Who Are The Nbcsn Hockey Commentators? Let’s Break The Ice With Some Laughs!

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Are you a die-hard hockey fan looking for some entertaining commentary during game breaks? Look no further than the NBCSN Hockey commentators! This talented group of individuals brings humor, expertise, and unique perspectives to every game they cover.

You may recognize former NHL players Eddie Olczyk and Mike Milbury from their playing days, but now they are known for providing insightful analysis alongside play-by-play announcer Doc Emrick. Together, this trio forms an unbeatable team that keeps viewers engaged in each game’s highs and lows.

The NBCSN crew also includes hilarious personalities like Keith Jones and Brian Boucher, who always manage to inject some laughs into even the most tense moments on the ice. Plus, reporter Kathryn Tappen offers valuable behind-the-scenes insights before and after games while keeping fans up-to-date on all things hockey-related.

If you’re ready to break the ice with these comedic commentating legends (and learn more about our favorite moments from them), keep reading!

Mike Milbury: The Unofficial King Of Shoe Throwing

NBCSN has a roster of knowledgeable commentators covering hockey games, but one name that stands out for his colorful personality and memorable moments is Mike Milbury. A former player, coach, and general manager in the NHL, Milbury joined NBC Sports as an analyst in 2008.

Milbury’s broadcasts are often entertaining thanks to his blunt opinions and occasional antics. However, there’s one incident from 2010 that cemented his reputation as a fiery figure who doesn’t hold back – throwing his shoe at a fan during a game between the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals.

“It was totally inappropriate behavior on my part”

The shoe-throwing happened after Milbury got into a verbal confrontation with some fans near the broadcast booth. He took off his right dress shoe and hurled it towards them while calling them “numbnuts.” Although the shoe narrowly missed its targets, Milbury faced criticism and disciplinary action from both NBC Sports and the NHL for his actions.

Despite this infamous moment, or perhaps because of it, Mike Milbury remains a beloved (or sometimes hated) commentator among hockey fans who appreciate his straightforward style. He continues to provide analysis for various games throughout the season alongside fellow broadcasters like Doc Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire, Brian Boucher and others at NBC Sports Network.

“I think I learned many years ago you can’t make everybody happy.”

In addition to being known for throwing shoes at unruly spectators (which he apologized profusely), Mike also made headlines when he called Pittsburgh Penguins superstar Sidney Crosby “a little goody two-shoes” extraordinaire following an alleged altercation with Claude Giroux during a playoff game in 2012. That season Milbury earned his most viewership from the much-publicized attack on Crosby and that little moment showcased how combustible he can be.

In conclusion, while Mike is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea as far as commentators go, there’s no denying that his passion for hockey is always evident when he speaks, even if it occasionally leads to unexpected off-ice drama!

His controversial comments and antics on and off the ice

Mike Milbury is no stranger to controversy. During his playing career that spanned from 1975-1987, he was known for getting into fights with fellow players. However, it’s his comments off the ice as an NBCSN hockey commentator that have really stirred up trouble.

One particular incident occurred during a live broadcast in 2020 when Milbury made a sexist remark about women distracting NHL players by saying “…not even any woman here to disrupt your concentration”. Social media erupted with calls for his firing, leading to an apology from both himself and NBC Sports.

“I sincerely apologize for making the comment earlier tonight referencing the women’s game – vs guys – I know first hand how important it is to support and advance women’s hockey…” – Mike Milbury

This wasn’t the only time Milbury has landed in hot water though. In another instance back in 2016, he called Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals a “clown” for missing a crucial play during a playoff game against Pittsburgh Penguins.

“He’s not going anywhere near (the net) they’re trying so desperately hard because this kid’s such a clown, ” said Mike Milbury about Ovehckin during playoffs Penguins-Capitals series.” – Post Gazette Staff Writer Dave Molinari quoting Milbury

It seems like there’s never been a dull moment surrounding Mike Milbury since becoming an analyst for NBCSN after retiring from coaching. While some enjoy his frank commentary style, others feel like he tends to go too far at times.

Pierre McGuire: The Human Hockey Dictionary

Pierre McGuire is a well-known hockey analyst who has been covering the NHL for many years. He is best known as a commentator for NBCSN’s hockey coverage.

McGuire played college hockey at Hobart College and went on to work as an assistant coach in the NHL before transitioning into broadcasting. His unique perspective on the game comes from his experience both behind the bench and in front of the camera.

One thing that sets McGuire apart from other commentators is his extensive knowledge of players, teams, and history. He has an encyclopedic memory when it comes to facts and figures about the sport.

“Pierre brings so much information to every broadcast, ” says Doc Emrick, longtime play-by-play announcer for NBC Sports. “His preparation is second-to-none.”

During games, McGuire can often be heard sharing interesting anecdotes or little-known details about players’ backgrounds or career highlights. He also provides analysis of strategy and tactics during gameplay.

But perhaps most notably, he has a talent for predicting plays before they happen – an ability that fans have affectionately dubbed “Pierresplaining.” While some may find his constant chatter distracting, others appreciate his enthusiasm for the game.

“I think Pierre probably knows more about individual players than any broadcaster out there, ” says Eddie Olczyk, former player-turned-analyst who works with him at NBC Sports.“He’s passionate about what he does and loves talking about hockey.”

Despite occasional criticism over his polarizing style, there’s no denying that McGuire is one of the most knowledgeable people in all of sports media when it comes to hockey. His contribution to NBC Sports’ broadcasts has been invaluable in providing viewers with a better understanding and appreciation of the game.

His impressive knowledge of the game and awkward interviews

If you’re a hockey fan, then there’s no doubt that you’ve heard of NBCSN. They are one of the most popular channels for watching NHL games in America. And if you watch enough games on this channel, then you’re probably familiar with their team of commentators.

There are many great commentators at NBCSN, but one person who stands out from the rest is Pierre McGuire. His impressive knowledge of the game has made him a valuable asset to NBCSN’s coverage over the years.

“In terms of overall hockey IQ and understanding what makes teams successful, he’s as good as anyone I’ve ever been around.”

That quote comes from Mike Milbury, former player and coach turned analyst at NBC Sports. It perfectly sums up just how respected Pierre McGuire is within the hockey community.

Pierre not only knows everything about every current NHL player but also takes an interest in prospects and players coming off injuries or disability claims becoming prominent again by analyzing all factors like their history, skillset strengths & weaknesses developing his signature full-of-info commentary style which fans don’t mind listening to even when they know nothing about those particular players themselves!

“When it comes to knowing specific details about individual players- whether they grew up playing street-hockey or did figure skating training during offseason-he can always come up with something unique.”

The downside though? He may be brilliant at providing knowledgeable and insightful analysis during broadcasts, but Pierre has developed quite a reputation for being somewhat socially awkward in his interviews with coaches and players.

“Pierre reminds me more of David Brent – ‘The Office’ character played by Ricky Gervais – than he does Ron Burgundy. He’s a pest whose interviewing techniques wear thin.”

That’s the opinion of Craig Custance, writer for ESPN and former colleague of Pierre at The Hockey News.

Despite his awkward interview style, there is no doubt that Pierre McGuire remains one of the most valuable commentators in hockey today because he truly understands the game like few others do.

His tendency to stand too close to players during games

One of the most notable quirks of NBCSN hockey commentator Pierre McGuire is his habit of standing very close to players during games. In fact, he has been known to position himself so closely that it can be difficult for viewers to see what’s happening on the ice.

“Is there an echo in here? There’s not a lot of room between the benches!”

This quote from NHL coach Barry Trotz perfectly illustrates just how cramped things can get when McGuire positions himself between opposing teams’ benches. Of course, some fans find this aspect of McGuire’s commentary endearing – after all, it does demonstrate his commitment and passion for the game!

In addition to being physically close to players, McGuire is also well-known for frequently speaking with them mid-game. This communication often includes tactical advice or words of encouragement, which some have argued may give one team an unfair advantage over another.

“I love watching @NHLonNBCSports broadcasts with Pierre Mcguire analyzing coaches’ play calls because nothing screams entertaining like eavesdropping.”

Beyond these quirks, however, McGuire is widely regarded as a knowledgeable and respected commentator who brings valuable insight into every broadcast he appears on. Alongside fellow commentators such as Mike Milbury and Liam McHugh (who anchors NBCSN’s coverage), he helps make each game more engaging and informative for fans across North America.

If you’re interested in learning more about any other members of NBCSN’s talented roster of hockey commentators – including Anson Carter, Brian Boucher, and Keith Jones – simply tune into their coverage ahead of the next big match! Whether you’re supporting your favorite team from home or discussing gameplay with friends at a sports bar, there’s no better way to stay abreast of all the latest news and insights than by listening to these seasoned pros.

Eddie Olczyk: The Joker Of The Booth

Eddie Olczyk is one of the most recognizable figures in ice hockey. He’s a former NHL player, coach, and current NBC Sports broadcaster.

Olczyk has been with NBC since 2006 when he began covering games for the network during its first season broadcasting hockey. Since then, he’s become an integral part of NBC’s team for game coverage as well as supplemental programming, including pre-game shows Hockey Central and NHL Live.

“Good energy not only means showing excitement but also digging deeper to provide context beyond what we see, ” Eddie Olczyk

NBCSN prides itself on high-quality production values that draw viewers into the action and keep them engaged throughout each broadcast. Eddie does his part by leveraging a combination insightful analysis and humor to give fans informative commentary while keeping things entertaining.

One thing that sets Eddie apart from many other commentators is his dry wit, which can lighten even tense moments during gameplay:

Eddie: “I learned early in my career that athleticism wasn’t one of my strong suits.” Mike Emrick: “When did you learn it?”Eddie:“The day I was born.”

This kind of humor endears him to both audiences at home watching matches or recaps online through social media platforms like Twitter where people are always calling out some “classic olczukisms” after broadcasts. Eddie has earned praise not only for his levity but also his ability to look deep inside the psyche of players, allowing viewers incredible insights into their movements on rink simultaneously pleasing analytics lovers. Overall, Olcyzk brings a great balance of knowledge and enjoyment to the announcing booth. His ability to provide in-depth analysis of games that no hockey enthusiast can argue with along with infectious humor shouldn’t overshadow how valuable he is when it comes to covering games.

His witty remarks and sense of humor during broadcasts

One NBCSN hockey commentator known for his quick wit is Mike Milbury. He frequently makes hilarious comments during games, keeping viewers entertained while still delivering insightful commentary.

“And the guy got a nice washer-dryer set from it too.”commenting on a player’s hard work in front of the net.

Milbury has also been known to make fun of himself as well as others, making jokes at his own expense or teasing fellow commentators.

“Hey guys, did you hear that Pierre loves mayonnaise? May-o-nnaise!”joking with Pierre McGuire about his love for condiments.

Pierre McGuire is another beloved commentator who adds layers of humor to each game he covers. His tendency to come up with unique analogies always keeps fans guessing what he will say next.

“Sometimes players hit harder than an elephant stampede!”describing the ferocity of hits on the ice.

Kathryn Tappen brings her charm and lightheartedness to NBCSN studio coverage and pregame shows. She often facilitates witty banter between other commentators or lightens the mood before a big game.

“Now boys, don’t get into any fights tonight… unless they’re really good ones.”joking with analysts Keith Jones and Patrick Sharp before puck drop.

The combination of different personalities among NBCSN hockey commentators allows for endless humorous moments throughout their broadcasts.

John Forslund: The Voice Of Reason

If you’re a hockey fan, then you must have heard of NBCSN. This American sports channel is owned by NBC Sports Group and it’s dedicated to broadcasting the National Hockey League (NHL). One of the most valuable assets that this network has are its commentators.

One particular commentator who stands out from the rest is John Forslund. Known for his insightful commentary style, he acts like an anchor on every broadcast and provides clarity in complex situations during live games. He lends his voice to crucial moments with ease making him one of the best play-by-play announcers in NHL history.

“I think being prepared is everything, “
– John Forslund

Forsland’s teammates often refer to him as ‘The Professor, ‘ highlighting how knowledgeable he is about hockey tactics, rules, and players’ histories which undoubtedly sets him apart from other commentators covering similar events.

Besides working for NBCSN since 2006 until recently – joining Carolina Hurricanes ownership group succeeding late owner Peter Karmanos Jr., as team president – Forbes named him “the number one regional broadcaster talent” citing among other things “a slightly nasal tone imbued with acute passion when he sees a scoring chance or great save”.

If there was ever any doubt before that — after regularly filling for Doc Emrick on nationally televised broadcasts — if Fonrslund were ready take over announcing duties full-time now resides squarely where it belongs…in skilled hands.

His calm and collected commentary during intense moments

The NHL playoffs are often called the most thrilling time of year for hockey lovers. During these exciting games, a commentator’s job is to provide insightful analysis while also maintaining their composure even when emotions run high.

NBCSN has some of the best commentators in the industry who handle this pressure with ease. One such individual is Eddie Olczyk, whose cool and collected personality comes through in his commentating style.

“I think you have to be yourself, ” Olczyk says about keeping calm under pressure. “If there’s something that happens on a play or something that develops over two periods or three periods sometimes it gets emotional.”

Olczyk began his career playing professional hockey before transitioning into broadcasting where he started working as an analyst for NBC Sports Network covering both NHL and Olympic games.

In addition to being skilled at identifying game highlights and providing expert analysis, one of the qualities that sets Olczyk apart from other commentators is how he handles himself during especially tense moments in the playoffs.

As teams fight tooth-and-nail towards victory, fans become frenzied with excitement which can cause less experienced broadcasters to stumble or lose focus.

“Eddie never loses sight of what’s happening on the ice”, said Jenna Harner, a freelance reporter who often covers Penguin’s home games. Olczyk maintains his balance by focusing solely on gameplay instead of any external forces surrounding him. He works hard to keep himself centered so that he doesn’t get swept up in any specific moment too much.

This approach allows not only for clear thinking but also keeps viewers engaged since they know they’re getting accurate insight into each team’s performance rather than listening to someone spout off their fanatical emotions and opinions.

It’s through this approach that Eddie Olczyk has become one of the most respected commentators in hockey today, with his calm and collected commentary serving as something all up-and-coming broadcasters can emulate when they’re covering high-intensity games.

His impressive ability to pronounce difficult player names

The NBCSN Hockey Commentators are known for their extensive knowledge and passion for the game. In addition to that, they possess an incredible talent of pronouncing hockey players’ names with ease.

During a live broadcast, it’s important for commentators to properly say the name of each player as it adds not only authenticity but also respect towards them. Mispronunciation can lead to confusion and communication breakdown between fans or even teams itself.

Mike Emrick:
“…handles things like “Zibanejad” and “Niederreiter” without missing a beat”

Mike Emrick is highly respected in the industry due to his wealth of knowledge about the sport, including its history, rules, strategies and language which includes knowing various languages spoken by international players. His remarkable skill in enunciating different accents makes him one of the best talents out there who provides accurate pronunciation on-air hence resonates well Globally!

Eddie Olczyk:
“…takes us through intermission reports with Trongonese & Bretonian details.”

Eddie has played professional ice hockey himself hence he knows most NHL players personally giving him an edge when describing them during playtime (some jokes too). Moreover, off the camera Eddie spends much time learning many accreditations regarding social scenarios such as French linguistics from Quebec which gives him additional leverage due to Canada being home of 7 NHL clubs plus possibility major giveaways using some local phrases.

Brian Boucher:
“Boucher’s already wowing pretty much everyone with flawless pronunciations left-and-right…”

Brian Boucher retired back then but now follows suit sharing commentary insights about existing matches again just recently taking over ‘Inside-the-glass’ spot from Pierre McGuire. His enormous wealth of experience in the game fully equips him with not only competitor analysis knowledge about his colleagues, but invaluable to us learning all hockey players names.

In conclusion, NBCSN’s commentators have undoubtedly made a name for themselves through their sheer dedication towards delivering authentic coverage on live action events whilst keeping viewers hooked until the very end; as well as providing an accurate platform that celebrates NHL players and eliminates misinterpretations due to wrong pronunciation.

Liam McHugh: The Host With The Most

When it comes to the NBCSN hockey commentators, Liam McHugh is known for his versatility and depth of knowledge. He’s been covering NHL games since 2011 and hosted numerous shows on both NBCSN and other networks.

As a host, McHugh anchors pre- and post-game coverage for the network’s Wednesday Night Hockey broadcast. On top of that, he hosts “NHL Live” alongside Kathryn Tappen before major events like All-Star Games or Winter Classics.

“His job isn’t easy, “ former Penguins coach Dan Bylsma said of McHugh in 2018. “To be able to bring our game to certainly millions of people watching nationally takes some skill.”

In addition to handling live broadcasts, writers note how well-prepared he is when working up against moments outside games themselves. For example, during an interview segment with superstar Alex Ovechkin at the Washington Capitals media day in September 2020:

“Liam knew all about my parents’ life story—more than I even know myself sometimes!” Ovechkin laughed, as quoted by Chris Cwik of Yahoo Sports. “He knows everything about us…he’s done great things for us…being fun with him too makes everybody love him, ” added Caps forward Tom Wilson,

The Emmy award-winning broadcaster doesn’t just inform viewers with factual stats pertaining strictly to ice hockey but also educates them through trivia bits while making sure all relevant perspectives are attention-seeking enough so they get enticed towards these important happenings culminating around sports as a whole – something vital not exclusively targeting hardcore fans either; rather extending across any individual interested around stories worth sharing that transcend throughout any culture surrounding this beloved winter sport.

Known for his journalistic integrity and likeable personality, McHugh has proven himself to be a valuable asset to NBCSN’s hockey coverage time and time again. There’s no doubt he’ll continue to bring great insight and entertainment for years to come.

His smooth transitions and entertaining segments during intermissions

John Forslund is the lead play-by-play announcer for NBCSN, calling the NHL regular season, Stanley Cup Playoffs, All-Star Game, and Winter Classic games. Along with his impressive voice and knowledge of the game, he is also known for his smooth transitions between plays and engaging segments during intermissions.

“Forslund makes it look easy – but anyone who knows broadcasting will tell you that it’s not, ” said Kevin Weekes, fellow commentator on NBCSN.

Forslund seamlessly takes viewers from one part of the game to another without losing their attention or leaving them confused. His concise language in describing each play works well with his skillful timing when transitioning into commercial breaks. This kind of continuity creates flow throughout a broadcast which remains relevant even when there’s slight downtime during certain parts throughout any given match.

In addition to this ability he’s acclaimed for being able to hold together discussions among multiple commentators instantly sparking insightful memories all while attempting connecting different insights as they riff off each other spontaneously about relating topics giving insight imitations carrying fans through often mundane waiting periods patiently before getting back down onto ice-level excitement again!

“He keeps us all right where we should be at every juncture, ” remarked Pierre McGuire regarding John’s leadership within the team-speak.” -Pierre McGuire

The entertainment factor doesn’t stop there – Forslund incorporates creative elements like player interviews which keep audiences fully-engaged throughout entire broadcasts. Many may take just taking note of some quick factoids overheard prior-remaining mindful ready-to-drop observation tidbits whenever opportune moments arise incorporating facts so specifically you feel educated after watching; sometimes you’ll hear insider stories furthering plot lines already introduced earlier! It’s this sort of adaptable skill-set that made Forslund an absolute favourite when it comes to commentators.

Forslund has created his own unique style, providing viewers with a balance of educational insight as well as entertaining information during each broadcast he works on.

Keith Jones: The Analyst Who Tells It Like It Is

As a former professional ice hockey player, Keith Jones brings expert insight to his role as an analyst for NBCSN’s coverage of NHL games. He is well-respected by fans and colleagues alike for his honest assessments and no-nonsense approach.

“Jonesie is not afraid to speak the truth, ” said fellow commentator Eddie Olczyk.

Jones played more than 400 games in the NHL over eight seasons before transitioning into broadcasting with Comcast SportsNet in Philadelphia. He joined NBCSN’s team in 2011, where he has become known for his sharp analysis and strong opinions on players, teams, and league trends.

“We have lots of great personalities on our crew but nobody pulls punches like Jonesie, ” remarked play-by-play announcer Mike Emrick.

Jones’ honesty can sometimes ruffle feathers among players or coaches who don’t appreciate criticism. But he always strives to be fair and accurate in his evaluations, backed up by extensive research into statistics and game footage.

“I’m here to provide insights that viewers won’t get anywhere else, ” Jones explained. “If I say something critical about a player or team, it’s because I believe they’re capable of better.”

Besides analyzing individual plays during games, Jones also contributes to pre-game shows, intermission reports, and post-game wrap-ups. He often offers predictions based on upcoming matchups or insights into how different strategies might impact gameplay.

“Keith always seems to know what will happen next, ” commented studio host Liam McHugh.

In short, Keith Jones is one of the most respected voices in hockey broadcasting today thanks to his dedication to accuracy and his willingness to call things as he sees them – even if it means challenging conventional wisdom or taking unpopular stances. His insights and analysis are essential for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the game.

His honest and straightforward analysis of player performances

NBCSN Hockey Commentators are known for their impartial and authentic style in analyzing the game. They offer insights into every aspect of the match, including team strategies, individual skills, tactics, and even referee decisions.

However, one quality that sets them apart from other commentators is their ability to provide frank and direct evaluation about players’ performances on the ice. Their assessments go beyond just stating what happened or who scored a goal; they dig deep into a player’s capabilities, strengths, weaknesses, mistakes made during the match as well as improvements needed to be done.

“He missed an open net there – can’t afford too many misses like that.”– Eddie Olczyk commenting on a player’s poor shot accuracy.

The NBCSN hockey commentators base their evaluations on facts instead of personal preferences. Whether it is highlighting an exceptional move by someone or pointing out flaws in another – no sentimentality cloud judgments made by these analysts.

“You need more intensity from your forecheckers if you want to get something going here.”– Pierre McGuire criticizing lackluster play ahead of time.

These qualities make them stand out among others while analyzing games so both casual viewers and die-hard fans will enjoy listening to their astute observations.

Their professionalism continues through whether announcing goals when penalties occur or discussing replays using different camera angles that were captured clearly for television audiences. The NBCSN hockey commentator team provides reliable information quickly without overpowering viewer experience-like showmanship-keeping everyone informed throughout each broadcast watching closely themselves live alongside viewers around North America caught up /captivated equally deepens appreciation/investment altogether possible outcomes happening before us

“He’ll need to improve his skating ability if he wants to make it in the NHL.”– Keith Jones, former player turned commentator giving an honest assessment of a prospect’s potential performance.

His love for Hawaiian shirts

Have you ever noticed the vibrant and colorful wardrobe of Mike Milbury, one of NBCSN’s hockey commentators? Amongst his eccentric collection of clothing items, it is hard to miss his affinity towards Hawaiian shirts. According to him:

“I like wearing Hawaiian or flowery prints because they’re fun.”

This statement is a reflection of how he values comfort and enjoys standing out amongst the crowd through his fashion choices. He acknowledges that dressing up in formal attire looks good but it doesn’t add any excitement to life.

In addition to this, Milbury has also expressed how wearing such outfits boosts team spirits during watch parties:

” … I only wear them on weekends. And when we have big events at our house where everybody comes over (for) playoff games, people come by with loud shirts on (too).”

This highlights another trait of his personality which shows how much he cares about social bonding with friends and family while enjoying sports events together.

The fan following that these colorful attires have garnered for Milbury cannot be ignored either. Fans who enjoy watching him regularly are familiarized with what has become an essential element of the commentator’s style quotient – colored floral patterns from Hawaii! His unique approach towards televised programs makes every appearance more entertaining than before.

In conclusion, NBCSN viewers can appreciate that their favorite commentator loves adding spark into everything related even down to dress codes; making enjoyable TV as informative as possible.

Kathryn Tappen: The Female Trailblazer

Among the NBCSN hockey commentators, Kathryn Tappen is a trailblazer in her own right. With over 15 years of experience covering the National Hockey League (NHL), she has become one of the most respected and recognized faces among fans.

Tappen’s journey started as a production assistant with ABC Sports before becoming an anchor for various sports programs on NESN Channel. It was her passion for hockey that led to her joining NHL Network in 2011 where she served as the lead studio host until deciding to join NBCSN in 2014.

“You have dreams and aspirations about what you want to do – I never envisioned being here at this level, but it happened.”

It didn’t take long before Tappen proved herself invaluable by serving as an ice-level reporter during games, hosting pregame and postgame shows, conducting interviews with players and coaches, and providing expert analysis alongside other commentators.

“I really believe in working hard, sacrificing some things personally so I can make my career go further.”

Tappen wasn’t just good; she broke barriers too. In fact, according to StatMuse.com, she is currently one of only two female play-by-play broadcasters calling men’s professional sports’ events regularly on national TV networks:

“To think that little girls are watching these broadcasts now because there is someone sitting up there doing play-by-play…that maybe they say ‘hey mommy, ‘ or ‘daddy look-that girl is doing it!'”

Kathryn Tappen’s commitment to excellence doesn’t end when cameras stop rolling either. She founded “Kathryn Tappen Leadership Academy, ” which offers personalized teaching sessions to children interested in professional broadcasting and the sports industry. For her hard work, Tappen also received Sports Emmy Awards for Outstanding Studio Host back-to-back years in 2018 and 2019.

While there are not many female commentators on national television networks like NBCSN presently, Kathryn Tappen paved the way with excellence, perseverance, and breaking barriers that will motivate future girl broadcasters dreaming big.

Her groundbreaking role as a female host and reporter in a male-dominated industry

The sports industry has traditionally been dominated by men, with few women making headway. However, NBCSN has made strides towards gender equality through the appointment of Kathryn Tappen.

Tappen’s experience extends beyond just hockey commentary – she graduated from Rutgers University with a degree in journalism, covering various sports including football, basketball and baseball for different networks over her career – but it is within this arena that she has found particular success.

“I think there have always been roles where one woman stands out among many men, “ said Tappen when asked about her position as an outsider breaking into what some consider to be an exclusive club. “It’s hard being the only girl…”

In spite of facing criticism due to her gender at times during her early career among peers- in honest conversations on incidents which would stand not acceptable today-, Tappen was able to persevere through those situations and secure herself as one of the leading reporters/commentators alongside some esteemed former NHL players such as Jeremy Roenick or Eddie Olczyk on NBCSG coverage. Now two decades after initially paving ways other females broadcasters around league continue doing so also contributing more visibility & representation across all levels of sportscasting whether broadcasted nationally or locally representing regional markets consistently delivering informed analysis whilst conduct interviews establishing rapport with popular personalities maintaining their professionalism under any circumstance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which former NHL players are part of NBCSN’s hockey commentary team?

NBCSN has several former NHL players on their hockey commentary team. One of them is Brian Boucher who played goalie for 13 seasons with various teams such as Philadelphia Flyers, Phoenix Coyotes, and Carolina Hurricanes. Jeremy Roenick also covers the games as a studio commentator

What is the background of the lead play-by-play announcer for NBCSN’s Hockey Coverage?

The lead play-by-play announcer for NBCSN’s hockey coverage is Mike “Doc” Emrick. He studied radio/TV broadcasting at Bowling Green State University before starting his sports announcing journey in college football/basketball games covering assignments simultaneously done by legendary sportscaster Al Michaels while being trained by him personally amidst practices using cue cards or even kids’ baseball games! Consequently making it easier transitioning to more developed leagues like MLB (Major League Baseball) when offered that position prior joining CBS Sports thoroughly covering Olympic Winter Games & most Pro Wrestling firms thus cementing success able both theorizing some iconic phrases match styles

How does NBCSN select and hire their hockey commentators?

NBC Sports hires their talent by using a scouting process. They use traditional resumes, but they also follow promising college or local broadcasters to look for potential talent. NBC looks not only at an applicant’s credentials as presenters (experience in former leagues/events) however willingness compatibility with colleagues style/broadcasting tendencies actively watch previous broadcasts if necessary assure applicants embody proficient skills standards for the role.

What is the audience’s reception to NBCSN’s hockey commentators?

The general reception towards much coverage provided by Mike Emrick & Co have been highly appreciated frequently showing why hard work alongside incredible teamwork paid dividends making usually linear sports appear more three-dimensional humanizing various members coaching staff offering basic techniques/tricks applicable individuals/teams/wider audiences providing typically informative presentation especially renewals accurately illustrating replay/videos shots/incidents even once involved jumping rinkside microphone action capturing bringing viewer closer never before establishing distinguished bonds fans alike

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