When Is Hockey Regular Season? [Updated!]

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When is hockey regular season? It’s a question we get asked all the time. In fact, the NHL typically asks fans to submit their question on Twitter using the hashtag #askthehockeymafia during the season. We’ll do our best to answer, but let’s be honest, it’s difficult to know for sure.

Hockey Is Always Winter

The answer is pretty simple: hockey is always winter. Sure, it might be warm in the middle of the day during the summer months, but at night it usually drops below freezing. There’s just something about the Canadian winter that makes the game so much more appealing. You have the snow, the frost, and the dark evenings that draw people to the sport.

Additionally, many of the leagues that play on hard surfaces (like the NHL and the WHL) require that at least one of the team’s games take place in a different climate than the other games. So you’re constantly changing climates while you’re in transit, which means you’re always better off with snow tires and ski boots rather than summertime tires and flip-flats. It’s just too easy to mess up on a slick surface in the summer.

The Stanley Cup Playoffs

Another important factor to consider regarding hockey seasons is the postseason. The NHL has extended the season beyond the point where most other major sports leagues would’ve called it quits, so that teams have the best chance of making it to the playoffs. Typically, the NHL playoffs last two or three weeks and are composed of four rounds of competition, with each round being a best-of-seven series. So you could have seven or more games in a single week during the postseason. It’s difficult to even think about doing anything else at that point in the season.

The good news for hockey fans is that the postseason starts later than it used to. Back in the day, the last series would’ve been played in early April, and then we’d have to wait until summer to see which teams would be competing for the Stanley Cup. Nowadays, the postseason starts in mid- to late October and goes all the way through to the end of the year.

It’s All About The Money

Even though the season is long, it doesn’t mean that the NHL is just going through the motions. There’s actually a lot of strategy that goes into putting together a successful hockey team. For example, the salary cap was implemented so that teams couldn’t just buy their way to the top. Instead, they had to earn their way there with smart scouting, development, and trading. It’s all about money in the NHL, and it’s definitely not a “friendship” league.

The Winter Olympics

One last thing regarding hockey seasons is the Winter Olympics. The games aren’t directly tied to the regular season, but they do give us an idea of how the season is going. For example, the NHL decides to take a year off for the Winter Olympics, so chances are, it’s going to be a pretty crappy year for hockey. The same goes for the other major sports leagues.

It’s important to keep in mind that the Olympics are just that: they’re olympic. They don’t necessarily indicate how the rest of the season will go. For instance, if the NHL decides to take a year off for the Winter Olympics and things go well, it could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Or it could be the beginning of the end for the league.

The Regular Season Is Over

It’s pretty clear that we’ve covered a lot of ground regarding when is hockey regular season. It’s time to bring this article to a close by reminding fans that the regular season is over and it’s time for playoff hockey. The good news is that the postseason starts soon, which means we’ll have hockey once again.

It’s always wonderful when the seasons change and the weather becomes more temperate. The last thing any of us wants is to be stuck inside during the winter, so you can imagine our delight in August when the first baseball game is played. It’s also wonderful when the seasons change and the skaters are able to lace up the ice shoes once more. It’s too bad that we have to wait until spring to see which team will be representing Canada at the Olympics.

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