When Is Hockey On Tv? [Fact Checked!]

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Hockey has had a pretty good year so far this year. With the World Cup just finished, and the Summer Olympic games set to begin later this month, more and more people are finding out about the sport.

But what are they watching? Is it just the big games that get featured a lot on television? On this front, we’ve got some good and bad news. The good news is that, overall, the majority of hockey games do get shown on TV. The bad news is that not all of them do. In fact, some games are hidden from public view.

How Do Hockey Seasons Work?

Hockey seasons work a little differently than other sports. While other leagues and tournaments are in season, the National Hockey League is in recess. That is, the games stop when there’s no regular season in progress, and resume again in the spring. This is to accommodate the schedules of the teams’ players, who want to be at their best for the upcoming season.

As a result, many people ask, “When is hockey on TV?” Well, the answer is mostly during the regular season. But since the NHL doesn’t have a set schedule, this can vary from week to week. So let’s take a look at when hockey actually is on TV, shall we?

When Is Hockey On Tv In The Spring?

While the spring is generally considered to be the off-season of hockey, this isn’t entirely true. The NHL does have a set schedule in the spring, so it is technically in season. But since the games follow the regular season schedule, which ends in the winter, it’s not really considered to be the off-season. There’s still a lot of hockey to be seen in the spring.

So if you ask, “When is hockey on TV?”, the answer, for the most part, is this: during the regular season.

Now, there are a number of quirks that make it difficult to pinpoint exact moments when games will air. But we’ve got you covered on that front as well. Let’s take a look.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

There are three main types of games that you will see when checking the TV listings for hockey:

  • Regular Season Games
  • Play-Off Games
  • Won Tournament Games

Regular season games are what we would consider to be normal hockey games. These are the kinds of games you will see every week, usually at the same time, regardless of what channel you choose. They are the bread and butter of the NHL.

Play-off games are what you would typically see at the end of the regular season. These are the games that determine who meets in the postseason. For instance, the Eastern Conference playoffs are started by the regular season’s eighth and final game. So if your regular season ended on a Thursday, you would see the 8 p.m. Eastern Conference playoff game on Sunday night.

Won tournament games are the games that determine the fate of the Stanley Cup. The final games of the Stanley Cup playoffs, as well as the championship round of the World Cup of Hockey are all won tournament games.

The Best Time To Visit A Hockey Arena

Since hockey seasons work a little differently than other sports, it’s not always easy to pinpoint the best time to visit a hockey arena. But there are a few general rules to follow.

Generally, the best time to visit a hockey arena is during the offseason. While the teams are in the process of rebuilding, there’s less competition for tickets and more empty seats. So if you can find a ticket for a reasonably priced game during the offseason, you’re in for a treat.

Another good time to visit a hockey arena is during the preseason. As the name suggests, the preseason is when the teams are getting ready for the upcoming season. There’s a lot of on-ice activity, as the players work hard to improve their game. If you’re a hockey fan, this is one of the best times to be at a game, as the atmosphere is generally electric.

Another good time to visit a hockey arena is near the end of the season. Not only are the games less frequent, but there’s also something cathartic about seeing a game at the end of a long season. You may feel like you get to watch a game that was particularly exciting or meaningful, even if it wasn’t your team that won the cup. In the end, it’s all about team effort, and the players, fans, and coaches congratulate each other at the final whistle.

Hockey On TV In Other Countries

While the majority of hockey is played in North America, with Canada and the United States as the biggest markets, the game has also become popular internationally. Several smaller countries have developed professional hockey leagues, and many of the world’s top hockey stars grew up playing in front of small crowds, dreaming of one day turning professional.

With all of this in mind, it’s not hard to understand why fans around the world have taken an interest in the sport. And it’s certainly not hard to understand why the NHL has been able to successfully internationalize the game, drawing thousands, even millions of fans from places like Japan, Sweden, and the Czech Republic.

Final Takeaway

If you ask, “When is hockey on TV?”, the answer, for the most part, is this: during the regular season. But if you want to find the best times to visit a hockey arena, follow the above guidelines. And if you’ve never been to a game, don’t forget to check out this article, where we go over everything you’ll need to know.

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