When Does Hockey Gear Go On Sale? [Expert Review!]

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Are you looking for the latest in hockey gear? Do you want to be the first one to get your hands on the hottest equipment? If so, you have come to the right place! In this article, we will discuss when does hockey gear go on sale, and how to be the first to get your hands on the latest and greatest equipment.

The Most Popular Items

Nowadays, hockey fans have a large choice of gear to choose from, and it seems like every sport and activity item has been customized for hockey players’ needs. This is great news for all hockey fans, because it means the choice is much larger than ever before!

Below, we will discuss the most popular items from the 2022 NHL Season. These are the items that NHL players and fans want most at this point in time. Keep reading for more information on the items mentioned below.

Full-body Protective Equipment

Full-body protective equipment (FBPE) is a category all by itself, as it helps protect almost the entire body whilst still allowing the player to feel the game. Its primary use is in-slugging, as it helps protect the wearer from being accidentally ran over by a car or any other vehicle. Due to limited in-game uses, this type of equipment is very popular among NHL players and fans. There is now also an option of in-game use, in the form of augmented reality shields.

There are several different types of FBPE, with each one having its perks and quirks. One of the most popular full-body protective equipment is the Bauer CCM Hockey Gear line. Its items are not only the standard Bauer helmet, but also the pants and the jacket. All of these are extremely popular amongst NHL players and fans because of their timeless looks. The only downside is that they are made of several different materials that can be heavy and stiff, which some players find bothersome.


The Bauer CCM Hockey Gear line also includes a helmet, which is extremely popular amongst the NHL players who wear it. The fact that this company has been around for more than 100 years means it has the trust of serious hockey players and fans. This helmet provides excellent protection whilst not blocking too much of the player’s view, meaning they can still see what’s happening on the ice. The shield used in conjunction with this helmet is also extremely popular due to its sleek design and its high degree of visibility.


Another essential piece of equipment for any hockey player (or fan) is the goggles. In addition to protecting the player’s eyes from extreme cold or heat, these sunglasses provide the wearer with excellent vision through a tinted layer of glass. The most popular brand for goggles is the Predator line, due to their exceptional design and their high-performance materials. Other well-known brands include Vuzix and Blade.


The final piece of the Bauer CCM Hockey Gear line is the jacket. Similar in style to the cap, this type of jacket provides excellent protection for the player whilst still allowing them to feel the wind on their cheeks as they rush towards the puck. If you are a fan of hockey, you most certainly own a jacket of this type, as its style has been around for more than a century and continues to be popular amongst athletes and fans alike.

Shin Guards

A relatively new addition to the list of popular hockey gear is the shin guard. These types of guards offer excellent protection for the lower legs whilst still allowing the player to feel the speed of the ice under their feet. They are made of lightweight and flexible materials, with some models having a textured inner surface that provides the player with better traction whilst skating. This piece of equipment is also used in conjunction with the knee pad to form a full-body guard.

Elbow Pads

Finally, we arrive at the part of the body that is most vulnerable whilst on the ice: the elbows. As the name would suggest, these types of pads are used to protect the elbows from getting injured as a result of heavy hitting or checking from behind. They are relatively new to the market, and thus their popularity remains untapped amongst hockey players and fans. As with any new technology, this type of equipment is not perfect, and may still need some time to grow in popularity.

One of the best elbow pads currently available is the CCM Hockey Equipment CO-VEGA line. It uses a 3D shape designed to fit the contours of the body and to provide excellent protection whilst allowing the player to fully enjoy their time on the rink. Other well-known brands include Victorinox, Branded, and Proteus.

Even though we have discussed mainly the gear that is most popular amongst NHL players and fans, the truth is that everyone can use some of these items, regardless of their favorite team. These items are not made for specific players or groups of people, but they can be used by anybody who wears a collar and wants to feel safe whilst playing or watching hockey.

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