When Does Hockey Preseason Start 2022? [Updated!]

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The next hockey season will be here before you know it, and today we are going to tell you when does the preseason start for the 2022-2023 NHL season? As expected, the preseason for the NHL starts earlier than usual. While other leagues and sports seasons typically begin in the fall, the NHL is fortunate enough to begin their preseason in the spring. This gives them the chance to evaluate their players and prepare for the upcoming season at the same time. It also means the regular season will start earlier for the NHL than for the other leagues, which typically start in the fall.

When Does Preseason Start For The 2022-2023 NHL Season?

The NHL’s preseason traditionally begins in the last week of March and ends on Easter Sunday. This is a move intended to help the players get into game shape and for the fans to get excited for the upcoming season. Now that the world is on the road to recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic, the NHL has decided to begin their preseason earlier than usual. Starting in the last week of March, instead of the usual last week of March and first week of April, the NHL will now officially begin their preseason on the date that was previously known as March 15th.

This decision was made to give the players more reps in practice and to get fans excited about the upcoming season. Plus, there is always the extra benefit of having the season start earlier, which means more hockey games to look forward to!

What Is The Preseason?

As the name suggests, the preseason is the time before the regular season to prepare for it. Teams will play in exhibition games to showcase their best work during practice, which will eventually translate into faster game speed and more goals during the season. The preseason usually consists of around 12 games for each team, with each team having four or five games on the road and the rest at home. In addition, the preseason allows teams to evaluate their players in a live setting, which gives them the opportunity to make any necessary adjustments to improve their game. Finally, the preseason allows fans to get excited for the upcoming season and provides them with more hockey to look forward to!

Why Does The Preseason Begin Earlier?

The previous season of the NHL was postponed because of the pandemic and the subsequent season was also affected. With the season officially beginning on March 24th this year and the preseason now beginning a week earlier than usual thanks to COVID-19, fans may get the chance to see their favorite teams in action a little earlier than expected.

The preseason has always started a week earlier than the regular season, but the pandemic made it necessary for the NHL to accelerate this process. Teams will play four or five exhibition games before the regular season begins, and those who are fortunate enough to make the playoffs will get an extra week off. With time now, the NHL is looking for creative ways to attract fans back to the ice and give them more hockey to look forward to!

One of the ways the NHL is trying to rekindle interest is by making the preseason more interesting. This year, fans can look forward to a shortened preseason, which means fewer games and fewer exhibition matches. While it is still early June, which means there is plenty of hockey left to play, the preseason will be over before we know it. Fortunately for fans of the NHL, their favorite teams will still be playing in the postseason, which means more hockey for them to look forward to!

When Does The Offseason Begin?

Once the preseason is over, the offseason for the NHL begins. This is the time when most teams will be sitting down with their general managers and coaches to plan for the next season. While in the past the offseason was a time for teams to rest and prepare for the next season, today it is all about planning and analyzing what went right and what went wrong during the previous season. Fans can look forward to a lot of change, as most teams will have new head coaches and general managers and a whole new team of players. The offseason is a great time for teams to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and make necessary adjustments to improve their game.

How Is The Offseason Different?

The offseason for the NHL is relatively short this year, as there are only 17 days between the end of the regular season and the start of the new campaign. In the past, the offseason was much longer and often went into the summer, which meant fans had fewer games to look forward to. While the NFL and other sports leagues will still be going during the summer, the NHL will have wrapped up their games by the beginning of June and will have only a few more contests before the start of their summer break. For the most part, the offseason for the NHL is a time for teams to plan for the next season and get ready to make plenty of changes. Those who play in the NHL during the offseason will have to get used to the idea of playing fewer games and may have to take a pay cut. While fans may be sad to see their favorite teams playing less, it is a blessing in disguise for players who want to prove themselves and earn more money.

What Is The Future Of The NHL Season?

While we may not know the exact date for sure, it is pretty safe to assume that the 2022-2023 NHL season will be started on time and that there will be no more delays. There is still a lot of uncertainty with the world, but one thing we do know for sure is that hockey will be back! It would not be the first time the world has turned to hockey in times of crisis and it will not be the last. In fact, it may well be the middle one.

As a former player and a fan of the sport, I am quite excited about the prospect of getting back to our favorite game. While it is true that the world may be a different place when the next season begins, it does not mean we have to be. There is still plenty of hockey to be played and fans can look forward to plenty more exciting games. The world will be looking for a comeback and there is no team more qualified to give it to them than the Toronto Maple Leafs.

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