When Is Next World Cup Of Hockey? [Fact Checked!]

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The 2022 World Cup of Hockey will be the tenth instalment of the biennial hockey tournament, a competition that has grown in both stature and popularity since its inception in 2012. Much like the Summer Olympics, the winter World Cup is often hailed as one of the signature sporting events of the year, with fans eagerly anticipating the start of the tournament in September.

While some may see the World Cup as glorified football, there is far more to it than meets the eye. The tournament is undoubtedly a showcase for the best national hockey teams in the world, pitting strong, physically dominant players against each other in an epic series of contests. It also provides a platform for the NHL hand-picked teams of the season to truly test their mettle. Finally, the World Cup is a chance for players to shine on the world stage and earn valuable experience, which in turn could lead to professional contracts.

But when is the next World Cup of Hockey? Was it confirmed for next year already? Will it be played in North America? And what is the possibility of it being cancelled?

To answer these questions, let’s consult multiple reliable and authentic sources.

When Is The 2022 World Cup Of Hockey?

Like the 2022 Toronto Olympics, the 10th edition of the World Cup of Hockey will kick-off in Canada. Hosting the event will be the four Canadian NHL teams, the Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Vancouver Canucks and Winnipeg Jets. The tournament will be played in Toronto, Hamilton, Montreal and Vancouver.

The city of Toronto has been the epicentre of the hockey universe for decades. Home to some of the biggest, most famous and most successful teams in the world, it would not be a stretch to say that the Toronto Maple Leafs are responsible for many of the exciting moments that make up the history of the sport. The team has won the Stanley Cup on seven occasions, most recently in 1967. Their eight total wins are the most by any team in the history of the World Cup.

The team was also at the centre of a major controversy in 2018 when coach Mike Babcock accepted an offer to coach the Detroit Red Wings. While the fans in Toronto initially welcomed the hire, many in the city’s hockey community were less than satisfied with how it all went down. Many were upset that the team did not give proper notice before publicly announcing the hiring of an outsider. In hindsight, the team may have done better by keeping Babcock in charge of training camp and the exhibition games until the end of the season.

When Is The 2021 World Cup Of Hockey?

Barry Trotz, the bench boss of the Ottawa Senators for the last 10 seasons and the mastermind behind the team’s superb track record of making the playoffs every year, has been named the next head coach of the Washington Capitals. The team made the announcement of Trotz’s hiring on Friday, June 6, 2021.

Amongst other teams, Trotz has coached the Nashville Predators, New York Islanders, Dallas Stars and Washington Capitals, amassing a record of 564–468–27 with these squads.

While the Capitals make the most sense given Trotz’s past experience, it is the Edmonton Oilers, coached by Jon Cooper, who hold the all-time record for the most appearances (14) in the World Cup of Hockey. Since its inception in 2012, the Oilers have been to the tournament every year and compiled an incredible record of 12–2–1, scoring 29 goals and allowing just seven in 14 games. As a result, Cooper is one of the most sought-after coaches in the world.

The 2022 World Cup Of Hockey

The NHL’s expansion franchise in Las Vegas will assume the name Golden Knights and play their home games in a renovated arena named The Mastercard Centre. For the first time, the team’s mascot will be a rabbit named Rink Rat, in homage to the founder of the NHL, whose name was Richard (Rickey) Henderson. Henderson, the owner of a chain of meatpacking plants in the United States, purchased the then-fledgling NHL for $2 million in 1926 and renamed it after himself.

The Golden Knights begin their inaugural season on October 4, and will be among the first to benefit from the new arena’s incredible sightlines. The team’s owner, the billionaire Bill Foley, expects the arena – which seats up to 15,000 – to become a mecca for superstitious hockey fans. To celebrate the franchise’s historic inaugural season, Foley has promised to give away 1,000 free tickets to the public.

And The Next One?

The previous two editions of the World Cup of Hockey were held in Russia. But it was the last one, in Stockholm, that saw the tournament move away from its traditional host country. The tournament was originally scheduled to take place in a Ukraine town called Kharkiv, but the country saw a coup d’état just a week before the start of the tournament. The legitimacy of the government then became highly questionable, as pro-Russian forces held considerable territory in the country and were engaged in a war against the Ukrainian army. In the face of this uncertainty, the organizers moved the tournament to Stockholm.

Sweden’s capital is widely regarded as the Mecca of Swedish hockey and the city has been associated with the sport for nearly a century. The city holds the keys to the success of the upcoming edition of the World Cup of Hockey, as it was here that the concept of the tournament was first put forward by the international organizing committee in 2012. The team with the most points at the end of the tournament wins.

The final day of the 2016 edition of the World Cup of Hockey was held on September 27 and 28 at the O2 Arena in Stockholm. The final went to a shootout after both sides were tied 3–3 in regulation time. Canadian captain Sidney Crosby, then of the Pittsburgh Penguins, found the back of the net three times in the shootout, helping his team to a 5–4 victory.

The following year, the tournament returned to the O2 Arena for the first time since 2010. However, the competition was held in the Ukraine, not Sweden, as the country had recovered from the political unrest of the previous year. The host was the KHL’s St. Petersburg team, playing in the Russian capital for the first time in their history. More than 20,000 fans came to the arena to watch the action, with the teams enjoying a close contest throughout the duration of the tournament.


Sadly, the road to the next World Cup of Hockey will not be smooth for the Canadian NHL teams. Not only have they been marred by the COVID-19 pandemic, which swept through North America in the second part of this year, but the competition was also severely impacted by the NHL’s own financial struggles. In the wake of the pandemic, the NHL cancelled its entire 2020–21 season, including the entire World Cup of Hockey schedule. The league did, however, restore the season in April 2021, with only 17 of the usual 30 teams playing games. The Winnipeg Jets were the only ones to play in front of a full house that season, with their average of 812 fans per game ranking them fourth in the NHL.

Even with the season restored, the economic ramifications of the pandemic remain. The NHL had to cancel the remainder of its 2021–22 season, as well, due to the lack of an athletic pitch, prohibiting teams from practicing and playing at the same time. The league hoped that a full training camp would allow them to resume play in the fall, but that has yet to be the case. With the 2022 World Cup of Hockey just around the corner, the NHL has a lot riding on this year’s edition.

Should The Next World Cup Of Hockey Be Cancelled?

On April 24, 2021, the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) held a conference call with the members of the general public. Amongst other things, the organizers discussed the state of the COVID-19 pandemic and, as a result, decided to postpone the 2022 World Cup of Hockey. While the organizers did not state the reason for this decision, the IIHF President René Fasel did hint that the World Cup may not take place as planned.

“With more than a year gone by since the last World Cup, we are at a point where we can look back at the impact that this extraordinary event had on our sport,” Fasel said. “I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the hockey fans, the players, the front office staffs and the ice rink owners who selflessly put the needs of the community first and enabled the game of hockey to shine once more. It is only right that we make changes to ensure that the game that we all love remains healthy and will serve as a source of inspiration for people around the world.”

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