When Does Hockey Olympics Start? [Expert Guide!]

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The start of the 2022 Olympics is imminent, giving you just enough time to mark your calendars.

But when is the 2022 Winter Olympics actually starting?

Well, you have two options if you want to know. One is to check the online calendars of the various sports’ governing bodies, like the IOC (International Olympic Committee), USA Hockey, or the NHL. The other is to check the official websites of the various sports events themselves, like the opening ceremony or the hockey games.

And while you’re at it, why not try and figure out when exactly the winter Olympics will start in 2022? We’ve gone ahead and combined all of this for you, so you can easily get the information you need (and maybe even a bit more).

The 2022 Winter Olympics Will Start On January 25th

At the moment, the answer to the question of when the 2022 Winter Olympics will start is January 25th. That’s four Sundays after this coming October 18th. You’ve probably got plenty on your plate already, so why not take a few hours out of your schedule to follow the links below and find the information you need.

USA Hockey Has Its Own Website

You may want to check out the USA Hockey website to get all of the information about the upcoming events. Of course, you can also check out the official websites of the various sports’ governing bodies, like the IOC or the NHL. But the USA Hockey website is the best resource for everything related to the 2022 Winter Olympics.

The Whole Story In Three Easy Steps

On their website, USA Hockey includes a whole section devoted to the upcoming Olympics, with all the information you could possibly need. And if that wasn’t enough, they’ve even provided a timeline, which will help you keep track of all the major events.

For those of you who want to follow hockey during the Olympics, USA Hockey has you covered. Their website includes the following:

  • A detailed schedule of the events, with information about the venues and the important dates
  • A history of the hockey competition, with details about past games and the resulting medal winners
  • An interview with a USA Hockey official, discussing everything from ticket sales and sponsorships to the evolution of the sport and how it fits into American culture
  • A recap of the latest news stories about the hockey tournament, including full write-ups about all the games and an analysis of the results

The 2022 Winter Olympics Will Start On February 8th

According to the official website of the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, the event will start on February 8th, and will last until February 25th.

The games will kick off on Friday, February 8th, with a ceremony that will include the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. The following day will start with the inaugural match of the tournament, with Japan taking on the People’s Republic of China.

Two days later, on Wednesday, February 12th, the Canadian national anthem will be performed at the opening ceremony, followed by the national anthems of all of the participating countries. On that same day, five more hockey games will be played, with the final game scheduled for that evening.

Checking The NHL’s Website

The National Hockey League’s (NHL’s) website is another good resource for finding the information you need. On the events page, you’ll find all the information you need about the upcoming hockey tournament, including the dates of the games, the rosters, and the like. You can also find the results of previous seasons, if you’re looking for historical data.

One thing to keep in mind is that the NHL’s website is primarily focused on the league itself. So, if you’re looking for information about the Olympics, you’ll have to go elsewhere, like the various sports’ governing bodies’ websites (like USA Hockey‘s) or the event websites themselves (like the Beijing 2022 website).

The 2022 Winter Olympics Will Be The First To Be Held In China

If you’re not familiar, China is a massive country, comparable in size to the United States. It is now officially the world’s second-largest economy, after the U.S. And, in 2022, it will host the first Winter Olympics ever.

The event is an incredible feat for a country that wasn’t even a nation ten years ago. It is quite an honor to be the first Olympic host nation in China.

The 2022 Winter Olympics will be the first to be held in China, with the country’s capital, Beijing, serving as the host city. It will also be the first Olympics to feature hockey as an official sport.

Beijing is an incredible city, surrounded by beautiful mountains, dense forest, and crystal clear lakes. And in just under two weeks, the world will flock to the capital to cheer on their favorite athletes as they compete in the 2022 Winter Olympics.

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