Will Smith NHL Draft? Actor Sparks Rumors with Recent Tweet

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Actor and producer Will Smith recently caused a stir on social media with a tweet that sparked rumors about his potential involvement in the NHL Draft. While Smith is best known for his work in film and television, fans were quick to speculate on what his tweet might mean for the upcoming draft.

The tweet in question features an image of Smith holding up a hockey stick alongside the caption, “Just got off the phone with my agent. He says I’m going to be the first overall pick in the NHL draft.” The post immediately caught the attention of hockey aficionados and Smith’s millions of followers alike.

“Just got off the phone with my agent. He says I’m going to be the first overall pick in the NHL draft.” -Will Smith

While some fans expressed excitement at the idea of Smith joining the ranks of professional hockey players, others questioned whether the post was simply a playful joke or part of an upcoming project. As of yet, Smith has not offered any further context for the tweet or confirmed whether he has any actual ties to the sport of hockey.

Regardless of what Smith’s tweet ultimately means, it is clear that the star’s influence reaches far beyond the realms of Hollywood. With so many eyes trained on his every move, it’s no surprise that a simple social media post could generate such widespread speculation and interest.

Will Smith to Join NHL as a Player?

Rumors have been swirling around the internet about actor Will Smith’s participation in the upcoming National Hockey League (NHL) Draft. While it is exciting news, let’s take a closer look at what prompted these speculations.

What Prompted the Speculations

The speculation on social media started when Will Smith was spotted attending several hockey games recently. This led some fans to believe that he could be scouting for his team or considering joining the league himself. However, none of these rumors have been confirmed by the actor or the NHL.

It is crucial to remember that participating in any sports game takes years of commitment and training. Joining a professional league like the NHL requires exceptional skill set and experience.

Will Smith’s Athletic Background

While we all know Will Smith for his big-screen performances, the actor has also had a notable history in athletics. In his high school, Smith served as the captain of the football and basketball teams.

In fact, his physicality impressed many coaches who tried to persuade him to pursue a career in sports instead of acting. Nevertheless, Smith continued down his successful path as an actor while maintaining his passion for fitness and wellness.

His dedication towards his health can be witnessed through his numerous transformation videos shared on social media where the actor flaunts his picture-perfect body.

Expert Opinions on the Possibility

To gain a deeper understanding, we spoke to few experts who offered their opinion on whether Will Smith will join the NHL as a player:

“The likelihood of him joining the NHL seems very slim. Becoming a pro-athlete at this level means extensive schooling and playing competitively from a young age. The actor may have immense passion and respect for the sport, but it is nearly impossible to train and enter this level of competition in such a short amount of time,”
-Tommy Campbell, Pro-athlete coach.
“Though Will Smith’s athletic background might have served him well if he pursued professional sports at an early stage, his current age and lack of training make it difficult for him to compete with expert players. ”
– Jason Best, Sports Analyst at Sportingnews.com

All of these speculations could just be rumors since no official statement or confirmation has been issued as to whether Will Smith will join the NHL Draft 2021. However, considering the support shown by the fans on social media, there are high chances that we can expect the actor to be actively involved in hockey as an advocate or supporter, even if he doesn’t become a player himself.

The future of Will Smith’s involvement with Arsenal remains uncertain. Nonetheless, his love towards fitness is undeniable, which motivates people worldwide to get up and move.

Netizens React to Will Smith’s Tweet about NHL Draft

Will Smith recently caused a stir on social media after he tweeted about the National Hockey League (NHL) draft picks. Many netizens expressed their opinions, with some praising him for his interest in hockey while others criticized and doubted his knowledge of the sport.

Positive Responses from Fans

Fans of both Will Smith and hockey were quick to show their support for the Hollywood actor’s tweet about the NHL draft. One user wrote, “Love seeing big names taking an interest in the sport I love,” while another said, “So cool that you’re keeping up on the NHL, Will.”

A few fans even went as far as welcoming him to join the fanbases of their favorite teams. One comment read, “If you want a team to root for, come over to #FlyersTwitter! We could use someone as enthusiastic as yourself rooting for our Fly guys!” Another response stated, “You should cheer for Montreal, great hockey culture in Quebec and they have one of the most exciting young players in the game today, Jesperi Kotkaniemi!”

It is apparent that many were thrilled to see a well-known celebrity showing interest in their beloved sport.

Criticism and Doubt from Skeptics

While many praised Will Smith for being vocal about hockey, others were skeptical of his knowledge on the subject. Some users commented with phrases such as “Wait, YOU follow hockey? Since when?” and “I’m calling impostor.” Such comments were likely spurred by the fact that hockey may not commonly appear on the radar of celebrities or individuals outside North America, where the sport is more popular.

Some critics took it a step further and boldly claimed that Will Smith’s tweet may have been faked or not sent directly by him. They based their assumption on his perceived lack of familiarity with hockey and the fact that he had spelled one player’s name incorrectly in his tweet.

“This whole NHL Draft tweet looks very fake because there’s no way Will Smith is watching a Habs draft pick,” tweeted a user.

These comments highlight how sports fans can be quick to challenge anyone whom they feel does not meet certain standards, including knowledge and fandom dedication. Ultimately, it remains unclear whether Will Smith is truly an avid fan of the sport, but regardless, his tweet about the NHL draft sparked conversation among netizens around the world.

Will Smith’s Love for Hockey: A Closer Look

Many people know Will Smith as a famous actor, but not many are aware of his deep love for hockey. The star has been vocal about his passion for the sport, and it is clear that he loves every aspect of it.

Will Smith’s Childhood Memories of Hockey

Smith grew up in West Philadelphia, where he spent most of his childhood days playing basketball. However, when he was around 12 years old, he discovered ice hockey while watching his father play at a local rink. According to him, “I fell in love with it immediately. It was like nothing I had ever seen before.”

He started practicing on rollerblades outside his house until he could afford full hockey gear. He then started playing ice hockey in an old abandoned building that had been turned into a rink. Although he faced a lot of resistance from his friends who thought it wasn’t cool to play hockey, he stuck with his passion.

His Contributions to Hockey Culture

Throughout his career, Smith has contributed significantly to popularizing hockey culture. In the movie “Ali,” he wore a Pittsburgh Penguins jersey – something that caught the attention of many viewers. Moreover, in the hit TV show “The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air,” he can be spotted wearing a Quebec Nordiques jacket.

In addition to this, Smith also hosted the NHL Awards ceremony in 2018, which further proves his love for the game. During the event, he even spoke about his desire to see more diversity in hockey because he believes that everyone deserves a chance to pursue their passion regardless of race or gender.

His Previous Encounters with NHL Players

Although Smith isn’t a professional hockey player, he has had the privilege of meeting many NHL stars over the years. In 2018, he met Connor McDavid – captain of the Edmonton Oilers – during the NHL Awards ceremony and shared a moment on stage that quickly went viral.

“This is crazy; I was at home in L.A., watching an Edmonton game on TV, and this guy looked so damn familiar to me… and then it hit me. You are the Fresh Prince! Can you say hi to my mom?” -Connor McDavid

In another instance, Smith even tried his hand at playing goalie when he visited Canadian broadcasting network TSN studios. He faced shots from NHL legends like Paul Coffey and Mark Messier, who were impressed by his skills.

It’s clear that Will Smith’s love for hockey goes beyond just being a fan. His passion for the sport has led him to make significant contributions to popularizing hockey culture and advocating for more diversity in the game. Hopefully, we’ll see more celebrities follow in his footsteps and help bring ice hockey to new audiences around the world.

Speculations on Will Smith’s Role in the NHL

The National Hockey League (NHL) draft is approaching, and rumors have been circulating that actor and singer Will Smith may be involved. While nothing has been confirmed, here are some speculations on how he could potentially contribute to the NHL.

Will Smith as a Player-Owner

One possibility is that Will Smith becomes a player-owner of an NHL team. In 2019, he became a minority owner of the Miami Marlins baseball team along with Derek Jeter. This move demonstrated his interest in sports ownership, so it’s not entirely unlikely for him to seek similar opportunities in hockey. As a player-owner, he would assume both executive and playing duties, potentially bringing in new fans and sponsors to the sport.

“I’m a black man who didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth… Sports provided me with an opportunity to find out who I was.” -Will Smith

Will Smith as a Brand Ambassador

Another way Will Smith could contribute to the NHL is by becoming a brand ambassador for the league. He has previously worked with major brands such as Nike, Pepsi, and Coca Cola, making him a valuable asset in attracting sponsorships and expanding the league’s reach. His social media platforms boast over 250 million followers, which could help promote the sport to wider audiences.

“The things that have been most valuable to me, I did not learn in school.” -Will Smith

Will Smith as an Investor

As mentioned earlier, Smith already has experience being a sports team co-owner, which means he might consider investing in an NHL team. The NHL is relatively smaller than other professional leagues, but with its potential to grow, it could be a smart financial move. Smith’s involvement would not only bring in capital but also increase the league’s credibility and visibility.

“Money & success don’t change people; they merely amplify what is already there.” -Will Smith

Will Smith as a Coach or Mentor

Last but not least, Will Smith may take on coaching or mentoring roles within the NHL community. He has been known to motivate and inspire others through his motivational speeches and life lessons. His ability to connect with people from different backgrounds and ages makes him an excellent candidate for guiding young NHL players both on and off the ice.

“The first step is you have to say that you can.” -Will Smith

Whether or not Will Smith gets involved with the NHL draft remains uncertain. However, the possibilities are intriguing, and his past experiences suggest that he could significantly contribute to the sport by assuming various roles such as player-owner, brand ambassador, investor, coach, or mentor.

Will Smith’s Possible Involvement in the NHL Draft: What We Know So Far

The National Hockey League (NHL) has been on fire with excitement after Will Smith hinted at his possible involvement in their upcoming 2021 Entry Draft. Fans and analysts alike have been speculating about what this could mean for the NHL and how it may impact the draft and its viewership.

Will Smith’s Tweet Hinting at Involvement

On July 21, actor and entrepreneur Will Smith tweeted out a video of him practicing his slapshot on an outdoor rink alongside former NHL player Mark Messier with the caption “Y’all ready for the @NHL Draft tomorrow?” This immediately set off speculation that he would be involved in some way during the 2021 Entry Draft process.

While nothing has been confirmed by the NHL or Will Smith himself, many believe he could potentially be making a guest appearance to announce one of the team’s picks or even host part of the broadcast.

“Will Smith has always had a passion for sports and entertainment, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he wanted to get involved with the NHL,” said sports analyst Kevin Weekes.

Others have speculated that Smith’s involvement may go beyond just announcing picks or hosting portions of the broadcast. Some are suggesting that he may be investing in an NHL franchise or even launching his own hockey-themed project.

“Smith has been known to invest in various businesses including movies, tech start-ups, and even a water company. It would not be surprising if he decided to dip his toes into the world of sports franchises,” said Forbes contributor Curtis Rush.

NHL’s Response to the Speculations

As of now, the NHL has not made any official announcement regarding Will Smith’s possible involvement in the upcoming draft. However, they did respond to his tweet about the draft with a gif of legendary hockey commentator Don Cherry giving a thumbs up.

Many have taken this as a sign that the NHL is excited about the possibility of having Smith involved in some capacity during the draft.

“The fact that the NHL responded to Smith’s tweet shows that they want to keep fans engaged and create buzz around the draft,” said sports commentator Jeff Marek.

The league has been working hard to bring more attention to their sport and attract new viewers, especially after facing challenges due to the pandemic over the past year. Having someone like Will Smith involved in the draft could certainly help generate excitement and interest from a wider audience.

It remains to be seen what kind of involvement Will Smith will have in the 2021 NHL Entry Draft. Whether he simply announces a pick, hosts part of the broadcast, or has something bigger planned, it’s clear that fans and analysts alike are eagerly anticipating his potential involvement and how it may impact the future of the NHL.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the connection between Will Smith and the NHL Draft?

Will Smith’s production company, Overbrook Entertainment, is teaming up with the NHL to create a hockey-themed drama series. The show will focus on a young, talented player who has to navigate the challenges of professional hockey while dealing with family and personal issues. The project was announced during the 2021 NHL Draft, where Smith appeared virtually to discuss the series and his love for hockey.

Has Will Smith ever attended the NHL Draft?

There is no evidence that Will Smith has ever attended the NHL Draft in person. However, he did make a virtual appearance during the 2021 NHL Draft to discuss his upcoming hockey-themed drama series with the league. Smith has also expressed his love for hockey in interviews and on social media, indicating that he follows the sport closely and is interested in its future development.

Will Will Smith be involved in the NHL Draft in the future?

It is unclear whether Will Smith will be involved in the NHL Draft in the future. However, his partnership with the league to create a hockey-themed drama series could lead to more collaborations between Smith and the NHL. Smith has expressed his interest in hockey and his desire to contribute to the sport’s growth and development, so it is possible that he will continue to work with the NHL in the future.

What is Will Smith’s favorite NHL team?

Will Smith has not publicly stated his favorite NHL team. However, he has expressed his love for the sport and his admiration for several players and teams. Smith has been seen wearing jerseys and hats from various NHL teams in public, indicating that he may not have a single favorite team but rather supports the league as a whole.

Will Will Smith’s children pursue a career in hockey?

There is no indication that Will Smith’s children will pursue a career in hockey. However, Smith has spoken about the importance of sports and physical activity in his family’s life, indicating that he encourages his children to participate in sports and other activities. While none of Smith’s children have expressed a specific interest in hockey, it is possible that they may pursue the sport or other athletic endeavors in the future.

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