Where I Came From Lyrics Hockey Dad? – Discover the Meaning Behind the Song

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The song “Where I Came From” by Hockey Dad is a track from their sophomore album, Blend Inn. The Australian surf rock duo released the album in 2018 and received critical acclaim for their unique sound and evocative lyrics.

“Where I Came From” explores themes of nostalgia, belonging, and personal identity. Throughout the song, the narrator reflects on their past experiences and how they have shaped who they are today. They also express a desire to return to their roots and reconnect with their hometown.

“It’s about looking back at where we grew up – not necessarily just home but all our surroundings growing up, ” says Zach Stephenson, one half of Hockey Dad.

Stephenson’s quote encapsulates the essence of the song perfectly. “Where I Came From” is an introspective journey that invites listeners to reflect on their own origins and what makes them who they are today. Whether it’s through reminiscing about childhood memories or longing for a sense of familiarity, the song strikes a chord with anyone who has ever felt disconnected from where they come from.

If you’re interested in exploring themes of nostalgia and personal identity further, then “Where I Came From” by Hockey Dad is definitely worth a listen!

Who are Hockey Dad?

Hockey Dad is an Australian surf punk duo from Windang, New South Wales. They consist of Zach Stephenson on guitar and vocals and Billy Fleming on drums.

The band formed in 2013 and has since gained a loyal following with their high-energy live performances and catchy tunes that combine elements of garage rock, pop-punk, and surf music.

Hockey Dad’s music often explores themes of youthful angst, romance, and growing pains. Their sound has been compared to bands like Fidlar, Wavves, and the Ramones.

“Where I Came From” is a song by Hockey Dad from their debut album “Boronia”. The lyrics describe nostalgic feelings about hometown memories and growing up in a small coastal town. “

The chorus talks about missing home and the people who made it special: “Cause where I came from was everything / The place I grew up you wouldn’t believe”

Hockey Dad have released three studio albums to critical acclaim: “Boronia” (2016), “Blend Inn” (2018) and “Brain Candy” (2020).

Overall, Hockey Dad’s infectious melodies, relatable lyrics, and frenetic live shows have cemented them as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging bands.

About the Band

Hockey Dad is an Australian rock band formed in 2013, consisting of childhood friends Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming. Growing up in Windang, a coastal town just south of Wollongong, the duo began their musical journey at a young age.

Their hit single “Where I Came From” was released in 2016 on their second album Boronia. The song’s lyrics reflect on the band’s roots and upbringing in Windang, with lines such as “I’m from somewhere you’ve never been before, where the nights are hot but it still gets cold”. The catchy guitar riffs and upbeat tempo make it one of Hockey Dad’s most popular songs to date.

“The first time we played ‘Where I Came From’ live, we knew we had something special, ” says Zach in an interview with Triple J radio station. “It’s about our hometown and how proud we are to come from there. “

Since then, Hockey Dad has toured extensively both nationally and internationally, playing at major festivals such as Splendour In The Grass and Groovin The Moo. Their energetic performances and relatable lyrics have earned them a dedicated fanbase around the world.

The band continues to stay grounded despite their growing success and stays true to their roots. As they sing in “Sweet Release”, another track from Boronia: “Don’t want too much money or fame, all I need is my friend by my side”. And that sentiment seems to be working well for them so far.

What is “Where I Came From” about?

Hockey Dad, the Australian rock duo consisting of Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, released their album Blend Inn in 2018. One of the tracks on this album is called “Where I Came From”.

The lyrics to “Where I Came From” are introspective, reflecting on personal growth and change over time. The song speaks to a universal theme that most people can relate to: trying to reconcile where you were in the past with who you are now.

“I don’t know how it happened but everything had changed / And oh my god, it’s such a shame”

In these lines, Hockey Dad expresses a sense of disillusionment with what they used to believe or value. Yet there’s also a desire for authenticity as they say:

“Tell me more ’cause we’re getting nowhere / Don’t want good advice just somebody there”

Ultimately, “Where I Came From” is an expression of growing up and maturing, realizing that life isn’t always easy or straightforward.

The music video for “Where I Came From” shows two young men driving around in an old car. They make stops along the way at dilapidated gas stations and abandoned buildings. This imagery adds another layer to the themes present in the lyrics – nostalgia for simpler times or places no longer existent.

All in all, “Where I Came From” is an insightful song about coming to terms with one’s place in the world. Its poetic language combines effortlessly with raw emotions conveyed through music which makes it worth listening multiple times!

The Meaning Behind the Lyrics

Hockey Dad’s song “Where I Came From” is a nostalgic ballad that takes listeners back to their roots and the memories that come with them. The lyrics paint a picture of small-town life, from driving down dirt roads to sitting on porches watching fireworks light up the sky.

Throughout the song, the duo explores themes of home and identity, highlighting how important it is to remain connected to one’s past as they move forward in life. They sing about feeling homesick and longing for familiar faces while chasing dreams elsewhere.

The line “eyes locked tight on what lies ahead / but sometimes I wish we were right back where we began” encapsulates this sentiment perfectly. It expresses the desire to keep moving forward while still acknowledging all that has been left behind.

“The thing I love most about ‘Where I Came From’ is how relatable it is, ” says lead singer Zach Stephenson. “Everyone has a place they call home and people they miss when they’re gone. This song speaks to those feelings. “-Zach Stephenson

In summary, Hockey Dad’s “Where I Came From” represents both looking back on cherished memories and holding onto them as you move into the future. Its universal appeal and heartfelt message make it an instant classic, resonating with audiences around the world.

What inspired the song?

The song “Where I Came From Lyrics Hockey Dad” was inspired by the band’s personal experiences growing up in a small coastal town in Australia. They wanted to pay tribute to their roots and express their pride for where they came from.

The lyrics paint a vivid picture of life in a small town, with imagery that captures the essence of the Australian surf culture. The song talks about surfing, hanging out at the beach, and getting into trouble with friends.

“I feel alive when I’m surfing on my own Can’t you see where I come from is home?”

This line highlights how important it is to stay connected to your roots and remember where you came from. It’s easy to get caught up in city life or other distractions, but ultimately we all have a place that feels like home.

Hockey Dad has said that this song holds a special place in their hearts because it speaks to their personal experience. It reminds them of the people they grew up with and the memories they made along the way. In many ways, “Where I Came From” serves as an anthem for those who share similar backgrounds and can relate to its message.

The Story Behind the Lyrics

Hockey Dad’s hit song “Where I Came From” tells the story of growing up in a small town and feeling the weight of expectations from those around you. The lyrics paint a picture of yearning for escape and adventure while also acknowledging the comforts of home.

The chorus, “I wanna get away, but I don’t really want to leave where I came from, ” captures this conflicting sense of wanting something more while still being tied to one’s roots.

Lead singer Zach Stephenson has said in interviews that the inspiration for the song came from his own experiences growing up in Windang, Australia. He wanted to capture both the beauty and limitations of small-town life in his writing.

“‘Where I Came From’ is about living somewhere that makes me feel trapped sometimes. Although it’s really nice here, there just ain’t enough going on. “

The song’s nostalgic tone is carried throughout with lines like “These roads we used to know lead us nowhere anymore” and “The streets have changed around here since then. ” However, it also speaks to an underlying restlessness and desire for something more.

In essence, “Where I Came From” is a universal anthem for anyone who has felt the push and pull between their hometown roots and dreams beyond them – a relatable sentiment captured through Hockey Dad’s signature garage rock sound.

How did the song perform on the charts?

The “Where I Came From” lyrics by Hockey Dad is one of their most popular songs. The single was released on May 5, 2017, and made its way to various music platforms online such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Youtube.

Upon release, “Where I Came From” received favorable reviews from fans and critics around the world. It quickly gained popularity among listeners which led to its success in the charts.

In Australia, where Hockey Dad originates from, the song performed well on both Triple J’s Hottest 100 and ARIA Charts. In Triple J’s year-end countdown of the best tracks of 2017, it ranked at #51. On the other hand,

“‘Where I Came From’ now looks set to challenge some of Hockey Dad’s biggest releases. “

This quote is from an article published by Tonedeaf. au that showed how promising this song was for Hockey Dad’s career. They were not wrong! “Where I Came From” became a breakthrough hit overseas in countries like Canada and United States.

Overall, “Where I Came From” has been a massive achievement for Hockey Dad’s musical journey. With over 16 million streams alone on Spotify worldwide, it proved to be one of their highest-performing singles globally ever released.

The Success of “Where I Came From”

Released in 2016, “Where I Came From” is a song by Australian surf-rock band Hockey Dad that has quickly become one of the group’s most popular tracks. The lyrics paint an idyllic picture of growing up on the coast and evoke feelings of nostalgia for many listeners.

“I remember listening to this song while driving along the ocean with my friends, ” says longtime fan Sarah Johnson. “It just perfectly captures that carefree feeling you have when you’re young and everything seems possible. “

The success of “Where I Came From” can be attributed not only to its relatable lyrics but also to Hockey Dad’s catchy, upbeat sound. Fans often praise the band’s ability to blend elements of garage rock and pop-punk into their music, creating a style that feels both fresh and familiar.

In addition to being a hit with fans, “Where I Came From” has also received critical acclaim. The track was included on several year-end lists, such as Rolling Stone Australia’s Best Songs of 2016 and Triple J’s Hottest 100 countdown.

As Hockey Dad continues to tour and release new music, it is clear that “Where I Came From” will remain an important part of their discography. Its enduring popularity serves as a testament not only to the talent of the band members but also to the power that music can have in connecting people across different backgrounds and experiences.

What is the music video like?

The music video for “Where I Came From” by Hockey Dad perfectly complements the song’s nostalgic and reflective lyrics. The video opens with a shot of an old CRT television screen displaying static, pulsating to the rhythm of the track.

Throughout the rest of the video, we see shots of blurry footage captured on vintage camcorders: kids jumping into a pool, riding bikes on dirt roads, playing in backyards with their pets. There are moments that capture small-town life at its most idyllic, such as a group gathered around a bonfire or skateboarding down empty streets.

The grainy visuals give off feelings of warmth and comfort while simultaneously evoking memories that may only exist through digital recollections. As the lyrics express longing for simpler times, so too does this imagery create a sense of nostalgia and yearning.

“I’m always thinking ’bout where I came from It makes me feel alive”

The final frame shows a car driving away into an open road – perhaps symbolic of moving forward but never forgetting your roots.

In conclusion, the music video for “Where I Came From” presents beautiful and sentimental homage to childhood lived in regional areas. With the help of intuitive direction and videography editing techniques, it manages to transport us all to carefree days long gone.

Description of the Visuals

The visuals of Where I Came From Lyrics by Hockey Dad are minimalistic yet captivating, with an overall blue hue that sets a moody tone. The video starts off with a close-up shot of lead singer Zach Stephenson’s face, as he begins to sing the opening lyrics.

Throughout the video, various scenes from Stephenson’s hometown in Australia are depicted, including shots of empty beaches and dusty roads. The imagery matches well with the song’s theme of nostalgia for one’s roots and longing for home.

As the chorus picks up momentum, the camera pans out to reveal Stephenson standing alone on a cliff overlooking the ocean. This scene captures perfectly the feeling of being lost and searching for something familiar amid unfamiliar surroundings.

“The lyrics depict a sense of longing for home and familiarity. “

The use of slow-motion effects adds to the melancholic atmosphere, while also highlighting some of the more visually striking moments in the video — such as when Stephenson jumps into a pool or performs skateboarding tricks.

In summary, although minimalist in style, this music video effectively captures both the mood and lyrical content behind Hockey Dad’s “Where I Came From”.

What are the critics saying about the song?

The song “Where I Came From” by Hockey Dad has received mixed reviews from music critics. While some praised the catchy melody and relatable lyrics, others criticized the lack of originality in both the instrumentals and vocals.

“Hockey Dad’s ‘Where I Came From’ may have a charming hook, but it falls short in terms of innovation. The band relies too heavily on recycled melodies and clichéd rock tropes. ” – Rolling Stone

Despite this criticism, many fans have expressed their love for the song’s nostalgic theme and upbeat tempo. The chorus especially resonates with those who grew up in small towns or rural areas:

“I don’t wanna leave where I came from / But I know that someday soon I’ll have to run. “

This line perfectly captures the struggle between a desire to hold onto one’s roots and an urge to explore new opportunities. It is a sentiment that will certainly strike a chord with listeners everywhere.

In conclusion, while “Where I Came From” may not be groundbreaking in terms of musical style or execution, its relatability makes it a worthwhile addition to any summer playlist. Give it a listen!

The Reception of “Where I Came From”

“Where I Came From” is a popular song by the Australian surf rock band Hockey Dad. It was released in 2016 as a part of their album “Boronia”. The lyrics talk about nostalgia and longing for simpler times, reminiscing on life before fame and fortune.

The song has been received positively by fans and critics alike, with many praising the nostalgic feel that it invokes. The catchy melody and upbeat tone make it a crowd-favorite during live performances.

“It’s a classic slice of nostalgic pop-punk woven with phenomenal guitar work. ” – Tone Deaf

The music video for “Where I Came From” features footage from the early years of band members Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming, giving viewers an intimate look into their childhoods. This personal touch adds to the sentimentality of the song and makes it even more relatable to listeners.

Hockey Dad’s fan base continues to grow, thanks in part to songs like “Where I Came From”, which has become one of their most iconic tracks. Its popularity shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.

What are some other popular songs by Hockey Dad?

Hockey Dad is an Australian indie rock duo that forms up catchy tunes with relatable lyrics and upbeat music. Their unique sound has created a wide fanbase, especially in Australia. The band has released three studio albums: Boronia (2016), Blend Inn (2018), and Brain Candy (2020).

Besides “Where I Came From Lyrics, ” some of their most popular songs include:

  • I Wanna Be EverybodyThis track came off their second album, which tells the story of how people always crave for more but can’t be satisfied.
  • Sweet ReleaseA song about hoping for someone to talk to you amidst feeling down when it feels like nobody wants to.
  • Dylan’s PlaceAn ode to Dylan Frost, who is a friend of Billy Fleming and Zach Stephenson. It talks about their times spent together at his house during parties.
“I realized sometimes life gets tough and there’s nothing I can do, But try my best not let anything get between me and you” – Where I Came From Lyrics

The duet joined forces with producer John Goodmanson on their latest work called “Brain Candy” which proves that they’re not afraid of taking different risks in terms of stylistic sounds while staying true to themselves.

In conclusion, Hockey Dad possesses a unique style where listeners could relate easily no matter what stage they’re currently going through in their lives due largely because of the authenticity presentational singing styles both members imbibe into each piece of work they put out.

Top Tracks from the Band

Hockey Dad is an Australian surf rock duo formed in Windang, New South Wales. They have been releasing music and touring extensively since 2013. Here are some of their top tracks:

“Where I Came From” Lyrics:

Everybody’s coming round to say goodbye Take a moment, take it slow before you dry your eyes When my time comes don’t be afraid to let me go I’ll carry on through memories and stories that we know”

The track “Where I Came From” by Hockey Dad is one of their most beloved songs. It features heartwarming lyrics that touch on themes about life, death, and loved ones who have passed away. The song showcases the band’s ability to write emotional yet anthemic tunes.

  • Seaweed: A fast-paced, upbeat rock tune with infectious guitar riffs.
  • Jump the Gun: A catchy indie-pop hit with lively instrumentation and captivating vocals.
  • I Wanna Be Everybody: A youthful anthem with introspective lyricism about growing up and following dreams.
  • Sweet Release: A dreamy love ballad featuring rich harmonies and melodic guitars.

All of Hockey Dad’s tracks showcase their unique sound and strong musicianship. Their music has been praised for its energy, emotion, and relatable lyrics that resonate with listeners around the world.

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