When Is Hockey Season Over 2021? [Facts!]

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The winter season in sports usually means fewer games and less action, which can leave you with room for more unproductive activities.

However, being a hockey fan means you can never have enough games and you’ll be constantly checking the schedule to see what’s on so you can go to the rink.

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic and the subsequent N.H.L. and N.A.L. shutdowns, the hockey season is once again underway and you can find games to attend throughout the year.

Season Overview

Hockey had one of the longest seasons ever this year with only 69 games being played due to the pandemic. However, the shortened season still had its highlights, which you can read about in this article.

The Best Games

It’s no secret that the 2021 Stanley Cup playoffs were one of the best in recent history with many historic storylines and incredible games. Although the season is now over, you can still find highlights online.

The N.H.L. playoffs had some of the best-quality games you’ll ever see. The New York Islanders shocked the hockey world by defeating the Toronto Maple Leafs in seven games to win their first Stanley Cup in 41 years. The Winnipeg Jets also made history by becoming the first Canadian team to advance to the Western Conference Finals. Additionally, Anaheim Ducks forward Ryan Getzlaf became the first-ever player to score goals in each of his seven games during the playoffs.

The Disappointment Of The Season

Despite the incredible excitement surrounding the playoffs, there was another big story that dominated the headlines this season and its aftermath: the Arizona Coyotes’ ownership saga. From the team’s move to Winnipeg during the season to their ownership situation in the off-season, this story had everything to do with hockey.

The year began with many optimistic fans, assuming the team would have returned to its natural habitat in Arizona by now. However, it was soon revealed that the team had actually relocated to Winnipeg for the 2020 season. Furthermore, the Winnipeg Jets were granted ownership of the Coyotes when the Ontario government revoked its previous approval of the sale.

The 2020-21 Season

Thanks to the work stoppage that wiped out the first half of the season, we didn’t have the pleasure of experiencing a full 82-game season. Nevertheless, the N.H.L. shortened the season in an attempt to keep the game going and give the N.A.L. and the international players more time to recover. As a result, the season was filled with many one-off and two-game series.

What Will The Seasonality Of Hockey Be Like In 2021?

The 2021 season will likely be remembered as one of the more exciting seasons in recent memory. Not only will there be an abundance of games, but they’ll be extremely memorable for the right reasons. Thanks to the pandemic and subsequent shutdowns, the season will begin in the fall and continue through to the spring, just like most other years. However, there will be some differences:

No More Home Games In The Winter

Thanks to safety concerns, the N.H.L. and the N.A.L. decided to play the majority of their home games away from their traditional ice rinks. Furthermore, the N.H.L. even played a few of their home games in a dome, which was a first in the league’s history. This forced an end to some of the regular season’s most exciting games, as well as the possibility of going to the rink in the winter.

While it was a massive story in the hockey world that the season was moved to the fall, it actually turned out to be one of the better decisions. Playing in the fall and winter is far more dangerous than in the summer, especially with the rapidly changing climate and increasing temperatures. There are many other risks involved and the decision was made with safety in mind. The solution to this problem is to have more cross-country and international games so that teams can play during the season’s off-months and not have to wait until the next season to play.

More Skateboarding And Snowboarding

Whether you like it or not, the summer months are becoming steadily more popular as a form of recreation. Along with surfing and kayaking, many people are taking up skateboarding and snowboarding. Although it might not seem like it during the off-season, these sports are quite popular in the summer and the adrenaline rush from riding on a board is becoming a mainstream activity.

This is certainly good for the riders and the equipment manufacturers, but it’s bringing with it some challenges for the leagues. During the off-season, there are rarely any official leagues or tournaments for these sports, which means that it’s not always easy to find a team or an opponent. Even when you do, it might not be easy to get a game scheduled due to the busy season for the other leagues.

More Indoor Soccer

One of the more interesting stories of the offseason had nothing to do with hockey but rather with indoor soccer, where the 2019-20 season was cancelled due to the pandemic.

Thanks to the work stoppage, many professional and semi-professional teams were able to play during the month of August and the fans got to enjoy some high-quality soccer. During that time, many countries were able to go through a complete league season and the game continues to grow in popularity every year.

While outdoor soccer will always be played in the summer, it’s great to see indoor soccer continue to grow during the winter.

What Does This Mean For The Future Of Hockey?

With the next season already underway, and the summer months just around the corner, we’re likely to see many exciting developments in the world of hockey. As mentioned above, there will be more games this year than ever before and with some innovative scheduling and exciting storylines, the sport will continue to grow.

However, with new risks comes new challenges. While playing in the summer is definitely appealing, the climate is changing and getting more extreme each year. Another potential issue is the growing interest in these other sports during the summer months. As a result, it could become more difficult to get a game scheduled if the interest is great enough. The leagues might have to adjust their calendarguards so that it’s not always possible to play in the winter.

In any case, one thing is for sure: the future of hockey looks incredibly exciting and we’re happy to be a part of it.

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