Where Does Hockey Come From? [Facts!]

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As a sports fan, you’ve probably heard of hockey. It’s a sport that involves skill, strategy, and lots of physical activity! If you’re interested in playing hockey, you might wonder where it comes from. Let’s take a quick journey through history to find out more about hockey‘s origins.

Hockey Is Huge In Canada

Hockey is a relatively new sport, having only been played professionally for about 100 years. It wasn’t until the early 1900s that the world began to take note of hockey. In Canada, hockey is considered a major sport, and many professional and amateur leagues have been established there. If you’re a fan of hockey, you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually considered a sport in Canada rather than just a game!

In fact, the origins of hockey in North America can be traced back to St. Louis in 1867. A French Canadian named George Montgomerie founded the NHL in Canada after he returned home from serving in the British Army during the Great War. Shortly after the First World War, the NHL was reformed into a single league, the National Hockey League (NHL). Today, the NHL is the second-largest professional sports league in North America behind only the MLB. Interestingly, the NHL didn’t even have a league name until it was registered as a trademark in 1923.

Hockey began expanding beyond North America in the 1980s. The game developed a following in Europe, and many professional and amateur leagues have now sprung up in countries such as Switzerland, Finland, Sweden, and Germany. In some places, hockey is even considered a legitimate way to make a living!

It Was Started By Professional Hockey Players

Hockey has always been associated with Canada and the United States, but the game’s early adopters weren’t necessarily pro athletes. In fact, some of the earliest documented references to hockey are found in newspaper articles about roisterous barbeques and lavish soirees at the homes of upper-crust English and Scottish families. These occasions were regularly reported in the papers of the day, and some of the stories contain allusions to ice hockey!

The first ice hockey game was played on March 3, 1863, between a pair of British warships. The game was designed as a way to pass the time while the sailors were waiting for docking orders. According to legend, the game eventually got so popular that the commanders of the two vessels involved decided to keep it going. The men officially recorded the first intermission and established a regular game schedule. It’s believed that the first annual All-Star game was also played that same year.

The Original Equipment Was Made Out Of Ice

The game of hockey as we know it today was actually based on an earlier form of the sport that used a ball made out of ice. The early hockey players used an inflated pig’s bladder as a ball, and the air inside would cut the friction between the ball and the ice surface. This friction was what made the game unique and helped it stand out from similar games such as croquet and curling!

In the 19th century, pig’s blood was commonly used to dye the ice for its vibrant color, and it was usually referred to as ‘blood ice’. The blood would freeze on the surface of the ice, creating a thick, durable coating that could last for an entire game. This sort of ice was harder for the ball to slide around on than normal ice, so the game was truly unique from the start!

Hockey Is Named After The Father Of Sport Administration

Hockey was named after Charles-Edward de Gaulle, the general and politician who was known as the ‘Father of Sport in Canada’. In the early 20th century, the young sports enthusiast founded the Bureau du Ski to promote and govern the development of winter sports in Canada. He eventually became the first president of the International Olympic Committee in 1924.

The International Olympic Committee is responsible for the organization of the Olympic Games. It was originally established in Switzerland in 1894 with the goal of unifying sports across Europe. Today, the IOC is based in Paris, France, and it continues to govern the organization and administration of the Olympic Games. It isn’t just the Olympics, either, as the IOC also oversees the process of forming international sports federations and the World Anti-Doping Agency.

Hockey Has Been Around Long Enough For Everyone To Know What It Is

If you’ve heard of hockey, then you know what it is. The name might be new, but the game itself has been around for long enough for everyone to know what it is. The biggest surprise might be that it’s been around this long without becoming completely mainstream. It’s certainly not uncommon to find hockey fans among both pro and college sports fans, but it’s still considered a niche sport.

With its active lifestyle and rugged all-star game, it’s not hard to see why some people have kept the sport of hockey relatively secret. Its popularity continues to grow globally, however, and with every new generation, it seems that people are rediscovering the fun and excitement of hockey. Who knows? Maybe one day, hockey will be as popular as some of the other more traditional sports, such as football and baseball.

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