Where Does Arizona State Play Hockey? Discover the Home of the Sun Devils

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Arizona State University (ASU) boasts a highly competitive ice hockey team known as the Sun Devils. If you’re wondering where you can watch them play, then wonder no more! This article will take you on a virtual tour of their home rink.

The ASU men’s hockey team plays at Oceanside Ice Arena, a public arena located in Tempe, Arizona. The facility opened its doors in 1974 and underwent renovations in 2015 to create an optimal environment for NCAA Division I level competitions. It has two regulation-size sheets of ice – one indoors and another outdoors – which are used for recreational skating and youth programs, making it a hub for all things related to ice sports in the region.

“We’ve got a great facilities staff that works tireless hours creating such an incredible atmosphere here. ” – Greg Powers

The arena features seats with unobstructed views allowing spectators to enjoy an immersive experience while rooting for their favorite teams. Along with easy access to free parking and affordable ticket prices, fans attending games at Oceanside Ice Arena also have close proximity to bars and restaurants downtown urban areas providing more excitement before or after games.

If you want to witness the electrifying Sun Devil performances firsthand and be part of the vibrant college hockey culture that exists around Phoenix metro area-look no further than Oceanside Ice Arena!

Arizona State’s Hockey Program

As one of the newest hockey programs in Division I, Arizona State has quickly made a name for itself on the ice. Since its inception in 2015, the Sun Devils have been making strides to become a competitive program.

However, one question that may come up is: where does Arizona State play hockey?

The team plays their home games at Oceanside Ice Arena located in Tempe, Arizona.

Oceanside Ice Arena is a 1, 000-seat facility with two full-sized sheets of ice. The main rink serves as the official home arena for ASU’s men’s and women’s teams. It has hosted numerous tournaments and events over the years, including regional competitions during NCAA postseason play.

In addition to using Oceanside Ice Arena as their practice and game facility, they also train at another nearby location – AZ Ice Arcadia. This state-of-the-art training complex opened its doors to players from all backgrounds seeking year-round development opportunities within an elite environment by providing coaching expertise and bench-to-bench connections throughout the sport locally & Internationally.

All things considered; despite not having a massive venue size like some other schools but still adhere to creating great amenities around available facilities.

Find out about the history and development of Arizona State’s hockey program

The Arizona State Sun Devils ice hockey team is a National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) Division I college ice hockey program that represents Arizona State University. The program was founded in 2015 when they became the first NCAA institution to add varsity men’s ice hockey in the desert.

Prior to becoming an official NCAA Division I hockey team, ASU played at Oceanside Ice Arena, a small venue in Tempe, Arizona. However, after gaining Division I status, the university invested $32 million dollars into their brand new facility: Oceanside Ice Arena Renovations and Expansion project which increased seating capacity from 480 fans to over 1, 000 spectators!

During their inaugural season in 2015-16, they had rostered approximately twenty players including Jordan Masters who competed for Finland during his junior career. They have since expanded the roster size and increasingly attracted more skilled recruits each passing year.

“The addition of Varsity Men’s Hockey will expose even more potential students outside our region to all that makes us such a great choice for higher education – globally competitive academic programs; accessible world-renowned faculty; unmatched local internship opportunities. ” -ASU President Michael Crow

In conclusion, thanks to unwavering determination on behalf of Men’s Club Hockey coaches Greg Powers and Pat Murdock, future ASU student athletes can follow their dreams whilst also not having to leave behind their love of the game whilst pursuing elite higher level academics that ASU offers!

Oceanside Ice Arena

Oceanside Ice Arena is the official home of the Arizona State University Sun Devils men’s ice hockey team. Located in Tempe, Arizona, it is a full-service skating facility that provides programs for both recreational and competitive skaters.

The arena features an NHL-sized rink with seating capacity for up to 800 spectators. It has hosted numerous national and international figure skating events and serves as an important community center for ice sports enthusiasts.

Arizona State University moved its varsity program from Division I club status to NCAA Division I status in 2015, becoming one of only two NCAA universities located in the Southwest region that sponsor men’s ice hockey along with Air Force Academy. The move was designed to enable ASU to compete at a higher level while building relationships across other disciplines within college athletics.

“Owning our own on-campus facility will transform not just our hockey team but also adding much-needed ice time opportunities for every youth through local adult skater throughout Tempe, ” said ASU athletic director Ray Anderson when announcing the new partnership between Oceanside Ice Arena and the university.

Since then, ASU has built a strong reputation as a respected competitor in NCAA DI Hockey tournaments. The Sun Devils have made appearances in several national tournaments since their transition into divisional play where they continue to represent not only themselves but also their state well.

Learn about the Sun Devils’ home rink and its location in Tempe, Arizona

The Arizona State University ice hockey team plays their home games at Oceanside Ice Arena. The arena is located in Tempe, Arizona, which is known for being a college town with warm weather.

Oceanside Ice Arena was built in 1974 and renovated in 2015 to accommodate the Sun Devils as they transitioned from a club team to Division I NCAA status. The arena has a seating capacity of 748 people and features NHL sized ice dimensions (85 ft x 200 ft).

“Oceanside provides an excellent atmosphere that allows ASU to showcase our explosive offense, physicality and fast-paced style of play, ” said head coach Greg Powers. “

In addition to serving as the home arena for the ASU men’s ice hockey program, Oceanside also hosts public skate sessions, amateur hockey leagues, figure skating programs, private parties and corporate events throughout the year.

Overall, Oceanside Ice Arena serves as a hub for ice-related activities in the Phoenix metropolitan area. With its prime location in Tempe and solid infrastructure to support various levels of competition by providing valuable resources like locker room space, pro-shop services and more – it’s no wonder why Oceanside has become one of the top facilities for hockey players and enthusiasts alike.

Importance of Oceanside Ice Arena

The Arizona State Sun Devils hockey team plays their home games at the Oceanside Ice Arena. This facility is located in Tempe, Arizona and has a seating capacity of 758. The arena was built in 1974 and has since become an integral part of the local community.

The Oceanside Ice Arena serves as more than just a venue for hockey games. It offers public skating sessions, figure skating lessons, youth hockey programs, and even hosts birthday parties. The ice rink also provides an opportunity for fans to get up close and personal with the players before or after games.

“The atmosphere at Oceanside Ice Arena is unmatched, ” says sophomore forward Johnny Walker. “Our fans are always loud and proud. “

The facility’s location near ASU’s Tempe campus provides students with easy access to watch their fellow students compete on the ice. Additionally, the university’s decision to add a Division I men’s hockey program in 2015 has helped boost interest in the sport among both students and locals.

Oceanside Ice Arena may not be as grandiose as some other college arenas across the country, but its quaint charm adds to its appeal. The small size allows for a unique viewing experience that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

In conclusion, the importance of Oceanside Ice Arena extends beyond serving as simply a place where Arizona State plays hockey. Its impact can be seen through its contributions to youth development programs, accessibility to college students, and fostering love for the game amongst locals.

Discover why Oceanside Ice Arena is a crucial part of Arizona State’s hockey program

Arizona State University has established itself as one of the top universities in the United States, but did you know that it also has a strong ice hockey program? Starting as a club team and transitioning to an NCAA Division I powerhouse, this university provides its student-athletes with world-class facilities such as the Oceanside Ice Arena.

The arena serves not only as home ice for ASU men’s and women’s varsity teams but also hosts games for local youth organizations, amateur leagues, and figure skaters. Located conveniently nearby the Tempe campus, it offers students both work-study opportunities and entertainment benefits.

Oceanside features two sheets of ice and accommodates up to 900 spectators. The complex includes locker rooms, equipment rooms, meeting spaces, training facilities, wellness centers, skate shops, concessions stands and all other amenities required by professional athletes. As largest indoor rinks on any college campus in North America according to Sun Devil Athletics’ website.

The impact Oceanside Ice Arena has on Arizona State Hockey can’t be understated. It truly is our home away from home; our sanctuary where we spend countless hours/days working towards becoming better hockey players – Anonymous player for ASU Hockey Team

The addition of Arizona state-of-art weight room connecting directly added another level of comfortability. , sustainability. Also unique idea playing out field once Coyotes fans gave potential new season ticket holders chance experience Elevation outdoor game at ASU’s former football stadium (Sun Devil Stadium).

Overall without Oceanside and rest various athletic sites around campus, ASU lack necessary resources push into nation’s top programs

Explore the amenities and features of the arena that make it a great place to watch hockey

The Arizona State Hockey team plays its home games at Oceanside Ice Arena in Tempe, Arizona. The venue may be small compared to other college hockey arenas, but there are plenty of features and amenities that make it an excellent spot for watching hockey.

One of the unique factors about Oceanside Ice Arena is the intimate atmosphere provided by the fans since only a limited number can attend because of its size. Fans have easy access to concessions and restrooms, which means less time waiting in lines during intermissions. Additionally, parking is ample and effortless so you won’t have any trouble finding somewhere close enough!

The ice surface itself is top-notch quality due to frequent maintenance; not surprising given how serious Arizonians take their sports! Spectators also enjoy fantastic views from all positions within the stadium thanks to open seating with no obstructions or blind spots anywhere inside the rink.

“I’ve attended games across many regions where college hockey teams call home, both big and small venues alike. But nothing beats experiencing Oceanside Ice Arena; there’s something special about being part of such an exclusive experience. “

ASU’s Future Arena

Where does Arizona State play hockey? The answer to that question is soon going to change, as ASU plans on building a state-of-the-art arena for their Division I program.

The new arena will be located in Tempe and will feature 5, 000 seats with the ability to expand up to 8, 000. The facility will also include luxury suites, club seating, and all of the amenities necessary for players and fans alike.

“Our goal has always been to provide our student-athletes with the best possible resources to compete at the highest level, ” said Director of Athletics Ray Anderson.

In addition, this new arena will not only benefit the men’s and women’s ice hockey programs but also serve as a venue for other sporting events and concerts. This multipurpose space aims to elevate Arizona State University both athletically and culturally.

The project cost is estimated to be around $115 million dollars and made possible through private donations as well as partnerships with businesses in the region. Construction is set to begin next year, with completion expected by late 2024 or early 2025.

This future arena represents more than just an upgrade from where does Arizona State play hockey; it marks a significant milestone in the growth of ASU athletics. With this modern facility comes higher expectations and opportunities for student-athletes and supporters alike.

Find out about Arizona State’s plans to build a new arena for its hockey program

Arizona State University (ASU) is set to create a state-of-the-art facility that will house its ice hockey team. The project has been labeled as an essential addition to the athletic department, and it marks one of the first expansions in recent years for ASU athletics.

The planned 5, 000-seat venue will replace where the team currently plays: Oceanside Ice Arena in Tempe, Arizona. It offers an area with limited seating options and amenities that have long been out of date with college-level competition requirements.

“This sports complex’s infrastructure will be matched by few”, shared Ray Anderson – Vice President of Athletics at ASU.

The construction budget allocated for building this stadium is around $160 million. However, university officials expressed confidence that massive investments would not only modernize but further promote their extended athletic programs while enduring quality service delivery across all initiated schedules competitions, training sessions, and more satisfied participants than ever before come. ” said Phil DiStefano – Senior VP ASU Development & Alumni Engagement Services’ planning committee chairman.

Faculty sees this construction plan as both a nod towards future potential athletes who could soon fill up collegiate rosters from various playing fields worldwide – turning scholarship emboldened dreams into reality! Leading significantly enhanced student development values through healthy lifestyle habits.

In conclusion, the new arena promises endless possibilities; no wonder there are high hopes for such an exciting stage yet to unfold on our campus!

Learn about the features and amenities that will be included in the new arena

The Arizona State University Sun Devils ice hockey team currently plays their home games at Oceanside Ice Arena located in Tempe, Arizona. However, plans are underway for a new state-of-the-art facility to serve as their permanent home.

The new arena is expected to seat 5, 000 fans and will feature modern amenities such as luxury suites, club seating areas, and premium concessions. Additionally, the building’s design will prioritize sustainability by incorporating solar panels and energy-efficient systems.

One of the unique aspects of this arena is its versatility. In addition to hosting ice hockey games for the Sun Devils program, it can easily be converted into a venue for concerts, conferences or other large events. The organization behind the build has made sure that every detail of the arena has been carefully considered.

“We want this arena to not only benefit our team and university but also serve as a source of pride for our community, ” Says ASU Athletic Director Ray Anderson on his views towards sustainability when it comes to sports. “Our goal is more than just creating a space to play hockey; we want this venue to bring people together. “

This project marks an exciting chapter for Arizona State University Hockey; with a dedicated space intended specifically around optimal viewing experiences and year-round attraction possibilities both within suburbia and beyond!

Sun Devil Stadium

While Sun Devil Stadium is primarily known as the home of Arizona State University’s football team, it has also served as a temporary location for ASU’s hockey team.

However, currently the ASU hockey team plays their home games at Oceanside Ice Arena in Tempe, Arizona. The arena offers seating for 850 fans and was renovated to accommodate NCAA Division I Hockey standards.

As the popularity of ASU ice hockey continues to grow, there are plans in place to build a new 5, 000-seat arena on campus specifically for the sport. Construction may begin as early as 2022-23 season with completion expected by fall of 2023.

“The new facility will be one of the top collegiate ice arenas in America, ” said Athletic Director Ray Anderson. “It will have extensive amenities and features that reflect our commitment to excellence across all sports. “

The future looks bright for Arizona State’s hockey program, promising dedicated facilities that cater to player development and fan experience alike. As for now though, passionate students and community members can catch their beloved Sun Devils competing at Oceanside Ice Arena against highly competitive national teams such as Boston College or the University of Michigan.

Discover how Sun Devil Stadium has been used as a temporary home for Arizona State’s hockey program

Arizona State University (ASU) is known for its highly successful football program, but not many people know that the university is also home to a competitive men’s ice hockey team. The ASU Sun Devils Hockey team was established in 2015 and joined NCAA Division I in the same year.

The team plays at Oceanside Ice Arena in Tempe, Arizona, which opened in 1974 with one rink. However, during major renovation work on Oceanside Ice Arena from May-October 2021, Sun Devil Stadium stepped up and served as their new temporary home venue.

Sun Devil Stadium converted six of its roughly 100 concession stands into locations serving beer & food for games hosted by Arizona State’s Club Sports Hockey teams – who typically play across town at Oceanside Ice Arena.

“We are excited about being able to provide our community partners like ASU the opportunity to utilize our facilities, ” said Barry Wangman, Arizona Cardinals VP of Janitorial Operations – whose organization operates both stadiums differently seasons. “

Despite these unexpected changes affecting where does Arizona State plays hockey, it didn’t stop them winning consecutive National Championships! In conclusion: through shared agreements between departments within universities; state funding availability based upon priority projects such as infrastructure modifications/renovations near venues used regularly by sports programs; other forms of grant award initiatives sponsored locally or nationally may have provided assistance covering costs associated with using alternative sites while existing ones were unavailable.

Learn about the unique challenges that come with playing hockey in a football stadium

Arizona State University’s ice hockey team, Sun Devils Hockey, plays its home games at Oceanside Ice Arena located in Tempe. However, on occasion, they have played a few outdoor games in Arizona and specifically in Tempe.

In early 2016, ASU hosted Michigan Tech for an outdoor game held inside of Arizona State’s school-football stadium called ‘Sun Devil Stadium. ‘ Playing an ice-hockey match outdoors is exciting but also fraught with new challenges that teams don’t face when playing indoors.

The weather was unpredictable during the event as it could be -30 degrees Celsius outside or the sun would abruptly block someone’s view due to glare from ice rinks during certain parts of the year. Another issue is how spectators who usually watch indoor matches adjust to watching outdoor sportsmanship because there isn’t always adequate seating available around permits. Additionally, commercial businesses may desire space over their advertisements sold out already!

“Playing outside in front of fans elements underlines what we’re all about, ” said Ryan Coghlan-Hibbs former Manager Media Relations at Arizona State Athletics. “When you have a bunch of people gathered and cheering regardless if you play semi-professionally (or professionally) makes this entire experience immersive. “
Overall, though playing either sport comes with particular risks; both follow stringent policies created by specific governing bodies. Most team-sport players learn over time what safety measures should be taken while participating professionally so that everyone within them can succeed!

Off-Campus Venues

Arizona State ice hockey program, also known as the Sun Devils, has been making waves in recent years. Fans of college hockey are constantly wondering where Arizona State plays its home games. To answer that question, let’s take a look at some off-campus venues.

The Oceanside Ice Arena located in Tempe, Arizona, serves as a practice site for the school’s varsity and club teams. While it is not used frequently for matches, the arena still provides an option to play against other universities or amateur teams outside of the university bubble.

The conversation regarding new stadium construction began once ASU announced its affiliation with Division I athletics back in 2014; however, they have yet to break ground on their facility. Instead of going through the process alone, they reached out to local Coyotes owner Alex Meruelo who agreed to partner and build a state-of-the-art facility available just minutes from main campus at Loop 202 freeway and McClintock Drive.

“We’re thrilled about this partnership, ” said Ray Anderson Vice President for University Athletics & Athletic Director. “I think what you’ll hear when we get into more detail and microns and specifics relative to design concepts – this state-of-the-art multi-purpose venue will be without rival across NCAA Hockey. “

This brand-new arena called the ‘Phoenix Suns’ treatment plant officially opened last year during March Madness season.

In conclusion, while ASU may not currently have an on-campus venue perfect for hosting National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) events like men’s hockey championships tournaments or duals, other options suffice allowing fans locally watch high-quality team performance showcasing why Sun Devil hockey has become one of America’s most anticipated squads.

Explore other venues in the Phoenix area where Arizona State has played hockey games

The Sun Devil Ice Hockey team of Arizona State University plays all their home games at Oceanside Ice Arena located in Tempe, Arizona. However, they have also played some important games and tournaments at other venues throughout the Phoenix metropolitan area.

In 2016, ASU introduced NCAA Division I men’s ice hockey program for the first time and held an outdoor exhibition game against Boston University at Prescott Valley Event Center. This off-campus stadium can fit around 5, 100 people and was well-suited to host this special occasion.

Another big event that took place outside of on-campus facilities is Desert Hockey Classic. ASU participated in its inaugural edition hosted by Gila River Arena – a multi-purpose venue situated in Glendale. It features a seating capacity of over 17, 000 seats – making it highly suitable as one of many excellent alternatives for hosting college ice-hockey competitions.

The third most noteworthy location where the Sun Devils’ concluded key matches is in Scottsdale Sports Complex’s ice arena; County-run comparable amenities like Chandler Polar Ice offer additional regional options as locations to play or watch live collegiate-level winter sports events.

“Although Oceanside remains our main facility, ” said Jeremy Walls, Senior Assistant Athletic Director entering his second season overseeing Sun Devil Hockey project. “We are always looking into visiting different arenas with unique environments. “

No matter the location though, being able to follow each game on any given battleground will undoubtedly be thrilling for every devoted fan who wants to know exactly “where does Arizona state play hockey?” And with new competitors arising comes perhaps even more exciting news for lovers of amateur level top-tiered matchups and taking regular trips to stunning venues from city-to-city across America.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the name of Arizona State’s hockey arena?

The name of Arizona State’s hockey arena is Oceanside Ice Arena.

How many seats does the Arizona State hockey arena have?

The Arizona State hockey arena has a total of 850 seats for fans to enjoy the game.

Does the Arizona State hockey arena have any luxury suites?

Yes, the Arizona State hockey arena has four luxury suites available for guests to rent. These suites include a private seating area, catering options, and a great view of the game.

What is the capacity of the ice rink at Arizona State’s hockey arena?

The ice rink at Arizona State’s hockey arena has a capacity of 1, 000 people. This includes the 850 seats and standing room areas.

Does Arizona State’s hockey arena have a pro shop?

Yes, Arizona State’s hockey arena has a pro shop located inside the facility. Fans can purchase team apparel, equipment, and other hockey-related items.

What other sports teams use Arizona State’s hockey arena?

In addition to the Arizona State hockey team, the arena is also home to the Arizona State figure skating team and the Tempe youth hockey association. Other local hockey leagues also use the rink for their games and practices.

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