Where Can I Buy Air Hockey Pucks? [Fact Checked!]

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Air hockey is one of the most popular pastimes for families and friends to play together while enjoying some relaxation in the summertime. What was once a luxury enjoyed by the wealthy, is now available to the average person thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic that saw air hockey tables manufactured in China disappear from stores and restaurants across the world. Fortunately, thanks to social distancing measures implemented worldwide, teams of two are able to play and enjoy some fun together while following the rules.

For those looking to buy air hockey equipment such as air hockey pucks, there are a number of options available with many popular brands getting in on the action. Whether you’re looking for a machine to play on or just want to invest in some equipment to get the party started, this article will help you choose the best option for your needs.

Adjustable Rotation Mechanism (ARM) Controller

This is the perfect choice if you need a controller that is adjustable and can accommodate several table sizes. Having an ARM controller allows for quick and easy adjustment of the speed and direction of the puck by simply turning a dial or using buttons on the device. In addition to this, many of these controllers come with a built-in speaker system so that players can easily follow the action even while watching TV together.

Bluetooth Remote Control

This is ideal for situations where you want to play without having to be next to the machine. As the name would suggest, a Bluetooth remote control allows for easy connection and control of your device, in this case an air hockey table, from a smartphone. In addition to this, paired Bluetooth devices can interact with one another which means players on one table can hit the puck with their smartphones and the machine will register the strike automatically without the need to touch pad or button to start or stop the action.

Traditional Knob And Dial

If you’re looking for something different and would like to avoid the use of buttons altogether, you can opt for a traditional dial and knob control mechanism. These are common on most older models of air hockey tables and require you to pull the knob to change the speed of the game. While there are still traditional air hockey makers out there, most manufacturers have moved to using ARM controllers and Bluetooth technology to keep up with the times.

Which One Should I Buy?

Ultimately, it depends on what features are most important to you. If you need a controller that is easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of calibration to play, go for an ARM controller or Bluetooth remote control. Traditional dial and knob controls can still be found, but knowing how to adjust the speed of an air hockey game using only these controls may be difficult for some people.

For those looking for an older-style controller that is more reliable and has a solid feel to it, a knob and dial control might be the best option. When buying equipment used for children, make sure to check out the warranty as many of these items are not manufactured to the same high standards as most other adult products.

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