When Hockey Invented? [Ultimate Guide!]

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If you thought the invention of the wheel was important, just wait till you hear about the invention of hockey!

Named after the sport itself, the ice-hockey wheel was first manufactured in London in 1895. Back then, the sport wasn’t as popular as it is now and the price of an ice-hockey wheel was equivalent to the cost of a bus fare. These days, you’ll probably pay at least ten times that amount for a single set of wheels.

It’s fair to say that without the invention of the wheel, hockey wouldn’t exist. It was originally played on horseback until they transitioned to using ice- hockey wheels. These days, you’ll still see people play on horseback, but it’s mostly for amusement purposes.

Key Inventions Invented For Hockey

There are a number of inventions that made their way into hockey that didn’t exist prior to its creation. One of the most important was the padding around the hockey puck. As mentioned above, back in the day, ice-hockey wheels were so expensive that it wasn’t uncommon for players to hit themselves in the head with them during games. To protect against getting hurt too much, hockey pads were invented at this time.

Another important invention was the shoulder pad. The pads protect the player’s shoulders from getting banged up during collisions and acts as a windbreaker in cold weather. Finally, hand protection was also invented because before that point, players would often cover their hands in gloves to prevent injuries to easily breakable bones in their fingers while blocking shots or taking hits to the head.

Quick History Of Hockey

Hockey was first played in Scotland in the 1860s and was named after the town of Hackton, where the first hockey club was formed. The sport would eventually spread to North America and Europe, and by the twentieth century, hockey had gained such popularity that it became an international sport. In 2011, the World Hockey Championships were held in Switzerland, drawing attention to the fact that hockey has now become a truly global sport.

The Sport Of Kings And Queens

While most people associate hockey with school and youth sports, the truth is that it is still very popular among adults. Indeed, in many countries, including the United States, Canada, and Japan, there are organized hockey leagues for people of all ages. In Germany, for example, the Nadeshiko Hockey Team is made up of entirely female players and was originally founded in the 1800s. They still play today and have been ranked as the third best women’s hockey team in the world.

Hockey Is A Lifesaver

The invention of the hockey stick made the sport easier to play and more accessible for beginners. Before then, players had to master the tricky art of throwing their hockey puck. Now, everyone can simply pick up a hockey stick and join in.

Hockey allows for more fluid movement and gives players more freedom of action. Of course, this didn’t come without a price. The constant moving and contorting of one’s body while playing hockey can certainly cause injuries. In 2012, researchers from the University of British Columbia published a paper that correlated playing time with increased chances of injury. They found that players who participated in a sport ten hours or more per week had a 60% greater risk of injury than those who participated in sports for four to nine hours per week. However, the study also noted that the number of injuries decreased as the level of play increased, meaning that the more skilled the player, the less likely he is to get hurt while playing.

Key Takeaways

It’s clear that without the invention of the wheel, hockey wouldn’t exist as we know it today. It was originally played on horseback until they transitioned to using ice-hockey wheels. These days, you’ll still see people play on horseback, but it’s mostly for amusement purposes. Still, the importance of the wheel in hockey should not be understated. Without the wheel, it is doubtful that hockey would have become such a popular sport. It was first played in Europe in the 1800s and then eventually made its way to North America. From there, it would go on to become an international sport. Many people don’t know that the shoulder pad, the hand guard, or the windbreaker were all invented for hockey.

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