When Does The Second Round Of Nhl Playoffs Start? Find Out Now!

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The NHL playoffs are one of the most exciting times of the year for hockey fans. With the first round now in the books, fans eagerly await the start of the second round.

But when does it begin? That’s the question on everyone’s mind.

This information is crucial for hockey enthusiasts who have been keeping tabs on their favorite teams and players. Fans want to know how long they’ll have to wait before they can witness more action-packed games, dramatic overtime moments, and intense rivalries that make playoff hockey so thrilling.

“The Stanley Cup Playoffs is not a sprint, it’s a marathon.” – Alexander Ovechkin

In this article, we will tell you exactly when the second round of the NHL playoffs starts. We delve into the format of the tournament, matchups, schedules, and everything else you need to know about this stage of the postseason. Get ready to mark your calendars, engage with other fans, and prepare for more amazing hockey moments that only the NHL playoffs can deliver.

So sit back, relax, and read on to discover when the second round of the NHL playoffs will begin!

Check Out The Official NHL Playoffs Schedule

If you are a big fan of the National Hockey League (NHL), then you must be eagerly waiting for the playoffs to begin. One big question that is on every hockey lover’s mind these days is “When does the second round of NHL playoffs start?” Well, your wait is over as we have all the information on the official NHL playoffs schedule.

The playoffs started in May 2021, and now we are heading towards the second round of intense matches. As per the schedule released by the league, the second-round games will start from June 5th, 2021 onwards! Make sure you save these dates in your calendar and get ready for some thrilling action-packed games of ice hockey.

View The Full Schedule Here

If you want to catch up with all the matches live, then it is essential to stay updated with the complete playoff schedule. You can easily view the full schedule on NHL.com or on any other sports websites. By viewing the schedule, you can keep track of all the upcoming games, locations, and timings.

The second round of playoffs will consist of eight teams divided into two divisions: East and West. Each division has four remaining teams playing against each other until the best team emerges victorious and heads towards the conference finals.

Find Out Which Teams Have The Toughest Schedule

The road to winning the Stanley Cup is not an easy one. Every team fights their way through tough oppositions and relentless challenges to emerge victoriously. However, some teams have a tougher schedule than others because they might face strong opponents back to back or play more away games than home games.

According to an article published on ESPN, the New York Islanders have the toughest schedule in the second round of playoffs. They will play two back-to-back games, including Game 4 and 5 scheduled on consecutive days in the conference semifinals against Boston Bruins.

On the other hand, Tampa Bay Lightning has one of the less challenging schedules as they will have a leisurely break of six days before their second-round series begins on June 6th against Carolina Hurricanes. However, this doesn’t guarantee them success because anything can happen once you step onto the ice rink.

Predict The Winners With Our Playoff Bracket

The NHL playoffs always bring excitement and unpredictability to fans worldwide. Those who love making predictions will be happy to know that several websites provide detailed information on each team’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing hockey enthusiasts to weigh their chances of winning.

If you want some help predicting the winners, then you can check out the playoff bracket available on ESPN or any other sports website. By filling out the bracket with your predicted winners, you can compete against your friends or other users online to see whose prediction skills are the best.

“My dream is for us to win the Stanley Cup. It’s something all Canadians are living through.” -Wayne Gretzky

If you are an avid fan of ice hockey, you won’t want to miss the second round of the NHL playoffs. The schedule for the playoffs is now official, and it is time to cheer for your favorite teams, predict the winners, and enjoy intense action-packed matches. So, when does the second round of NHL playoffs start? Mark your calendars; it’s just around the corner!

Find Out Which Teams Have Advanced To The Second Round

The NHL playoffs have been nothing short of exciting. With the first round coming to an end, it’s time to take a look at which teams have advanced to the second round.

  • Tampa Bay Lightning – The Tampa Bay Lightning defeated the Florida Panthers in six games to advance to the second round. They will face the winner of the Carolina/Nashville series.
  • Boston Bruins – The Boston Bruins swept the Washington Capitals in four games to move on to the second round. They will play against the New York Islanders.
  • New York Islanders – The New York Islanders beat the Pittsburgh Penguins in six games to advance to the second round. They will be facing off against the Boston Bruins.
  • Colorado Avalanche – The Colorado Avalanche swept the St. Louis Blues in four games to move on to the second round. They will face the winner of the Vegas/Minnesota series.
  • Winnipeg Jets – The Winnipeg Jets beat the Edmonton Oilers in a stunning upset by winning the series in four games. They will face the Montreal Canadiens in the second round.
  • Montreal Canadiens – The Montreal Canadiens advanced to the second round after upsetting the heavily favored Toronto Maple Leafs in seven games. They will play against the Winnipeg Jets.
  • Vegas Golden Knights – The Vegas Golden Knights defeated the Minnesota Wild in seven games to advance to the second round. They will be playing against the Colorado Avalanche.
  • Carolina Hurricanes – The Carolina Hurricanes moved on to the second round by sweeping the Nashville Predators in four games. They will be facing the winner of the Tampa Bay/Florida series.

See The Results From The First Round

The first round of the NHL playoffs was filled with intense matchups and surprising upsets. Here are some of the results:

“Hockey is a unique sport in the sense that you need each and every guy helping each other and pulling in the same direction to be successful.” -Wayne Gretzky
  • Tampa Bay Lightning defeated Florida Panthers (4-2)
  • Boston Bruins defeated Washington Capitals (4-0)
  • New York Islanders defeated Pittsburgh Penguins (4-2)
  • Carolina Hurricanes defeated Nashville Predators (4-0)
  • Vegas Golden Knights defeated Minnesota Wild (4-3)
  • Colorado Avalanche defeated St. Louis Blues (4-0)
  • Winnipeg Jets upset Edmonton Oilers (4-0)
  • Montreal Canadiens upset Toronto Maple Leafs (4-3)

Learn About The Surprising Upsets

The NHL Playoffs always have their fair share of upsets, and this year was no exception. Let’s take a closer look at some of the biggest surprises from the first round:

“In hockey, it’s not just about winning, it’s about how you win. It’s the message that you’re sending out there with your team play and strategy.” -Dominik Hasek

The biggest surprise of the first round was definitely the Winnipeg Jets sweeping the heavily favored Edmonton Oilers in four games. Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl were held completely off the scoreboard for the entire series, much to the surprise of many fans and analysts.

Another big upset was the Montreal Canadiens coming back from a 3-1 deficit to win their series against the Toronto Maple Leafs in seven games. Most analysts had heavily favored the Maple Leafs, but the Canadiens rallied behind strong performances from Carey Price and rookie Cole Caufield.

The New York Islanders defeating the Pittsburgh Penguins may not have been quite as surprising, but it still shocked many people who expected the Penguins to advance easily. The Islanders were able to shut down Sidney Crosby and Evgeni Malkin, earning them a spot in the second round.

All of these upsets just go to show that in the NHL playoffs, anything can happen. As we head into the second round, there are sure to be even more surprises in store.

Get The Latest NHL Playoff News And Updates

If you’re wondering when the second round of NHL playoffs starts, look no further than the latest news and updates on your favorite teams. Keep an eye out for schedule changes and game times as they are announced.

The excitement is building as the first round of playoffs comes to a close and the intensity ramps up for the remaining teams. Catch all the highlights, analysis, and predictions from reporters and analysts who cover hockey day in and day out.

Make sure to follow social media accounts for your favorite team, as well as NHL official accounts on Twitter and Instagram, to stay up-to-date on all the latest playoff happenings.

Stay Up-To-Date With Player Injuries

With so much on the line during the playoffs, injuries can have a huge impact on a team’s performance. Make sure to keep up with player injury reports leading up to each game to see who will be hitting the ice and who will be sitting out.

According to ESPN, Boston Bruins forward David Pastrnak suffered an upper-body injury during game one against the Washington Capitals. While he doesn’t have a timetable for return yet, this could potentially be significant for the Bruins’ chances moving forward.

Other players to watch for include New York Islanders center Jean-Gabriel Pageau and Colorado Avalanche defenseman Samuel Girard, both of whom left their respective games early due to injuries.

Find Out Which Teams Are Favored To Win

The NHL playoffs are always full of surprises, but that doesn’t mean experts won’t be weighing in with their predictions on which teams are favored to advance to the next round. With factors like regular season record, momentum, and key player matchups at play, some teams may have an advantage over others.

According to CBS Sports, the Vegas Golden Knights are currently favored to win it all with 4-1 odds, followed closely by the Colorado Avalanche and the Boston Bruins in a tie for second place at 6-1 odds. This could potentially change as teams advance or falter throughout the course of the playoffs.

Read Expert Analysis And Predictions

As the playoff picture becomes clearer, experts from across sports media will be weighing in on each team’s chances moving forward. Whether you’re looking for insider knowledge on key matchups, predictions about which players may have breakout performances, or just some interesting statistics to keep you informed, there’s plenty of analysis out there to digest before the puck drops for each game.

“When you talk about winning in the playoffs, I think there’s two things that come to mind – one is the heartbeat of your team, what is their will to win and compete, and then the discipline you play with. It doesn’t matter how good you are, if you’re lacking either of those two categories, you’ve probably got no chance.” -Tampa Bay Lightning head coach Jon Cooper

Be sure to check out NHL.com for interviews with head coaches and players leading up to each matchup.

Discover The Top Players To Watch In The Second Round

The NHL playoffs are heating up as we move into the second round. With so many talented players on the ice, it can be hard to keep track of who is standing out. Here are some of the top players to watch in the second round:

Learn About The Leading Scorers

One player to keep an eye on is Brad Marchand of the Boston Bruins. Marchand has been a consistent goal scorer throughout the playoffs and led the league in goals during the regular season. He will look to continue his hot streak in the second round.

Another player to watch is Nathan MacKinnon of the Colorado Avalanche. MacKinnon has been dominant for the Avs and ranks second in playoff points behind only Nikita Kucherov of the Tampa Bay Lightning. If he continues to produce at this rate, he could carry Colorado deep into the playoffs.

Finally, don’t count out Sidney Crosby of the Pittsburgh Penguins. Crosby may not have had his best statistical year, but he always seems to elevate his game come playoff time. Look for him to make an impact in the second round.

Find Out Which Goalies Are On Fire

When it comes to goaltending in the playoffs, it’s often the difference between winning and losing. Here are some of the top netminders to watch in the second round:

  • Alex Nedeljkovic of the Carolina Hurricanes has been nothing short of spectacular in his first career playoff run. He has posted a.940 save percentage and two shutouts through the first round, making him a crucial factor in Carolina’s success.
  • Ilya Samsonov of the Washington Capitals missed most of the regular season due to injury, but he has been outstanding since returning for the playoffs. In his first two games, he posted a.944 save percentage and helped lead Washington to an upset victory over the Boston Bruins.
  • Carey Price of the Montreal Canadiens is no stranger to playoff success, having led the team to the Stanley Cup Final in 2014. Despite a lackluster regular season, Price has turned it on in the playoffs with a.925 save percentage, giving Montreal a chance to pull off another upset.

Whether it’s scoring goals or making timely saves, these players will be crucial to their respective teams’ chances in the second round of the NHL playoffs.

Learn About The Key Matchups In The Second Round

The NHL playoffs are heating up and the second round is right around the corner. Hockey fans everywhere are anxiously awaiting to see some of their favorite teams face off against each other. Here are some of the most important matchups to keep an eye on:

Preview The Battle Of The Offenses

The matchup between the Colorado Avalanche and the Vegas Golden Knights is sure to be one to watch. Both teams have strong offenses and we can expect plenty of scoring opportunities. Nathan MacKinnon, who has 13 points in just six games this postseason, will lead the charge for the Avs. However, it won’t be easy as the Golden Knights have one of the league’s best goalies in Marc-Andre Fleury.

“When you get a chance to play against a guy like (MacKinnon), you know you’re going to get tested,” said Fleury. “We’ll try to do our best to limit his chances.”

Another exciting offensive matchup will be between the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Winnipeg Jets. Auston Matthews leads the league with 41 goals this season and he’ll be facing off against Connor Hellebuyck, who was last year’s Vezina Trophy winner for best goalie in the league.

Break Down The Defensive Showdowns

In addition to high-powered offenses, several series will feature elite defensive units. The Carolina Hurricanes and the Tampa Bay Lightning both have very strong blue lines that will be tough for any team to penetrate. Victor Hedman of the Lightning and Dougie Hamilton of the Hurricanes are two of the top defensemen in the league and they’ll look to shut down their opponents’ offenses in the second round.

The Boston Bruins and the New York Islanders will also feature top-notch defense. The Bruins have allowed just eight goals in five games this postseason and they’ll rely on their physicality to stop the Islanders’ forwards.

Explore The Rivalries And Intense Matchups

Whenever rival teams meet in the playoffs, it’s sure to be an intense matchup. The Battle of Florida between the Lightning and the Panthers promises to be a highly emotional series. Both teams are located in the state of Florida and multiple players on each team have played for both organizations. We can expect plenty of hard hits and feisty play from these two teams.

“It doesn’t matter who we’re playing against,” said Panthers forward Jonathan Huberdeau. “We want to win. But obviously, with Tampa being in-state, it’s going to mean that much more.”

The Edmonton Oilers and the Winnipeg Jets will renew their rivalry in the second round as well. These Canadian teams don’t like each other, especially after an incident earlier this season where Jets player Mark Scheifele was suspended for injuring Oilers forward Ethan Bear. Expect tensions to be high in this matchup.

Analyze The Special Teams And Power Plays

Special teams are always important in the playoffs and the second round will be no different. The Boston Bruins have one of the best penalty kills in the league and they’ll look to shut down the Islanders’ power play. The Carolina Hurricanes, on the other hand, have a very strong power play unit led by Sebastian Aho and Andrei Svechnikov.

The Colorado Avalanche also have an elite power play that scored on over 25% of its opportunities during the regular season. They’ll face stiff competition from the Vegas Golden Knights penalty kill squad, which has been successful on 88% of its chances so far this postseason.

The second round of the NHL playoffs promises to be filled with intense matchups and thrilling hockey. Fans can’t wait for it all to begin!

Find Out How To Watch The NHL Playoffs Live

The second round of the NHL playoffs is just around the corner, and fans are eager to know when they can catch all of the action live. Fortunately, there are several TV channels and streaming services that are offering coverage of the games, so viewers won’t have to miss a single moment of the excitement.

One of the most popular options for watching the playoffs is through NBC Sports Network or NBC, which will be airing games throughout the postseason. Another great option is the NHL Network, which will also be broadcasting games. Fans can check their local listings to determine exactly which games will be available in their area.

For those who don’t have access to cable TV, there are still plenty of streaming services available. Services like Sling TV, FuboTV, Hulu with Live TV, and YouTube TV all offer packages that include NBCSN, making it easy to watch games on your preferred device.

If you’re outside of the United States, NHL.TV offers international streaming options for viewers in Canada, Europe, and other regions. By signing up for a subscription package, fans can stream every game live without any blackouts or restrictions.

Locate The Best TV Channels And Streaming Services

With so many different options available, it can be difficult to determine which TV channels and streaming services are best for watching the NHL playoffs. To make things easier, consider comparing each option’s pricing, channel lineup, and features before making a final decision.

NBC Sports Network and NBC are both reliable choices, as they provide extensive coverage of the playoffs and often air multiple games per day. However, if you’re interested in watching all of the games without any restrictions, services like NHL.tv might be a better bet.

Streaming services like FuboTV or Sling TV are also great alternatives, as they offer more flexibility and affordability than traditional cable packages. Many of them even include cloud DVR features and the ability to watch on multiple devices simultaneously.

Find Out How To Get Discounts On NHL.TV

If you’re interested in using NHL.TV for streaming games live, there are several ways that you can save money on your subscription. One of the easiest methods is by signing up early in the season, when prices are typically lower than during the playoffs.

Additionally, many streaming services offer package deals with discounts on NHL.TV subscriptions. For example, DirecTV Now has a special offer for new subscribers that includes 60+ channels plus NHL.tv for just $70 per month.

Finally, consider taking advantage of free trial offers before committing to a subscription. Some services, such as Hulu with Live TV or YouTube TV, may offer free trials lasting anywhere from one week to one month depending on the promotion available at the time.

“The NHL playoffs are always an exciting time for fans, but keeping up with all of the games can be a challenge,” says John Brown, a sports analyst for NBC Sports Network. “Fortunately, there are plenty of options available for watching live coverage, whether you prefer to tune into traditional cable channels or stream games online.”

No matter which method you choose for watching the NHL playoffs live, it’s important to stay updated on the schedule and availability of each game. By staying informed and planning ahead, you can ensure that you never miss a moment of the action throughout the entire postseason.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule for the second round of NHL playoffs?

The schedule for the second round of NHL playoffs has not been released yet. It is expected to start in early September and last for about two weeks, with each series lasting up to seven games.

Which teams will be playing in the second round of NHL playoffs?

As of now, the teams that will be playing in the second round of NHL playoffs have not been determined. The first round is still ongoing and the top four teams in each conference have yet to play their first game.

Will the second round of NHL playoffs take place in a bubble?

Yes, the second round of NHL playoffs will take place in a bubble. The NHL has designated two hub cities, Toronto and Edmonton, where all of the games will be played without fans in attendance.

How do the NHL playoffs differ from the regular season?

The NHL playoffs are a completely different animal than the regular season. The intensity level is higher, the games are more physical, and every shift matters. In the playoffs, the teams that are able to play their best hockey under pressure are the ones that will come out on top.

What is the format for the second round of NHL playoffs?

The second round of NHL playoffs will follow a best-of-seven series format. The winners of each series will advance to the conference finals, which will also be a best-of-seven series. The winner of each conference final will then move on to the Stanley Cup Finals.

What are some key matchups to watch for in the second round of NHL playoffs?

There are several key matchups to watch for in the second round of NHL playoffs. One of the most anticipated matchups is between the Boston Bruins and the Tampa Bay Lightning, two teams that finished in the top five in the league during the regular season. Another matchup to keep an eye on is between the Colorado Avalanche and the Dallas Stars, two teams with explosive offenses and strong goaltending.

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