beginning. But whatever your choice, however, you will be given a nickname, and it will stick for the duration of the hockey career.

Here are some of the most popular nicknames for hockey players.

Black Aces

There are several hockey teams that are simply known as “the Aces”, including the Montreal Aces and the Vancouver Aces, both of which are now defunct. The team was first established in 1926 and used to play in the National Hockey League. For many years, the team was nicknamed the “Black Aces” due to their dark color. While there is no documented evidence that the nickname was created with black players specifically in mind, it is certainly a fitting moniker for a team that featured some of the greatest hockey players of all time. The team was last active in 1935, but still retains a large and loyal following today. Current and former players are commonly known as “Aces”, and the nickname has made its way into everyday vernacular. There are currently no hockey teams that use the “Black Aces” nickname, but there are a handful of players who go by this moniker.

Bravest Warriors

The New York Islanders named their hockey team the “Bravest Warriors” in the 1970s in homage to the 1974 film starring Roy Scheider, which also became the basis for the television series of the same name. The team’s logo features a warrior in a hockey mask holding an ax in triumph. It is made up of Native Americans and Native Canadians, and the name and the team’s logo pay homage to the famous hunting and fishing tribe of the same names. The term “bravest” is often used in the athletic sense, and the team is commonly referred to as the “Warriors” or the “Bravest Warriors”. Although the team no longer exists, the “Bravest Warriors” nickname lives on in the form of an amateur hockey league that features current and former players. Several professional teams have also retained the nickname, including the Bridgeport Bluefish and the Hartford Wolf Pack. The New York Rangers, who share the same arena as the Islanders, have also adopted the “Bravest Warriors” nickname.

Burning Ice

The Detroit Red Wings adopted the “Burning Ice” nickname in the 1960s to pay homage to their brilliant play in the 1960s. The nickname was later made its way into everyday vernacular. Sometimes referred to as the “Golden Era” of Detroit Red Wings, the 1960s saw the team capture its first of two consecutive Stanley Cups. Although the team has not won the Stanley Cup since then, they are still considered one of the greatest sports franchises of all time. In their 60s, the Red Wings are still one of the most popular hockey teams, and they have a devoted following of fans who admire their play and appreciate their classy brand of hockey. To this day, the team is commonly referred to as the “Burning Ice”, and several players and coaches have continued to wear the iconic “C” from the 1960s, when the team was last active.


The Minnesota North Stars used to be the Chicago Blackhawks’ affiliate in the American Hockey League before the teams split in 1963. The team was originally called the “Minneapolis Millers” and adopted the “Candymaniacs” nickname in the 1930s to pay homage to the sweets and snacks that were sold at the time at the team’s arena. The nickname was meant to attract customers to the arena, and it certainly succeeded. The Millers and North Stars have since merged, and today the team is commonly referred to as the “Candymaniacs”. The nickname still sticks, and is commonly used to this day.


Nicknamed the “Candybars”, the Vancouver Canucks are another team that were originally the Chicago Blackhawks’ affiliate in the American Hockey League. The team was founded in 1926 and is currently one of the most popular teams in the NHL, having qualified for the playoffs in all but one season since rebranding in 1970. The team is owned by the NHL owners group, and its players are sometimes referred to as “Canuck Colleagues”. The nickname is a combination of “candy” and “bars”, and refers to the ballpark candy bars that were a standard part of the sport diet in those days. Several players on the team go by the nickname, including Trevor Linden and Henrik Sedin. In addition to hockey, the team also plays basketball and field hockey, and has a strong female following.

Dark Horse

Although the Nashville Predators were founded in 1993, they did not adopt their original name until 1998, when they were still known as the “Nashville IceGators”. The team’s name was chosen in reference to its location in Nashville, Tennessee, as well as the fact that the team was an underdog. In their inaugural season, they finished last in their division but exceeded all expectations, finishing third in the west. They have also qualified for the playoffs in all but one season since then, including making it to the Stanley Cup finals in 2000. The Preds’ popularity has increased rapidly, and they have become one of the most well-known teams in the NHL. Today, the nickname “Dark Horse” is used both as a reference to their playoff performances as well as the fact that they are a relatively unknown team prior to the start of the season. Several players on the team, including Kevin Fiala and Kyle Turris, have also gone by this nickname.


As the name would suggest, the St. Louis Blues have a serious case of frostbite, having never been to the playoffs. They were founded in 1926 and were named after the famous arctic explorer who rediscovered the area where the team now plays. The Blues are currently one of the most popular teams in the NHL, having qualified for the playoffs in all but two seasons since the start of the 2010s. The Blues have been among the elite of the NHL for many years now, and their success is largely due to their devoted fan base.

You may be familiar with another St. Louis team, the one that won the World Series in 1945, which was also founded in 1926. However, that was at a time when women were not allowed to play professional sports, which is why the other team’s nickname is so fitting. Besides, some of the greatest hockey players of all time played for this team, including Ted Lindsay and Ace Parker. The NHL has changed a lot in the last ninety years, and today’s players have to deal with less of the “hardship” that the great hockey players of the early to mid-twentieth century had to endure. Still, there is no denying that the climate in St. Louis is pretty harsh in the wintertime.


The Toronto Maple Leafs have a long and proud history, having been around since 1917, which makes them one of the NHL’s original teams. In the 1930s, the team was renamed the “Maple Leaf Blades” after a sponsor’s name change, but the nickname “Goonies” was first used when the team went on a road trip to New York City during the 1958–59 season. The nickname refers to how the players would often hide snacks and sweets in their underwear, which the New York press had a field day with. One year earlier, the team had gone to the finals, and the press was still buzzing about how the “Maple Leafs went to town” on New York City during that series. The nickname stuck, and is still used to this day, even though the Maple Leafs no longer use their undergarments as makeshift snack bags.

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