Where Can I Watch Youngblood Hockey Movie? [Expert Guide!]

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As we count down to the release of the new Youngblood hockey movie, we take a look at the various options for viewers to catch the premiere.

TV Channels

The premiere of the Youngblood hockey movie will be shown on the Fox network, with the show’s stars, Joel Kinnaman and Gary Cole, hosting. Fox has affiliate agreements with most major TV networks, so most of the U.S. will be able to tune in to the premiere. Exact times for the broadcast of the premiere have not been determined, but it is expected that it will be shown at some point between now and January 2021.

On Demand

If you’d like to watch the Youngblood hockey movie the day it is released, you can do so on demand from various platforms including Hulu and Amazon Video. The two platforms also offer a free trial so you can try out their services without restrictions.


Fans who want to purchase the Youngblood hockey movie in DVD format can do so from various retailers online, including Amazon.com. The movie will be available to purchase on January 13th, 2021.

Internet Movie Database

In case you didn’t hear, the Youngblood hockey movie is now available to pre-order on DVD. As with most films these days, there is also a digital copy available to purchase via VUDU. Additionally, the movie is listed on IMDb which provides additional details about the film, including its plot and starring actors. Pre-ordering a copy of Youngblood from IMDb is a great way to get some early viewing. As with most films on this list, the IMDb listing is also available to read online for free.


Fans can also rent the Youngblood hockey movie from Blockbuster using the DVD or Blu-Ray as collateral. Depending on your Blockbuster account and the location of the rental store, you may have the option to watch the film the day it is released or on demand. More details about Blockbuster’s offerings can be found here.


Lastly, fans can also obtain a copy of the Youngblood hockey movie from Redbox, which is a popular movie rental and streaming service owned by Walmart. Just like Blockbuster and other similar services, Redbox offers both DVD and Blu-Ray versions of the film. As with other places, you can also watch the movie on demand from Redbox.


In case you were wondering, here are the various platforms you can use to view the new Youngblood hockey movie. As you can see, there are a variety of ways to watch the movie and its premiere and will likely be several that you are aware of. If you have any other preferred options or know of any others that I neglected to list, please feel free to comment below! As always, thanks for reading and watching!

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