When Does Hockey Playoffs Start 2022? [Ultimate Guide!]

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The hockey season is finally upon us! After months of practice and games, the Stanley Cup playoffs begin on Thursday night with fans across North America eagerly anticipating the start of the postseason. The last few weeks of the regular season have been extremely eventful, with several notable injuries and controversial calls leading up to and during the final game of the regular season. With the season finally coming to an end, it’s a good time to take a trip back in history to examine the dates for the 2022 NHL playoffs.

When Does The 2022 Stanley Cup Playoffs Begin?

The first round of the 2022 playoffs will get underway on Thursday, April 25 with four teams competing for a chance to advance to the next round. The conference championships will take place on April 30, and the league finals will begin on May 3. If you’re reading this outside of North America, remember that the season starts very early in the year, so some of these dates might not work for you. (Click here for a list of dates for non-North American readers.)

What Time Do The Games Start?

Since the start of the regular season three weeks ago, we’ve already seen several exciting games with many tense moments. The most recent game was an unforgettable thriller that saw the Vegas Golden Knights outlast the Philadelphia Flyers 4-3 in overtime. The game went beyond regulation time and saw the two teams combine for 24 total goals. This was the culmination of a highly eventful April and a fantastic playoff run that no one saw coming. (You can read my full recap of the game here.)

While we’d all like to see more exciting games like that in the future, the real playoff action begins this week. The first round will kick off on Thursday with a few matchups that are sure to excite fans. (Remember: the season is still young, so there’s plenty of hockey left to play.)

How Many Rounds Are There In The Playoffs?

The playoffs continue for another 15 rounds before we reach the championship game, which is set for April 28. The winner of that game will be crowned the 2022 Stanley Cup champion. (We’ll have more information about the schedule for the finals as the date gets closer.)

The number of rounds in the playoffs varies from year to year, but they typically range from six to eight. (Four to six wins for your team and you’re out.) That means that the quarterfinals will be played over the next couple of weeks, the semifinals a little less, and then we’ll have the final few games of the regular season and the entire postseason. It’s going to be a very exciting time for hockey fans around the world. (And for everyone else, too.)

The next step in the offseason for the Vegas Golden Knights will be making a decision on their head coach for the rest of the year. David Poile was named the new general manager of the Philadelphia Flyers last week, so he won’t be handling the coaching duties for the team now that their season is over. (Poile, by the way, became the third-fastest GM to reach one million games coached at 584 games coached in his first season.)

On the other side of the ice, Connor McDavid is back to his usual routine as the star player for the Edmonton Oilers. After spending the better part of two months resting and focusing on his wellness, the four-time MVP is finally back in the gym and preparing for the upcoming season. (And you know what? He might just have more than a few good years left in him.)

While all of this is wonderful to follow, one of the things that makes hockey season so exciting is the ability to tune in and watch the games whenever you want. With several options for live TV coverage, on-demand games, and over-the-top streaming services, everyone, no matter where they are, can follow their favorite team whether they’re in another city or another country. The NHL has certainly kept up with the times and the technology, and it’s allowed fans to closely follow their beloved teams from anywhere, so long as they have an internet connection and a love for hockey.

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