When Is Hockey? [Updated!]

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It’s tempting to think of hockey as one constant season, but that’s far from true. While the game itself doesn’t truly go through complete cycles, the lifestyle does, and this can make determining when hockey is played more difficult. Since it’s impossible to tell exactly when the next game is going to be played, it can be hard to figure out what to schedule your hockey activities around.

Hockey Before Christmas

The Christmas season is one of the most prominent times for hockey fans. Teams tend to play a lot of games during the Christmas break, either to build up some momentum for the post-season or just to help their morale. The last game before the Christmas holidays is traditionally known as ‘Hockey Night in Canada’, which this year will be on Dec 14.

Hockey fans also have the Winter Classic, which this year will be played on Dec 20 at Heinz Field in Pittsburgh. This is one of the most prestigious games of the year, played between the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers. Sadly, it will be the last Winter Classic for a while, as the league has decided to go fully back to regular-season schedules in 2022. However, the Winter Classic has established itself as one of the most iconic events in all of hockey, playing an important part in the game’s development as we know it today.

Since the winter holidays are a challenging time for sport lovers due to the cold weather, it’s not surprising that many leagues have shifted the majority of their games to the summer months. The AHL (American Hockey League) has adopted a ‘summer hockey’ policy, where most games will be played in the afternoon so that the players can enjoy the heat. While the NHL (National Hockey League) has continued to play their traditional games in the morning to give the grounds crews a chance to work through the blizzard, a number of teams have started to opt out of the morning game in an effort to cut down on costs. Instead, they’ll play in the afternoon or evening so that their fans can come out and support them.

Many recreational teams have also started to field a second team so that they can play in the summer months. This can also be a way for owners to enjoy some friendly competition, while also giving them a reason to get out on the ice. It’s been known for some time that there’s a large amount of untapped potential in developing youth hockey, both in terms of players and fans. Organizing a summer hockey program can help to spread the awareness of the sport and establish it as a year round activity for fans and families.

Hockey During The Summer

The summer months are a great time for hockey fans. With the majority of the sport’s teams having gone through a complete roster makeover, there’s a wide array of games to look forward to. The Stanley Cup Finals are usually the highlight of the summer months, as fans can look forward to seeing their favorite team represent Chicago in a fight for the silver cup. The fight for the cup is one of the most important events in all of hockey, and fans can get fully absorbed in the drama and excitement of it all.

Hockey also gains a significant amount of interest during the summer, as fans can look forward to a new NHL team, the Tampa Bay Lightning, making their debut in the upcoming season. With the league expanding to 28 teams in an effort to increase competition and excitement, many fans are already looking forward to seeing what the Lighting have in store.

When Is Hockey?

While there’s no strict rule that says when hockey is played, it’s a safe assumption to make that it will be predominantly in the winter. After all, that’s when the vast majority of the ice makes its way onto the rink. The exact dates for the next few games have already been set, and fans can start planning their hockey schedules accordingly.

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